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  • CLEANING MOP: W Home Flat Mop has a low-profile design, ideal for sweeping wet and dry surfaces, ensures that all the dirt lifts away
  • HANDLING: Easy to handle Micro-Flat Mop with a super-lightweight body and a comfortable grip, single-handed utilization 
  • STRUCTURE: Linear cylindrical, Aluminum rod structure of Floor Mop with a flat rectangular Mop Pad bellow, super absorbent 
  • ROTATION: The head of Flat Squeeze Mop follows 360° revolution, easy to clean every inaccessible corner, saves cleaning time
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Flat Floor Mop picks up the dust and pet hair, removes scratch marks, eradicates trapped on trash with just one swipe
  • WASHABLE: Pads of the Cleaning Mop are machine-washable and reusable. Adequate cleaning and care ensures a long life span 
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion; thus, a 100% money-back guarantee for the unsatisfied customers
Flat Mop
Easier and Convenient

Easier and Convenient

W Home Flat Mop is crafted keeping in mind the exigencies of cleaning home. The lightweight body makes cleaning easier and convenient. Nowadays cleaning home, offices, and other such areas have become a tiresome task in view of the tough routine that we have. The Mop provides perfect cleanliness as desired today by everyone.

Microfiber Cloth

The Mop comes with a microfiber cloth at the bottom end that effectively cleans every dirt in the most desired manner. The Microfiber cloth is washable and can be re-used. This ensures that the Mop provides durable and long-lasting neatness.

Microfiber Cloth

Easily Clean All The Corners

The Flat Mop comes with a 360-degree revolution that makes cleaning easy in every nook and corner of the house. There are cases when we have to bend ourselves to clean hard-to-reach areas like some corners of the house, beneath the table, and bed. This cleaning tool is effective to clean such hard-to-reach places.

Easily Clean All The Corners
Multi Oriented

Multi Oriented

The super-absorbent feature of the Cleaning Mop gives it wide applications. The tool is multi-oriented. It can be used to clean both dry and wet surfaces, tough to reach corners, removes tough dirt marks and scratches in a single swipe, and handling of pet hairs and other residues.

Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

The most serious concern with these long-handle sweeping mops is their storage. This product has a special feature that it can easily be disassembled and can be stored in low-capacity areas.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

There are few products in the market that can fully satisfy the customer. This often leads to a miscalculation in buying the product. Quality is a passion for WBM. If our customers are unsatisfied with the product after buying it, we will provide them with a 100% refund of the money paid to buy it.

Multi-Purpose Usage

Multi Purpose Usage


If you are sick and tired of seeing the grime under the couch and pet hair on rugs, it is time for you to switch towards something that will efficiently help you in this regard. Start cleaning like an expert using our WBM Home Flat Mop. Our product is perfect for a shiny and sparkly sweeping for both wet and dry surfaces, ensures that all the dirt is lifted away with just one swipe. Head of Flat Squeeze Mop follows 360° rotation, making it easy to deep clean every inaccessible corner of the house, office, or shop. Easy to handle structure along with a comfortable grip saves the cleaning time for you.

How to Use?

  • Push the rod forward and let the mop head out.
  • Adjust the angle as per your requirement
  • Submerge in the water bucket.
  • Rub the mop head against the moving parts of the machine.
  • After cleaning, put the mop in the upright spot to dry it out.


100% Polyester, Aluminium Rod, Polypropylene, and ABS.

Why choose WBM?

WBM is a well-reputed organization with expertise in delivering the finest quality organic products to its consumers with some outclass green options to enhance your way of life. The reason WBM is prioritized by people is because of its complete dedication towards its customers. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important asset a brand can have; thus, we provide 100% money-back assurance to unsatisfied customers.


Q1.Is this Cleaning Mop extendable?

Ans.No. This Flat Mop is not extendable and comes in a standard mop size used commonly.

Q2.Can we detach the Mop Pad?

Ans.Yes. The Mop Pad can be effortlessly detached, which provides the ease of re-washing.

Q3.Do we get extra Mop Pads with it too?

Ans.No. Our product comes without extra Mop Pads, as these are easily machine washable and reusable.

Q4.Can we use the soap solution on it? Is only water enough?

Ans.It entirely depends on your extent of satisfaction. If you want your floor to sparkle notably, use a soap solution. Otherwise, water is also enough to get the filth out.

Q5.Can we dust things off with it?

Ans.Of Course. WBM Flat Mop works wonders for both wet and dry sweeping.

Q6.After how long do I have to change my Sweeper?

Ans.It entirely depends upon the condition of your duster. If you feel it is not working appropriately anymore, go for a new one. To enhance the life span, put the mop in the up-right spot to dry it out after cleaning.

Q7.What is the material of the mop pads?

Ans.The Mop Pads are made up of soft microfibers to protect your floor from scratches. The fine micro-hairs extract even the finest dust particles and leave the floor with a luminous effect.

Q8.Can we get this in scrubber pads instead of microfibers?

Ans.No. This product only comes with microfiber pads as these are more reliable.
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