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  • Attracts and Kills greenhouse aphids including greenfly, Blackfly, Whitefly, thrips, and midges
  • Our WBM Home Aphid Glue has a super hold formula that provides the superior gripping power
  • Scent free and non-poisonous glue trap
  • Professional Aphid killer
  • A product of USA

Aphid Glue Traps Aphid Glue Traps

Attracting and catching greenhouse aphids such as greenflies, blackflies, whitefly, thrips, and midges. Yellow traps reflect light at wavelengths that greenhouse pets find irresistible. The trap uses no poisons and will work continuously, without spraying and providing a visible monitor of the build-up of aphid populations.

How to use:

Easy-peel release paper protecting each trap. Peel the back-release paper and hang the trap just above the planted area using twist ties. Alternatively, mount the trap on a cane by passing through the perforations at either end. Place trap approximately 2-meter intervals.

Best Use:

The yellow board is coated with a special adhesive which will begin to deteriorate after approximately 6-8 weeks at temperatures below 25 °C. 

  • In better weather replace the trap more often.
  • Caution:
  • Aphid traps are made with biodegradable materials and may be disposed of with ordinary household waste after use.
  • Also suitable for home use. (Keep out of reach of children and pets.)   
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