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  • For damaged hair, WBM hair care shampoo with lemon extract clearly heals the signs of hair damage. Bring your salon experience with WBM Hair Treatments
  • Looking for the best hair shampoo? WBM Lemon & Mint Shampoo restores hair after one use & removes dandruff
  • Lemon penetrates the hair, fixes it from the inside out, and gives a soft and conditioned feeling. Continued use will speed up hair recovery and result in silky, shiny hair
  • An in-depth treatment of the condition complements the shampoo to treat signs of hair damage
  • Science inspired by Nature WBM combined to revolutionize protein repair and hair care. Damaged hair is fixed with a powerful formula

WBM Shampoo Lemon and Mint promotes a healthy scalp with highly nourishing hair follicles. It improves hair growth, thickens hair, and makes it stronger. Lemon has significant and natural firming properties which are very beneficial for oily hair and scalp. It removes oil from the head without affecting the natural pH. Lemon extract makes hair glowing and improves the strength of hair.

Key Feature:
WBM dandruff-free shampoo cleans and hydrates your hair.
WBM Lemon & Mint Shampoo is free from chemicals, artificial colors, parabens, and SLS.
WBM Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo fights flakes and leaves your scalp clean.

How to use:
Pour a small quantity of WBM Shampoo into your palm. Then rub in hair roots, wash with fresh water and enjoy dandruff-free hairs.


Question: Are hairs sticky or hard after using this shampoo?

Answer: WBM Hair Shampoo is prepared from lemon and Mint extract which leaves a soft and silky texture on the hair. And remove dandruff and roughness from the hair.

Question: Does this protect my black hair dye in my hair?

Answer: WBM Hair Shampoo is prepared with natural ingredients extract which is gentle to use on color-treated hair. WBM Anti-Dandruff Shampoo can be used on all types of hair.

Question: Why choose WBM Product?

Answer: WBM cares for its customers. All products of WBM are manufacture with natural ingredients free of chemicals.

Question: Does it help hair to regrowth?

Answer: WBM cares for its customers. WBM shampoo is full of Lemon & Mint ingredients which stops hair fall and increases hair growth. WBM Lemon extracted formula shampoo is specially manufacture for damaged hair.

Question: Is this product sulfate-free?

Answer: WBM Hair Treatment Shampoo is manufacture with organic components but a little amount of sulfate is added which is on the safe side and is used to remove dirt and oil from hair. People with sensitive skin should avoid using product manufacture with sulfate.

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