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  • MAIN FEATURE: WBM Dish Washing Scouring Pad is a kitchen hero when it comes to clean the stubborn oils/greases
  • ATTRIBUTES: Long-Lasting and durable Cleaning Scourers, soft and gentle on hands, odor-free, reusable
  • MULTIPURPOSE: These Scrubbing Scourers have high scratching potential, performs various household functions
  • SCRATCH-FREE: Non-Scratch Pad Scourers, leaves utensils, and other cleaning areas with no marks or scrapes
  • STRUCTURE: Thin-layered structured Scouring Pad with a sturdy-irregular nylon mesh that maintains its structure
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion; thus, we assure a 100% money-back guarantee to the unsatisfied customers
  • PACKAGING: Our Product is highly cost-efficient, comes in a batch of three
  • SOURCE: This Kitchen Scouring Pad is a USA based product
Dishwashing Scouring Pads
Extra Ordinary Cleaning

Extra Ordinary Cleaning

W Home Scouring Pad is a product made with high-quality material that removes tough stains and dirt marks from your utensils and other surfaces in an effective manner. The utensils, after a meal, tend to contain marks and stains that are hard to handle and remove. This product is specially designed to provide you with efficient cleaning and fight against odor, dirt, and stains.

Scratch Free Pad

The high absorption capacity of the product makes it an important part of every household as the sponge scourer is multi-functional. The product is structured in a manner that gives it a long life and performs utmost at the same time. There are other ordinary products available in the market that tends to get damaged very soon without providing optimal performance.

Scratch Free Pad
High Quality Material

High Quality Material

This Dish Washing Scouring Pad is made up of high-quality material keeping in view the latest and necessary practices along with guidelines. Customer satisfaction is ensured with the kind of manufacturing practices that we take.


The packaging of the Dish Washing Scouring Pad comes in a pack of three. This sort of packaging was introduced to impede our client’s inconvenience of re-ordering. The pack of three ensures that the product could provide durable services to the customer without any sort of unwarranted pause to it.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We here at WBM ensure that our valuable customers stay satisfied both with us and our product. If in any case, our customers are not satisfied enough with our product we provide them with an opportunity to return the product and avail a 100% refund of money paid for it. This is so because “Quality is our Passion”.

Multi Purpose Usage


Scratching off the obstinate stains is sometimes the most challenging part of the cleaning process if no proper tool is selected. To get the best results, get your hands on our super-efficient WBM Dish Washing Scouring Pads. These heavy-duty Dishwashing Scrub Pads exhibit Finest-Quality, to perform the best cleaning purpose.Not only for kitchens, but these scrub pads are also perfect grime removers for other areas like tiles, trims, showers, basins, counters, or even cars and glass. Further, they prevent biotic contamination by refraining the deteriorating bacterial growth.


Preventative measures are necessary to keep the product going for a prolonged period. A good option is to clean and rinse the cleaning pad after every use to avoid the accumulation of filth or foul order.

Why choose WBM?

WBM is a well-reputed organization with expertise in delivering the finest quality organic products to its consumers with some outclass green options to enhance your way of life. The reason WBM is prioritized by people is because of its complete dedication towards its customers. The organization puts customer satisfaction over everything. 100% money return guarantee in case of dissatisfaction towards the product.


Q1.Do they put scratches on glass cutlery?

Ans.Not at all. The anti-scratching technology of our scouring pads retains the quality and structure of all types of cutlery.

Q2.Do these scouring pads contain anti-bacterial coating?

Ans.Yes. Our product contains particular anti-greasing specifications that do not allow harmful bacterial growth.

Q3.Can we use it for removing soil residues from the plant pots?

Ans.Of course, you can. Rub the surface until the residue comes off. For stubborn deposits, WBM scouring pads are a way to go.

Q4.Can we use it to clean electronic kitchenware like microwave or baking oven? can. Just a reminder, for electronic commodities, prevent using excessive water or soak the little remaining water with some sponge or cloth.

Q5.Do they remove the non-stick film out of the pan?

Ans.No. WBM Scouring Pads are 100% scratch-free, making them safe to use on any non-stick pan or skillet.

Q6.How WBM scouring pads are efficient from others?

Ans.The interlocked soft yet rigid mesh makes the WBM scouring pad unique. With long-lasting durability, it can serve for a long time.

Q7.How can we clean the pad without degrading its quality?

Ans.Preventative measures are necessary to keep the product going for a prolonged period. It is better to rinse and dry the pad after use to avoid filth and foul order.

Q8.Can we use these pads on marble flooring or ceramic tiles?

Ans.Yes. There is no harm in using the scoring pads on the floor, whether marble or tiles.
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