Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Best Facial Masks Online in Pakistan.

Our skin needs proper care for sure. Especially when it’s the facial skin, one has to care a little extra. The skin itself is prone to many issues like dryness, patches, and irritations. Natural Solution Face Masks are one of the best for all skin types. These hydrates nourish and protect your skin from roughness and dryness. WBM Facial Mask reduces all signs of aging including uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines. 


Types of Face Masks. 

There are plenty of facial mask categories available in the market to choose from. These are:  

  • Sheet
  • Clay
  • Mud
  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Exfoliating
  • Bubble
  • Peel-Off
  • Charcoal

Natural Facial Masks for Women. 

These Facial Mask Sheets are made with all-natural ingredients. The extracts and oils of plants, flowers and fruits are added to enhance the natural glow on your skin. The Silk Sheet feels soft on the skin. These are made without any chemicals such as parabens, formaldehyde, artificial colors, alcohols, mineral oil and animal oil. Sheet Mask restores the skin deeply. Hyaluronic acid and beta-Glucan locks the moisture deep inside the skin layers. 

Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask Online in Pakistan. 

All Natural Solution Face Mask in Pakistan contain Hyaluronic Acid as a basic ingredient. This hydrates your skin and locks the moisture for a very long time. Also, Hyaluronic Acid Face Masks have anti-aging properties. These remove all signs of aging including the fading of dark spots, dry patches, fine lines and wrinkles. For people with sensitive and delicate skin, Hyaluronic acid acts as an ideal soothing agent. It relives the irritations and redness from the skin. 

Best Silk Facial Masks available in Pakistan. 

The Best Face Masks offered here are listed below. 

  • Facial Mask with Marula and Shea Butter
  • Facial Mask with Rose and Pomegranate
  • Facial Mask with Honey and Avocado Facial Mask
  • Facial Mask with Aloe and Tea Tree
  • Facial Mask with Lavender and Chamomile
  • Facial Mask with Blood Orange and Vitamin C


    1. Facial Mask for Soothing Skin. 

Lavender Face Mask works exceptionally well when it comes to soothing the skin. Besides its invigorating aroma, it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It soothes the irritated skin and leaves it with a natural and exceptionally radiant glow. The serum absorbs easily into the skin and does not make the skin oily. 

Key Features. 

  • Natural Lavender and Chamomile aroma calm the skin and mind.
  • The Facial Sheet is non-comedogenic.
  • Natural Anti-Bacterial. Kills acne-causing bacteria.
  • Prevents premature aging 
    1. Hydrating Facial Mask for Women.

WBM Face Mask for women moisturize face deeply. Marula and Shea Butter have moisturizing and nourishing properties that provide an instant burst of hydration. The natural marula oil easily absorbs into the skin and does not feel uncomfortable at all. Shea butter masks have many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These also fight effectively against skin breakouts. 

  1. Skin Repair Facial Mask for Dry and Damaged Skin

These face masks for dry skin are loaded with Honey and Avocado extract. Honey is a natural humectant that deeply locks the moisture in the deeper layers of skin. It nurtures the damaged and dull skin and leaves it to shine naturally. Besides that, it deeply cleans and purifies the skin. Also, it protects the skin textures and prevents any further damages caused due to external reasons.

  1. Facial Mask for Glowing Skin.

Face Masks help you glow naturally. Blood Orange Extract and Vitamin C in the serum revives the skin.

(H4) Key Features. 

  • It evens out the skin tone.
  • Gives a Brightening effect in no time. 
  • Rich in Himalayan Pink Salt and its 84+ minerals.
  • The refreshing aroma of Blood Orange Extract
  • Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid, Beta-Glucan and Soy Protein 
    1. Skin Tightening Face Mask for Women.

Antiaging Face Mask keeps skin protected from feeling dull or uneven. Rose and Pomegranate Face Sheet Mask tighten your loose skin and ultimately gives it a younger glow. The natural botanical extracts make your skin naturally glowing, radiant and plump. Essential vitamins and minerals present in them protect and restore you from all skin-related problems. 

  1. Facial Sheets for Sensitive Skin.

Facial Masks for Sensitive skins are more vulnerable to experiencing damage. Even a minor concentration of irritating ingredients may cause some serious issues. Aloe Vera Sheet Mask has natural hydrating and soothing properties of the skin is more prone to minor sensitives. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve pain, swelling and soreness.

Why Sheet Masks Are the Best Option? 

These are extremely beneficial for the skin as it: 

  • Allows the skin to feel rested 
  • Enriched with Nourishing and Hydrating Serum 
  • Include Essential Oils that nurtures your face deeply 
  • A quick fix for the dry, patchy and broken skin
  • Inhibits the quick evaporation of water
  • Extends the time of ingredient stay on the skin
  • Gives the skin an irresistibly smooth and silky feel 
  • Leave a naturally radiant glow that stays for a long time

Why Should I Buy WBM Face Masks? 

These are made all-natural. The goal is to provide a natural solution to all skin-related issues. Some distinct features are mentioned below. 

  • Natural and Plant-Derived 
  • Dermatologically Tested 
  • Loaded with Natural Minerals
  • Rich In Natural Plant, Fruit and Flowers Extracts 
  • Chemical-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Formaldehyde-Free 
  • Gentle on Skin 
  • No Animal and Mineral Oil used 

How Often a Face Mask Should be used? 

Natural Sheet Masks can be used on a daily basis as they are the safest on the skin. If the face is dehydrated, use the facial mask regularly. However, it is recommended that on normal skin, it can be used up to 2-3 times a week. For people with sensitive and acne-prone skin, a one-time use per week is enough. 

How to use the Facial Mask? 

Firstly, cleanse your face with a good face wash and remove all the dirt and excess oil. Pat the face with tissue paper to dry it out. Open up the packaging and pull out the silk sheet. Unfold it and place it over your face. Smooth it out all over your face so that no area is left uncovered. Sit back, relax and leave it for at least 15-20 minutes. After that, remove and discard it. Massage the excess serum until fully absorbed. 


  • Do not rinse the face after using the sheet mask. 
  • Avoid serum contact with eyes. 
  • In case of irritation on the skin, immediately remove it and wash the face.
  • For the rare and worst conditions, immediately seek medical assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions. 

  1. Is Sheet Mask Reusable? 

No, these are not reusable. You can use it just for one time.

  1. Is Sheet Mask safe during pregnancy?

Yes, facial sheets are safe to use during pregnancy. 

  1. Can we store them in the fridge? 

Yes, you can use them in the fridge. It is recommended to keep them in a cool and dry place.  

  1. Does Sheet Mask expire? 

Yes, Sheet Mask does expire. Use before the expiration date. 

  1. Can these reduce acne? 

Yes, these are effective in reducing acne.

  1. Are Sheet Masks safe to use daily? 

Yes, you can use Sheet Mask daily if they are natural, but the dermatologically recommended limit is 2-3 times per week. 

  1. Which Sheet Mask is the best for glowing skin? 

Use the Facial Mask with Blood Orange and Vitamin C. It helps to leave a radiant natural glow on your skin. 

  1. Which Sheet Mask is the best for dry skin? 

Go for the Facial Mask with Marula and Shea Butter or Facial Mask with Honey and Avocado to overcome skin dryness.

  1. Can we use Facial Mask overnight? 

No, these are not for overnight use. Just apply for 15-20 minutes and remove afterward. 

  1. Do Sheet Masks clog the pores?

No, they do not clog the pores. They purify the skin and remove all the clogged impurities from the pores as well. 

  1. Is it ok to use a chemical-based facial sheet?

No, a chemical-based skin care product is not ideal to use. It is better to go for a natural and chemical-free option. 

  1. Where are theseSheet masks manufactured? 

The Face Masks are manufactured in the USA. 

  1. What are the prices for these Facial Masks?

The price for each one is PKR 399. You can check out the website for the latest prices.

  1. Is this Face Mask suitable for all skin types?

Yes, these Facial Masks are suitable and ideal for all skin types. 

  1. How to choose a skincare mask? 

The best ones are always with a natural base. Go for the one with natural oils, honey, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. 

  1. Do we have to wash the face after using it?

No, do not rinse out the face after using. Let the nourishing serum absorb into the skin by massaging. 

  1. Where can you buy these Sheet Masks? 

Natural Solution offers a complete range of skincare products that are crafted with love and in harmony with nature. All the products are natural and organic. You can find the complete range in all top online grocery stores in Pakistan including GrocerApp, Pandamart, Airlift, Carrefour and Daraz. Retail Solution is the official distribution channel for WBM International.  

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