Pink Salt Round Cooking and Serving Plate | Himalayan Chef

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Pink Salt Cooking and Serving Plate

Himalayan Chef Salt Block for Grilling

Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Blocks come from a large salt deposit discovered in Pakistan. Himalayan Pink salt blocks vary in color from clear to light pink to dark red. Pink salt blocks can hold temperatures for a long period of time, making them great for the grill. Himalayan Chef’s pink salt blocks do not impart a heavy salt taste; instead, add a subtle salt flavor to your food. You can also chill the block to use a serving dish for cold appetizers. You can cook anything on the Himalayan Chef’s salt block from fruit to seafood to eggs. All our salt blocks are approved by Food & Drug Administration.

Pink Salt Cooking and Serving Plate
Pink Salt Cooking and Serving Plate
Pink Salt Cooking and Serving Plate

Product Description

Add extra sizzle to your meals and enjoy the naturally delicious taste of Himalayan Salt with the Himalayan Chef‘s Cooking Salt Block. Himalayan pink Salt Plates impart their flavor to food, making them great for cooking directly on. Impress friends, family, and guests at your next holiday feast or barbecue get-together! Whether you are grilling skewers together or using them as a serving tray, your Himalayan Salt Block is sure to please both your eyes and your taste buds.


  • Pink Himalayan Cooking Salts contain healthy and essential minerals that your body needs to function healthily.
  • Salt mined from the Himalayas are the purest salts in the world giving you the cleanest and healthiest salt flavor that will make any food delicious while supplying your body with the regulation and nutrients it needs.


Q1: What is a Himalayan salt plate and what is its purpose?

Ans: These blocks are dug from the Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan and then given the shape of small plates. These plates provide a natural and high-quality salt and are designed for professional cooking. These plates are best for making steaks.

Q2: Can you cook on a Himalayan salt block?

Ans: Yes, cooking on Himalayan salt plates gives your food an aromatic flavor because of its natural mineral content. These plates are excellent heat distributors, which cut the time of cooking and gives a unique texture.

Q3: Can salt block crack in the oven?

Ans: It can crack by overheating. So don't increase the temperature by more than 200℉ (93℃).

Q4: How to serve the cold food in the Salt Plater?

Ans: Put the salt plate salt in the refrigerator for an hour. It will retain its cooling for 2-3 hours. Then serve your desire things(salads, fruits) after placing them on the salt plater.

Q5: What's the procedure for serving hot food on the Salt Plates?

Ans: Place the salt tile in the oven or grill at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Once it becomes hot, put the desired meat on it and then again put it back in the oven or on the grill. The tile will cook, sear, and season your steak, lamb, fish, shrimp, and more.

Q6: How to clean salt Plate?

Ans: Wash it with water but don't soak it, or simply wipe it with a towel or any clean cloth.

Q7: Can I pay after receiving my Groceries?

Ans: Yes, we create the maximum facility for our esteemed customers. The customers can pay their bills after getting their items.

Q8: Why choose Himalayan Chef?

Ans: Our business aims are to serve quality products to our esteemed customers. We have been delivering quality for the past half a decade with our complete honesty and dedication. Our most precious asset is our customers' trust in us. Order now at our Online Grocery Store. You will have your order within 3 to 4 business days.
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