WBM Group has become one cross-regional, cross-industry investment enterprise which covers scientific research, production, sales, and investment. At present, the new layout of "WBM Industrial Park", two industrial chains (pink salt industry chain, new retail industrial chain) with more than 10 wholly owned subsidiaries, and research institutions are being established.

WBM Group owns several brands of Himalayan pink salt and household products, such as Himalayan Chef, Himalayan Glow, Natural Solution, WBM Care, Passion 84, Salt 84, WBM Home, and WBM WORLD. The products cover edible salt, animal salt, crystal salt lamp, natural beauty care, personal care, home care, food products. All of these products are being sold globally with sales and distribution network covering. 


Most of our work is done in-house, and we're proud of it. Each team is a part of creating the best experience for our customers. We ask for a lot: that's why we hire the best. Do you have what it takes?

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