Bundle of 3- Cinnamon Stick, Coriander Powder & Cumin Seeds

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  • Cinnamon Powder: Obtained from the trees of cinnamon. After extraction of inner bark, it is dried and crushed. 
  • Cumin Seeds: Delivered to you after getting from the dried seeds of herb cuminum cyminum. 
  • Coriander Powder: The seeds of coriandrum sativum plants are crushed to get coriander powder. 
  • Uses: All these three products available in one packaging are very important condiments of traditional dishes. 
    • 100% Natural and 100% Organic: Our Premium Quality products are 100% natural and 100% organic.
  • Advantage of Pack of 3: wbm offers bags of 150 G of cinnamon powder, 150 G of Cumin Seeds and Coriander Powder (120 G) in one single packaging. 
  • Craft Packaging: Protective packaging of our products also promotes eco-friendly packaging.




All these products available in one packaging are the essential part of our all traditional dishes. wbm offers 100% natural and 100% organic items. There is not even a small amount of chemicals or preservatives added in any of these items. There are numerous benefits of buying the pack of three. Consumers are facilitated with larger quantities of these products at a discounted price. This pack fulfills the requirement of your kitchen and you cook delicious meals using these spices. All these three products are available in plastic shakers. These shakers come with an air tightening lid which does not allow air to pass through the products. The quality and the freshness of the products sustains for a longer period of time. 


  • How to cook?

Our premium quality condiments add up the taste of your meal. You can cook all these three condiments with sauces, barbeque dishes and also with your regular meals.

  • What are the health benefits of the condiments?

Our High Quality condiments make you healthier. These three condiments which are available in one single packaging have some common qualities. And, that is these help in improving the digestion system of a human body. These are also good for the patients of the heart.

  • Are your products certified?

Our all products are certified from many of the reputed international organizations. These are certified from the Halal Foods, Kosher Certified, NFC Vegan Certified, Non GMO Project, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World.

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