Galaxy Lamp, LED 3D Star Moon Light with Wood Stand

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  • MAGIC STAR MOONLIGHT: When the WBM Smart Galaxy Lamp is turned on, it seems to be in the splendid galaxy that presents a magical and colorful color
  • REMOTE & TOUCH CONTROL: Touch the metal ring to switch 7 colors, remote control to switch 16 colors remote control dimming
  • LASTING BATTERY: Built-in USB rechargeable battery makes the Moon Lamp easy to carry. Charge the moonlight lamp for 3 hours and use it for 8-12 hours
  • DECORATIVE LAMP: This moon night light can use as a decorative light, child lamp, night light. Perfect as children/kids room decorative and special occasion
  • PERFECT GIFT: Gives 3D effect to the people unlimited imagination of the universe or distant galaxies. An excellent gift for children kid’s baby
  • Customer Satisfaction: We ensure a 100% money-back guarantee if our customer is not satisfied
Galaxy Lamp
Galaxy Lamp
Galaxy Lamp


Himalayan Glow has manufactured a galaxy lamp that holds special 3D galaxy printing to light up your world and gives you unlimited imagination to distant galaxies. With a wooden stand, set it anywhere as it has the best hold-on ball lamp. Let yourself fall in love with the fact that you don’t always need a remote to operate the lamp. The sensor touch gives you control over it without the remote. There is a charging cord with our cool LED stuff, but you don’t have to plug it in 24/7. You can also use our galaxy lamp during charging. Enjoy playing with it by carrying around without a cord as it holds a rechargeable built-in battery and is lightweight. We did it manufacture from pretty sturdy material so it will not get any damage on short fillings. Moon led light lamp is specially designed and good for night lights, party lights, living room lights, especially suitable for holiday gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts to any occasions and anyone who enjoys the beautiful live sight of marine, underwater life, ocean environment on their desk.

Charming Gift LED 3D Star Moon Light with 16 colors

Touch the metal ring to switch 16 colors, remote control to switch 16 colors remote control dimming. And it also supports one color or colorful automatic conversion. It is an electric led motion night décor lamp. As the color and perspective change, it presents a magical and colorful color. Built-in USB rechargeable battery, it has a strong cycle and duration performance, and can normally use during charging 2-3 hours, can use 8-24 hours. Varied soft and dimmable colors can be adjusted that adults and kid-like. Charging cable connects to the power for a long time lighting.


Q1: Can you change the color just by touching the sensor?

Ans: Then what remote is for? Enjoy changing colors of light by holding on touch sensor for a few seconds. You can change colors with a remote controller as well without moving from your place. Besides color changing, you can also set the pattern of colors with a remote.

Q2: Where is the switch on the globe?

Ans: The touch switch is at the bottom of the lamp. Just continue to touch it for about 3 seconds, and it will douse the glim. If you short-touch the sensor, the lighting color will not change.

Q3: Does the lamp have the option of showing white light as well as colors?

Ans: The lamp can emit 16 colors, including white color. You can press the 'w' key on the remote controller to make it emits white color.

Q4: How long does it stay alighted on proper charging?

Ans: The lamp holds 300mAh lithium-ion battery that allows it to stay alight for a continuous 6-hours after a proper 3-hours charging.

Q5: Does it need a battery or does the battery comes already in it?

Ans: Yes, there is a built-in lithium-ion battery of 300mAh in the lamp. It supports for 6-hours lighting up after complete charging.

Q6: Can the ball be carried around by itself while lit?

Ans: The ball is cordless and has long battery life. The lamp does not get hot when used. So, you can carry it around.

Q7: Is the switch in the bottom of the globe supposed to click?

Ans: The metal point at the bottom is the touch sensor. Just touch it for a while to turn it on or change the color. You can also use the remote to turn it on, off, or change the color.

Q8: Does the lamp stay cool to the touch?

Ans: Yes, it does not get hot even after working for hours.

Q9: What kind of charging cord does the lamp use?

Ans: The lamp uses a small plug with a USB port on one side to go into a charger.

Q10: Can it be hung instead of placed on the stand?

Ans: There is no hook or hole on the ball for hanging. We have designed around the lamp to keep it on its frame.
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