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Moisturizing Hand Wash, Antibacterial & Refreshing

WBM Liquid Hand Wash is a safe, easy-to-use formula that makes hand washing easier. We use the best ingredients that provide you with the best washing experience. Hand wash is climate-friendly and harmless, contains natural oils that provide moisture, and prevent hands from dryness. It is a natural formula that removes dust and kills microbes. WBM Care products are hypoallergenic, free from preservatives, SLS and Silicon.

Liquid Hand Wash Made with Essential Oils

Liquid Hand Wash comes in a simple fill-up bottle that is reusable and can be recycled. Hand wash comes in the finest quality, a well-protected bottle to prevent leakage. Moisturizing hand wash contains essential oils that have smell well and soap lathers smoothly, which help to clean hands nicely and leaves hands moisturized and smooth. It contains citric acid and glycerin that removes dead skin cells from the hands, provides moisture, and restores the skin. Customer Satisfaction is our priority and, we give a 100% money-back guarantee to our customers.

Natural Liquid Hand Soap in Pakistan, Protect & Clean

  • WBM Care products provide nourishment to the skin and protect from damage.
  • Hand wash protects from germs and kills 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Natural liquid hand wash contains Himalayan Pink Salt that purifies the skin.
  • Organic hand wash is free from harmful chemicals.
  • WBM Care hand wash is riched with vitamins and amino acids that provide extra comfort to the hands.
  • Scented hand wash has a natural and refreshing aroma.
  • Free from silicone and SLS.
  • Refill packaging is also available.

Natural Liquid Hand Soap Available in 4 Different Scents

  1. Natural Liquid Hand Soap, Lemon and Green Tea
  2. Natural Liquid Hand Soap, Sandalwood and Jasmine
  3. Natural Liquid Hand Soap, Lavender and Almond
  4. Natural Liquid Hand Soap, Tea Tree and Rosemary

Himalayan Pink Salt Liquid Hand Wash Available in 3 Different Scents

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt Hand Wash, Blood Orange
  2. Himalayan Pink Salt Hand Wash, Rose
  3. Himalayan Pink Salt Hand Wash, Lavender

Foaming Hand Wash Available in 4 Different Scents

  1. Foaming Hand Wash, Rose and Avocado
  2. Foaming Hand Wash, Lavender and Almond
  3. Foaming Hand Wash, Apple and Kiwi
  4. Foaming Hand Wash, Coconut

Natural Hand Wash Available Online in Pakistan

WBM Hand Wash Liquid contains natural and herbal ingredients that are harmless and eco-friendly. They prevent hands from drying. This hand wash has a natural aroma and delightful mix of flowers and fruits that freshen the hand washing experience. This Hardworking hand soap maintains the moisture level of the hands as it contains olive oil, aloe Vera, and essential oils that clean the hand thoroughly. Softening Hand Soap is free from parabens, SLS, and dyes that damage the skin and cause skin rashes and allergies. The most prominent ingredients are Vitamin E and, Amino acids. Anti-oxidizing properties protect the skin from damage and, amino acid helps to remove the dead skin cells and restore the skin. That’s why this cruelty-free soap is the best soap on the market.

Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash Online in Pakistan

Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand wash is free from chemical substances, artificial dyes, silicones, and SLS and can kill 99.9% of the bacteria. It has natural ingredients that provide softness and a fresh feeling that leaves skin smooth. The presence of Himalayan pink salt in the soap provides a calming effect that heals irritated skin. It hydrates the skin and provides nourishment.This is the best antibacterial Hand wash available online in Pakistan. Soap work good and clean hands neatly and leave skin smooth, soft and non-sticky. We believe that our product is the best and you will be satisfied with the results.

Luxury Lather

WBM Care Foaming Hand Wash is everyone’s favorite Soap. Just one pump of the Foaming Hand wash is required to clean the hands thoroughly. The foaming pump gives a creamy lather that helps to remove dust and bacteria from the skin. It is a non-sticky soap that leaves hands soft and germ-free.WBM care also provide body lotions, laundry detergents, candles, and so much more.

Natural Foaming Hand Wash

  • Foaming Hand Wash is an easy, ready-to-use formula that contains essential oils and natural extracts that provide care to the skin.
  • Organic Hand Wash is environmentally friendly, kills bacteria, and restores the natural pH of the skin.
  • WBM Care Natural Hand Wash is free from paraben and helps to remove dust and impurities from the skin. It has a mild scent that gives a refreshing feel.
  • Hand Wash contains Vitamin E, Amino acids, and Himalayan Pink Salt that deeply clean the skin and removes excess oil. The amino acid has anti-oxidizing properties that strengthen the skin and prevent the formation of pores.
  • WBM Care foaming hand wash contain Himalayan Pink salt that provide care to the skin and protect it.
  • Our foaming hand wash cleans hands nicely and gently, kills bacteria and restore healthy skin.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our priority; we give a 100% money-back guarantee to our customers.

Safe for Everyone

Liquid Hand Wash is anti-allergenic and free from harmful additives and dyes that can irritate the skin.WBM Soap contains plant-based ingredients, natural extract, and essential oils. It is safe to use for everyone as it is harmless. Soap is eco-friendly and can be recycled. This soap does not harm the skin, it is safe to use for everyone.

Vegan Liquid wash

Foaming Hand Soap is cruelty-free, which means that this product is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal-based ingredient.

Foaming Hand Soap Refill Online Available in Pakistan

Natural Foaming Hand Soap is a simple and easy-to-use formula. It is riched with vitamin E, amino acids, and the delightful scent of flowers and essential oils. The anti-bacterial Foaming Hand soap neatly cleans the hands and kills 99.9% of the germs. Hand wash bottles are refillable which can be refilled. Soap has anti-oxidant properties that protect the skin from harmful foreign particles and helps to retain the natural moisture of the skin and, maintains the natural pH.

Foaming Hand Soap Refill in Pakistan

The eco-friendly hand wash is non-toxic and paraben-free. The natural essence of the essential oils, fruits, and flowers provides a soothing effect and provide nourishment and moisture to the skin. Hand soap contains Himalayan Pink Salt that helps to heal the irritated skin and provides calming effects. The empty containers are recyclable and leak-free, which prevents spilling.

Refill Foaming Hand Wash

  • PARABEN-FREE HAND SOAP: Hand Soap is free from paraben and protects the skin from allergies.
  • BEST NATURAL HAND SOAP: Hand Soap contains natural Vitamin E and amino acids that have antioxidant properties, which prevent the formation of free radicals in the body.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL HAND SOAP: Soap is free from harmful substances and artificial colors and kills around 99.9% of the germs.
  • FOAMING HAND WASH:   Foaming Hand Wash refill features are very convenient and easy to use formula.
  • PINK HIMALAYAN SALT FOAMING SOAP:Natural Himalayan Salt protects the skin from damage and heals irritated or cracked skin.
  • REFILLABLE HAND SOAP: The Large Refilling bottles are easy to use and, they fill the empty containers without spilling.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY HAND SOAP:This soap is environmental friendly and harmless. It is made natural essential oils that clean your hands and prevent them from drying.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:We provide a 100% money-back guarantee to our customers. So if for any reason you feel that this product is not for you, you can return the product.

Best WBM Care Hand Washes in Pakistan?

  • Liquid Hand Wash, Lavender
  • Foaming Hand Soap Refill, Lavender
  • Liquid Hand Wash, Blood Orange
  • Foaming Hand Wash, Apple & Kiwi
  • Foaming Hand Wash, Coconut
  • Foaming Hand Wash, Rose and Avocado
  • Foaming Hand Wash, Lavender and Almond
  • Liquid Hand Wash, Lemon & Green Tea
  • Liquid Hand Wash, Sandalwood & Jasmine
  • Liquid Hand Wash, Lavender & Almond
  • Liquid Hand Wash, Tea Tree & Rosemary
  • Hand Wash Refill
  • Hand Wash Refill Ever Loving Memory
  • Liquid Hand Wash, Honey
  • Liquid Hand Wash, Blood Orange
  • Liquid Hand Wash, Marula Oil
  • Lavender Oil Hand Wash
  • Natural Baby Hand Wash
  • Dove Hand Wash Shea Butter
  • Dove Hand Wash Original
  • Liquid Hand Soap Mint
  • Accord Hand Wash Lavender

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Can we use this soap on face and body? Yes! It can be used on face and body, but regular use can make skin of the face and body dry because our face and body need more moisture then hands.
  • Is this soap suitable for dispensers? This soap has thick consistency which means that it will not work best for the dispenser but on dilution, it can work well.
  • Where WBM products are made? WBM products are made and designed in the U.S.
  • Is container refillable?Yes! The container is reusable and can be recycled. The empty bottle can be filled with the soap again or some shampoo, moisturizer and conditioner.
  • Is this hand soap suitable for family? Yes! Our natural Soap can be used by everyone.
  • Does hand soap have artificial scent? Liquid Hand wash contains essential oils which add beautiful scent in the soap.
  • Is this hand soap anti-bacterial? This hand soap can kill germs 99.9% of the germs in just 20 seconds.
  • Is WBM products cruelty free? No animal has been tested or used in the manufacturing of this product. All products are made with great care and supervision.
  • Is this soap safe to be used by kids? Yes! Soap contains plant based ingredients which are safe to use for kids.
  • Is this non-GMO product? Yes! Our product is free from genetically modified organisms.
  • What is texture of liquid soap?Foaming Soap has thick transparent texture which is transformed into foam when it dispenses out of the bottle.
  • Is there some refill available for foaming soap?Yes! Lavender and almond refill is available for foaming hand wash.
  • Is foaming soap available? Yes! WBM has foaming soap that lathers very nicely.
  • Does this soap contain alcohol? No! Hand wash doesn’t contain alcohol.

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