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  • BODY SPRAY: WBM Men Care Body Spray Passion is a complete personal care regimen for men good for everyday use
  • DEODORANT SPRAY: Long-lasting advanced formula of the spray provides powerful sweat and odor protection
  • MEN’S BODY SPRAY: Long standing body spray is carefully manufactured free from aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc.
  • SCENTED BODY SPRAY: Body spray is made with natural aloe and green tea extract that provide refreshing touch when spray on your body
  • EASY APPLICATOR: Body spray passion is easy in application with a leak-free, safe and synthetic container
  • BODY SPRAY FOR MEN: Rapid in action, leaves no white marks or yellow stains on your clothes. Just one spray brings freshness for all day long
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion. We provide 100% natural products with a 100% money-back guarantee
Body Spray Passion
Long-lasting Fragrance

Long-lasting Fragrance

WBM Men Care Body Spray is crafted keeping in view of the demand in the market for a reliable and lasting scent. This body spray is made with an advanced formula that gives a long-lasting fragrance, odor protection, and sweat control system. These features together makes sure that this body spray tends to get through in every household.

No Aluminum, Parabens, and Talc

The Body Spray of WBM does not contain any harmful and toxic chemical. The product is free from aluminum, parabens, and talc as these ingredients could cause harm to your skin. Talc is common in almost every body spray and could cause irritation to your body and armpit area. Therefore such harm causing ingredients were not added in this body spray to keep it natural.

No Aluminum, Parabens, and Talc
Added value of natural extracts

Added Value Of Natural Extracts

This body spray is full of natural aloe and green tea extracts that gives it an awe-inspiring smell. We tend to opt for body sprays based on their scents and fragrance. The more good the smell, the more the chances of its selection for being used and sprayed onto our body. We can deduct from above facts that the body spray of WBM is a one of its kind body spray.

Safe and leak-free container

Safe and Leak-free Container

It is common nowadays that steel-based containers containing fluids like deodorants and sprays tend to blow out and burst. Therefore they must be carefully structured to ensure safety. WBM Men Care Body Spray is a synthetic container that is leak-free and safe to use. It does not burst and the spray also does not blow out. Precautionary measures must be taken and fire exposure must be avoided.

No stain deodorant

No Stain Deodorant

Deodorant and body spray available in the market normally cause white marks and yellow stains in your armpit. That marks are caused because of the chemicals that ordinary body spray contains. This body spray is a no stain deodorant that is it does not lead to any sort of stains in your armpits.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

The purpose behind every product being produced in the consumer industry is to satisfy the customer. But every product does not succeed in doing so. Customer satisfaction is top priority for WBM international. Therefore we offer 100% money-back guarantee to our customers who are not satisfied.

Body Spray


WBM Men Care Body Spray Passion is a unique deodorant body spray carefully manufactured for all skin types. It provides a long-lasting odor and sweat protection. Spray is made with natural extract of aloe and green tea that provide the spray fresh, cool touch when sprayed on your body and leaves skin soft and smooth. Men’s body spray does not leave any white marks or yellow stains on your clothes as it is made with a special formula. The deodorant is carefully tested for high efficiency, free from aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc. It has an easy-use leak-free bottle with a spray lid on top.


Q1.How long does the scent stay?

Ans.This somewhat depends upon how you apply the fragrance? After a shower, before wearing a cloth, apply the WBM Mint & Rosemary Body Spray to your body. And feel the fresh and long-lasting fragrance whole the day.

Q2.Is it alright to spray on the clothes?

Ans.WBM Men Body Spray manufacture to use on the body, but it is also applicable on clothes without the worry of stains under your armpits.

Q3.What ingredients have been using in this product?

Ans.WBM cares for its customer and this Cologne Men Body Spray is manufacture with Aloe and Green Tea extract that are organic and have no harm to the human body.

Q4.Is it perfect to use in the office or only for a daily routine?

Ans.WBM Most Wanted Men Body Spray contains Aloe and Green Tea with having a sweet and pleasant scent, mostly likable by everyone so, it is suitable to use in both office and daily routine.

Q5.Which body spray is the best for everyday use?

Ans.WBM Men Care Body Spray Passion is the best-selling body spray for all skin types for everyday use.
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