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Best Soap Bars Online in Pakistan

We know that maintaining good hygiene is the most important thing to lead a healthy life. A clean environment makes a better household. A clean body promotes better individual health. There is a list of ways that help in your daily personal hygiene. Many products are available that deeply purify to maintain a healthy body. Out of many options available, Soap Bar is the most effective one. Body Bar Soap works easily, effectively with a very cost-effective impact. The best one is that which not only purifies the area of use but also nurtures it. Also, natural bar soap is more effective in contrast with chemical-based ones.  

Types of Body Cleansers

There are a variety of ways you can maintain your essential body hygiene. 

    • Shampoo and conditioner – For clean and nourished hair.
    • Body Bar – For overall body hygiene. 
    • Body Wash – For deep cleaning and purifying of the body.
    • Hand Wash – To maintain hand hygiene all day long. 
    • Face WashParticularly for facial cleaning. 

Natural Bar Soaps Available Online

These Soap bars are made with natural ingredients. Botanical extracts are added in their formulation to enhance performance. As we know that nature has a solution to every problem, thus a product with a natural basis has more advantages all. Natural oils added to the bar include their benefits in the product. Various essential oils are used that not only purify but also hydrate and revive the skin. Their natural fragrance leaves a soothing impact that relaxes your mind. 

Best Soap Bars with Essential Oils Online in Pakistan

Using a cleaning bar with essential oils possesses major benefits for the skin. Botanical extracts or oils have their particular advantage for the skin. The major ones used are: 

  • Jojoba Oil 
  • Olive Oil 
  • Avocado Oil 
  • Jasmine Oil 
  • Lavender Oil
  • Rose Oil 
  • Almond Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil, etc. 

Himalayan Pink Salt Bar Soap For Nourished Skin

Himalayan Pink Salt is considered one of the most beneficial elements when used in skincare products, hair care, or bath & body . It includes the benefits of more than 84 minerals. When used over the body, bar soap introduces these minerals to the skin and fulfills the deficiencies. Naturally present minerals get inside the body while extracting the impurities out, leaving a deeply purifying effect. The natural exfoliating effect leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft, and radiant. Regular use of Himalayan Pink Salt Body Bar helps to overcome your skin-related concerns. Conditions like eczema and psoriasis are easily treated by natural salt. It also helps to overcome acne when used in the face bar. The anti-inflammatory property of pink salt soothes and calms the body. Besides, the Soap Bar locks the moisture into the deeper skin layers for an extensive time. 

How Himalayan Pink Salt Bar Soap benefit your body? 

  1. Soothes the skin from infections and irritations
  2. Treats eczema, psoriasis, and other such conditions
  3. Promotes better blood circulation in the body 
  4. Exfoliates deeply and removes dead skin cells
  5. Expose body with more than 84 minerals
  6. Deeply nourish and moisturize the skin 
  7. Ideal for all skin types 

Charcoal Soap Bar For All Skin Types

Natural Solution Face and Body Bar are some of the best-activated charcoal soaps available. Blended with pure Himalayan Pink Salt, the bar soap balances out all the body conditions. It is particularly used for deep cleansing. The Body Bar unclogs the pores and extracts the impurities out, leaving a smooth texture on the skin. Besides, the other natural elements of Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E, and Organic Sunflower Seed Oil play an efficient role in improving the skin complexion and texture.

It is always a better option if you choose natural over chemical-based products. This Natural Solution Body Bar is all-natural and made without harsh chemicals. SLS, Parabens, Alcohol, and Artificial Dyes are not included in the formulation. 

How Charcoal Helps The Skin?

  1. The absorbing power of activated charcoal is great in skin
  2. It unclogs the pores and removes dirt and germs 
  3. Helps remove blackheads or whiteheads 
  4. Fights effectively against acne-causing bacteria 
  5. Evens out the skin tones by fighting hyperpigmentation
  6. Brightens the skin complexation
  7. Moisturizes the skin deeply 
  8. Best for all skin types 

Top Imported Soap Bars Available Online in Pakistan

Buy Imported Lole’s Bar Soaps Online in Pakistan. 

It is a premium-grade soap with natural ingredients and a 100% chemical-free formula. Made with natural botanical extracts and Vitamin E, it hydrates the body and skin deeply and leaves silky skin. The product is made free from all SLS, Parabens, and Animal Fat. Following are some top-rated Lole’s bars available online in Pakistan.  

  • Lole’s Soap Jasmine
  • Lole’s Soap Lavender
  • Lole’s Soap Rose
  • Lole’s Soap Almond
  • Lole’s Soap Aloe Vera
  • Lole’s Soap Floral 
  • Lole’s Soap Natural
  • Lole’s Soap Olive Oil 
  • Lole’s Soap Fresh 
  • Lole’s Soap Ocean Fresh 
Buy Imported Dial Soap Bar Online in Pakistan. 

<Dial Antibacterial Bar Soapgives long-lasting protection against germs. It carries an exhilarating fragrance that fights odor-causing bacteria. Skin-nourishing ingredients leave your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. Ideal for people with dry skin texture. The rich lather gives a satisfactory deep cleaning. 

Buy Imported Baby Soap Bar & Baby Care Products Online in Pakistan. 

As for the baby’s vulnerable skin, Johnson's Baby Soap Honey works ideally. It includes natural ingredients like Honey that protect your baby’s skin from dryness and damage. The least amount of chemicals is used in the product as the baby’s sensitive skin is even prone to minor ones. Besides this, WBM has Baby Care products which are specially designed to cure delicate skin of babies. 

Buy Imported Dove Bar Soap Online in Pakistan. 

Dove products have a creamy texture that leaves the skin moisturized. Even without the use of a moisturizer, the skin feels smooth and soft. Natural extracts like pomegranate, pear, and cucumber give a natural radiant glow. Following are some top-rated dove bars available online in Pakistan.  

  • Dove Men Care + Aqua Impact Soap Bar
  • Dove Soap Go Fresh Soap Rejuvenate
  • Dove Soap Go Fresh Revive
  • Dove Soap Go Fresh Hi drat
  • Dove Soap Pink
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the soap bar better or liquid soap? 

Both have their benefits. Both work effectively as well. It all depends upon a person’s preference.

  • Which one is a greener option, bar or liquid? 

Out of both options, the face bar is a better and greener option. It puts a lower impact on the environment as compared to the other. 

  • What makes a good body bar? 

A good body bar has to be moisturizing and nourishing as well. 

  • Is body wash and bar the same thing? 

The body wash is usually available in the liquid form while the other in the solid form. Both work equally well. 

  • Which one is the best for brightening the skin? 

Natural Solution Charcoal Face and Body Bar help to even out your tone and give a brightening effect too. 

  • Can we use a body bar for cleaning hands? 

Yes, you can use it for alternate purposes. 

  • Can we use it as a face wash? 

Yes, the bar can be used for cleaning your face as well. A moisturizing bar works more efficiently for the face. 

  • Can we use it as a shampoo? 

Yes, you can. Although it is ideal to use shampoo for better hair health. 

  • Do natural ones have a shelf life? 

Yes, everything has a shelf life. Use it before the expiry date. 

  • Can body soap make your skin itchy?

Yes, it can. To fight that, use the one that mentions antibacterial and moisturizing. 

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