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  • FACIAL RAZOR: WBM Men Care Razor Sweden Blade has thinner, finer blades that will greatly improve your shave
  • MENS RAZOR: Lubricating strips with Aloe and Vitamin E allow an extremely smooth and soft shave
  • DISPOSABLE RAZOR: WBM Men’s Razor has 6 blade technology with a pivoting head that is easy in usage for ultra-close shave
  • FACE SHAVER: The innovative design of the safety razor has an ergonomic handle and slip-free rubber grip for high comfort
  • RAZOR BLADE: Vitamin content prevents irritations and rejuvenates skin for a deep clean and lubricated skin
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion. We provide 100% natural products with a 100% money-back guarantee
Razor Sweden Blade
Sweden blade

Sweden Blade

The WBM Men Care Razor Blade is a must have product for men. Its blade is made in Sweden that are thinner, finer, and sharper blades helping greatly in a smoother shave. Shaving your facial hair has never been easy as a scratch of blade could cause serious harm to your skin. This is where Sweden blade helps in giving you a safer shave.

Natural Aloe and Vitamin E Strip

The Razor Blade of WBM comes with a lubricating strip that contains natural aloe and vitamin E. This vitamin E and natural aloe lubricating strip helps in a smoother and safer shave for men. The lubrication from the strip prevents irritation and rejuvenates your skin. The strip also provides much needed nourishment to your skin.Post shave scratches and dryness are common.Vitamin E and aloe combination provides protection to your skin from inflammation.

Alcohol-free Formula
Angulated Blade With Pivoting Head

Angulated Blade With Pivoting Head

Angulated blade and pivoting head are the prime features of this razor blade. The angulated blade helps in easy shaving of facial hairs and protects you from any sort of injury caused by the sharp blade. The 6 angulated blades also provide much cleaner and smoother shave that thoroughly removes the facial hairs. The pivoting head of the blade makes removal of the blade head easy.

Ergonomic Handle With No-slip Grip

Ergonomic Handle With No-slip Grip

The razor blade comes with an ergonomic handle and no-slip grip. This innovate design assures that you have a superior quality of control and grip while shaving your facial hair. Shaving with this design of blade provides you comfort and does not drains too much of your energy.

Six Blade Technology

Six Blade Technology

This Sweden Razor Blade comes with six blade technology. This technology helps in an ultra-close and sharper shave. There are many razors in the market that comes with two or three blades. But those razors are not effective in providing you a much closer and sharper shave leaving behind hairs on your face. This is where six blade technology stands out from them.


To get a clean, moisturizing shave try the Best WBM Men Care 6 Razor Sweden Blade. The super 6 blades disposable men’s razor has natural Aloe and Vitamin E extract that will lubricate your skin after each shave and will not cause any irritation to the skin. The innovative design of the razor with its rubber slip-free holder is easy to use and for high comfort. The pivoting head of the razor easily reaches all sides of your skin allowing an extremely smooth shave. The thinner, finer blades improve shave retaining the moisture of the skin.


Q1.Are These Recyclable?

Ans.Yes, this men razor is recyclable.

Q2.What is the best razor for a close shave?

Ans.WBM Men Care Razor is the best razor to be used for close shave with its thin, fine blades.

Q3.How many blades does it have?

Ans.WBM men care razor is a 6 razor Sweden blade for moisturizing shave.
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