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  • WBM Home disposable toilet cleaner comes with built-in decontamination that makes it easier to use.
  • The disposable toilet cleaner can be used to clean the toilet, sink, bath crock, and washroom.
  • Soft surface sponge material, large contact area, and stronger friction ensure that toilet cleaner is result-oriented.
  • The stubborn stains are easily removed by the disposable toilet cleaner and does not hurt the glaze.
  • This toilet cleaner comes with 8 disposable scrubber refills, a two-layered clean structure, extension bar bow handle, convenient storage box, and discard brush heads.
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority. We ensure a 100% money-back guarantee if our customer is not satisfied.
Toilet Cleaner


The disposable toilet cleaner is a WBM home product that comes with built-in decontamination. The toilet brushes with detergent is a good helper at home. It can release a decontamination factor in the brush head and decontaminate and deodorize the toilet, sink, bath crock, and washroom. It can disinfect and inhibit bacteria at the same time. The new long handle design makes it easy to wash the toilet without bending down. Hence, you can wash the toilet without water splashing. Bow shaped handle with a small brush head makes it easy to clean various toilet groove gaps. The rotatable brush head can clean the areas that are hard to reach. It can clean the dirt inside the toilet and cause no damage to the toilet glaze and is available for all kinds of toilets and squatting toilets.

Toilet Cleaner
Toilet Cleaner
Toilet Cleaner


Empty toilet bowl before cleaning. The disposable cleaning head’s bump must be aligned and then the straight handle must be pushed down onto the cleaning head until it adjusts to its place. The cleaning head must be soaked into the lower level water of the toilet bowl for 1-2 seconds. Thoroughly scrub the entire toilet bowl. Let sit for 10 minutes. Flush to rinse the toilet. When finished, slide the pink button forward to release the head into the trash bin. Do not flush the cleaning head. Slide handle into the caddy for easy storage. First Aid! If in eyes: Rinse the eye thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If wearing contact lenses then remove after 5 minutes and then continue washing the eye. While visiting the doctor for medical attention, please carry the product package or the container with you.

Physical and Chemical Hazards:

Do not mix the bleach-containing products or with other bathroom or household cleaners. To do so may release hazardous gases.


Q1: How long should you let toilet bowl cleaner sit?

Ans: You should let the toilet bowl cleaner sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Q2: CDoes the disposable toilet cleaner damage the glaze?/p>

Ans: An ordinary toilet cleaner does damage the glaze. But, WBM home disposable toilet cleaner does not damage the glaze.

Q3: How many times the disposable scrubber be used?

Ans: The disposable scrubber should be used only once.
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