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  • HIMALAYAN PINK SALT: Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is unique in its taste and color. It appears light in color because it is directly extracted from the Himalayan Mountains. The dark color of the salt content indicates that the salt content is bearing a high portion of impurities like polonium and thallium. Our Himalayan Chef pink salt is 100% natural salt containing more than 84 mineral ions that tend to improve your health
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: It re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and wellbeing
  • SEA SALT SUBSTITUTE: common table salt is refined and many other compounds and additives are added in its processing while Himalayan Pink salt is free from all additives, dyes, and preservatives, and without any processing
  • CERTIFIED AND NATURAL: Himalayan Chef salt content is naturally pink in color that is declared to be Non-GMO, Halal, and Kosher Certified gourmet salt
  • BEST USED: For Seasoning, grilled meats, seafood seasoning, Italian seasoning as well as baking & can be used for salt baths
  • AVAILABILITY: Himalayan chef Pink Salt is available in zip-lock, easy to use packing to keep it fresh. Our Himalayan Pink Salt is available in Fine, Extra Fine & Coarse Grains in different sizes from 1lbs to 50 lbs
Himalayan Pink Salt
Mining Source

Mining Source

The Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is mined from the Himalayan Mountains. The Pink Salt blocks are cut down into chunks and those chunks are transformed into pink salt. The product is free from any preservatives, harmful ingredients, and genetically modified organisms. We assure you that this product is organically sourced and its purity is guaranteed.

Nutritional Facts

The Pink Salt of WBM has such sort nutrients that makes it a healthy product to use. The product contains 84 minerals and trace components such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and iron. These nutrients together give a great combination of calories. The nutritional value of any good is estimated based on the number of calories it provides. Keeping in view these facts we can say that pink salt is highly nutritious.

Nutritional Facts
Health Related Benefits

Health Related Benefits

The trace minerals in the pink salt are the main feature that makes it stand out from others and gives you a healthier life. This salt helps in overcoming multiple deficiencies. Trace minerals like hydrogen, lithium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, sulfur, iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, bromine, palladium, iodine, mercury, and radium are quite healthy for human beings. It can also be helpful in protecting LDLs (low-density lipoproteins) in the body. This product boosts our immune system.

International Certifications

International Certifications

This Pink Salt has international certifications like Vegan and Kosher. This assures that the product is widely available based on vegetarian grounds and no milk or meat has been used for its manufacturing. It is a non-GMO product, free from any preservatives. Our premium quality product is Halal.

Quality and Flavor

Quality and Flavor

We enjoy our food only if it has a great taste and flavor. The flavor is the lynchpin to the quality of food. It is the backbone of any edible item. This Pink Salt has a high nutritional content and is extracted from the Himalayan mountains. It is a great substitute for all other salts because of its high concentration of minerals.



Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is sourced and extracted from the Himalayas. The Himalayan region has one of the best Pink Salt producing mountains in the world. This Salt is much better than any ordinary table salt. The extraction process is hygienic. This assures that our sourcing of the pink salt is done from an authentic and reliable source.


  • HIGH-QUALITY : The clean crystals are Gourmet Food Grade and the highest quality Himalayan chef salt which is nutrient and mineral fortified as well as kosher and natural
  • 100% NATURAL PINK SALT: Himalayan Pink Salt is mined from the Himalayan Mountains. In fact, it is unprocessed, hand-selected, hand-chiseled, hand-washed, and sun-dried

Selecting the Perfect Grain:

The following grain sizes are offered to suit your intended use of the Himalayan Chef Pink Salt:

  • EXTRA-FINE (0-0.5mm) - Ideal for use in salt shakers and sprinkling directly onto food
  • FINE (0-1mm) -Many culinary/health uses (note: will be larger than regular "table salt")
  • COARSE (2-3mm) - Recommended for use in grinders
Typical Uses:
  • SHOWER & BATH: Extra Fine and Fine grains are preferred for the Bath salts. Himalayan Chef Pink Salt can be added to baths for a relaxing mineral soak and to help soothe muscle aches & pains as well as soften skin.
  • ESSENTIAL MINERALS FOR WELL BEING: It is the Best Sea Salt substitution. Stimulating circulation, lowering blood pressure, and removing toxins such as heavy metals from the body are just a few of the many benefits of Himalayan Pink salt.
  • CULINARY & COOKING: Best Seasoning for Italian, seafood, Meat Seasoning and Perfect for everyday use Cooking Salt and Table salt.


Q1.What certifications do your products have?

Ans.Our products have been recognized all over the world. Our all high-quality products are certified by many of the reputed international organizations. Halal Foods, Kosher Certified, NFC Vegan Certified, Non-GMO Project, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World.

Q2.How can we pay our bill for Groceries?

Ans.WBM creates the maximum facility for our customers. We offer the option of Cash on Delivery. You can conveniently pay your bill after receiving your items. Just click on your required items on our Online Grocery Store. Have it at your home.

Q3.Why choose WBM?

Ans.WBM is one of the leading brands in the international industry. We have been serving with our complete dedication for the last half a decade. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. It is the trust of our customers which has made our Online Grocery Store at the top of the chart. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Q4.From which country pink salt originates?

Ans.Pakistan is the hub of Pink Salt, mined from the 800 Million Years old Himalayan salt range.

Q5.What is the mineral content of your product?

Ans.Our product is supplemented with 84 vital minerals and trace elements, majorly containing Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron.

Q6.Is there any lead content in your salt?

Ans.No. Our Himalayan Pink Salt is tested negative for any toxicity. Our product is 100% free from lead and other heavy metals.

Q7.Does the salt contain any anti-caking additives?

Ans.No. Our Pink Salt is free from all kinds of additives/ preservatives.

Q8.What is the lifespan of Himalayan Chef Pink Salt?

Ans.Our Himalayan Chef Pink Salt goes up to 250 Million years without getting expired and can be kept for a long time if stored away from moisture and heat that are the main reasons for bacterial growth.

Q9.Is it non-iodized?

Ans.The Himalayan Chef Pink Salt has a trace amount of iodine present in the salt. No preservatives/additives and no iodine added like in common table salt.

Q10.How is the Pink Salt different from available Regular Salt?

Ans.The Himalayan Chef Pink Salt has a trace amount of iodine present in the salt. No preservatives/additives and no iodine added like in common table salt.

Q11.What grain sizes of Himalayan Chef Pink Salt are available?

Ans.Our Himalayan Pink Salt is available in 2-grain sizes; Coarse Grain (2-3 mm) is suitable for grinders, Fine Grain (0-1 mm) has many health uses.
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