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  • NATURAL SALT LAMP: Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp Bowl with Massage Salt Balls are made from natural salt that is mined from the Himalayan Mountains. The base of the Therapy Massage Ball Salt Lamp is made up of pure neem wood
  • MASSAGE BALL LAMP BOWL: A Salt Lamp Bowl with Massage Balls helps to reduce depression, stress and improves your concentration. It relaxes your sore and tight muscles. Making your massage therapy enjoyable will also brighten your mood
  • GENTLE GLOW: When the Salt Rock Lamp is glowing, it gives you a soft pinkish amber glow. The heated Salt Lamp Bowl with salt balls emits a gentle effect. It looks beautiful at home, office, schools and living room
  • BENEFITS OF SALT LAMP BOWL: Salt Lamp Bowl has many benefits in offices, spa rooms, homes and can also deal with health problems. Its warm glow creates a pleasant atmosphere and boosts your mood. The gentle effect of the Salt Lamp helps you to sleep peacefully and also help with allergies
  • SUPREME SALT LAMP WITH SALT BALLS: Himalayan Glow Basket Salt Lamp with Salt balls is a beautiful gift for your friends and family members. This is a perfect choice for your loved ones to make their day special
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our quality-conscious customers
Massage Ball

Enhance Your Romantic Mood.

A difference you can feel our handmade massage therapy stones and warming bowl loosen tense muscles and soothe all body aches and pains. Its Ionizing properties help to clean the air around you. The Massage Lamp is used as a body massager, air purifier, pain reliever, mood enhancer, and a romantic ambiance creator.

Health Benefits & Fresh Air.

Himalayan Rock Salt Fire bowl Lamp increases the ionic balance of your living spaces. Enjoy the incandescent and natural properties of its unique salt ball lamps. The Himalayan lamp, when lit emits a soft amber glow, the heated Salt ball emits negative ions the naturally ionized air creates a soothing effect that helps you sleep better at night and awakes you fresh.

Massage Ball
Massage Ball

Therapeutic Massage Balls.

Simply take one or 2 massage balls at a time and start rolling on your body, tense muscles or use your body weight and gravity to relieve muscle knots and tension. Enjoy with therapeutic massage and warm glow with 5 massage balls and bowl lamp. Massage anywhere on your body. It is perfect to use while sitting on any chair, laying in bed, on the floor, or on a yoga mat. Use them at home, at the office, or the gym.

Enhance Life With Natural Air Purifier & Ionizer.

Himalayan Salt is a natural ionizer that purifies the air by removing pollutants from the atmosphere like smoke, dust, and other harmful elements. Salt lamps sterilize and cleanse the air naturally. As the bulb enlightened salt lamp emits a charming amber color glow. When the salt balls catch heat, they release negative ions into the air. Its ions purify the surrounding air and protect the further contamination. Due to the effect of the negative ions on the body, blood and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs gets strengthened.

Massage Ball
Massage Ball

Premium Wood Base.

The base is made of pure neem wood. The neem tree is one of the most versatile plants. The real wood base is non-toxic and sits stably on furniture. It could be used everywhere in your home and on a coffee table, bedside table, desk, as an accent for meditation and yoga spaces, and as a night light. The natural wooden base protects your furniture against salt sweat.

An Ideal Gift For Everyone.

Hand-selected from the Himalayan Mountains, the Himalayan Glow Salt Lamps are made only from the highest quality pink salt crystals. They make a perfect gift for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, or as Bridesmaids Gift and so on.

Massage Ball


Q1. What size are the balls?

Ans: The Balls have an ideal size of 2.5 inches that easily fits in the palm of your hand.

Q2. Do salt lamp balls need to be cleaned?

Ans: No, but if they get too dusty, you can use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe away the dust.

Q3. Does this emit negative ions like normal Himalayan salt ball lamps?

Ans: Yes, this one does emit negative ions as well that creates a calming atmosphere around the space

Q4. Can I use a higher light bulb to increase heat?

Ans: The maximum watt bulb that can be used in this lamp is 25 Watt.

Q5. Should I take the plastic off the balls?

Ans: Yes, first remove the plastic from the balls and then put the bulb into the bowl.

Q6. Does it come with a light and plug?

Ans: Yes, it comes with the pre-installed light bulb and switches.

Q7. Can I leave the Himalayan salt lamp on overnight?

Ans: Yes, you can leave the Himalayan salt lamp on overnight.

Q8. The Himalayan Glow salt lamp ball bowl is toxic?

Ans: No, salt lamps are made only with natural Himalayan Pink Salt. It is non-toxic but has a long list of benefits all along.

Q9. Can you lick a Himalayan salt ball lamp?

Ans: There is no danger in licking a salt ball because it is not toxic. But we do not recommend it since the salt balls may contain pollutants both during transport as well as from their natural purifying process.
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