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  • BABY SKINCARE: WBM Care Baby Powder provides gentle comfort and complete protection to your baby’s delicate skin
  • NATURAL PLANT INGREDIENTS: The Natural Baby Powder is rich in plant-based ingredients including Aloe, Purslane, and Cornstarch
  • HIGH-ABSORBENCY: The Cornstarch Baby Powder absorbs the dampness immediately and reduces friction, skin irritation, and diaper rashes
  • UNSCENTED BABY POWDER: The Talc-Free Baby Powder is made without fragrance and harsh chemicals with no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and SLS
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion; thus, a 100% money-back guarantee for our customers

Seal The Freshness With Convenience:

Powder your baby with the most trusted ingredients that the WBM Baby Care series provides. WBM believes that baby products have to be the cleanest and safest products ever. Each component is ethically sourced and thoughtfully selected to give newborns the best of their health. Our natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients never provide extra protection and comfort. The packaging of the baby powder gives the ultimate convenience to the mother. The fine baby powder and soft baby powder puff smoothly glide on your baby’s soft skin.


Plant-Based Ingredients

The Natural Cornstarch, Purslane, Honey, and Aloe Vera extract work great together on the skin. They make a layer that absorbs extra moisture that may cause skin irritation or redness afterward.


Calms The Baby

The natural ingredients sink right away into the skin making it feel fresh, silky, and smooth. The dry and refreshed skin helps to calm the baby for a relaxing nap for a few consecutive hours.


Gentle On Skin

WBM Organic Baby Powder is clinically tested and approved for babies. We formulated the baby powder with 100% natural ingredients. None of the harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and SLS are added.


What Benefits Cornstarch and Purslane Holds For Your Baby?

In replacement for potentially toxic talcum powder, we used cornstarch. It is naturally derived and has no short-term or long-term effects on adult and baby skin. Combined with Aloe vera extract, Honey, and Purslane, it gives your baby’s skin a dry and smooth texture. Purslane individually is loaded with Vitamin A and has anti-inflammatory properties. It calms the most sensitive and irritated parts of the body. Similarly, aloe vera extract is packed with Vitamin E and relieves the itchiness and baby rashes due to wet diapers.


Care For Baby and Mother

Mother and baby are so much associated with each other. Just like the newborn babies, the new mother also needs extra care. WBM made products that are good for babies as well as mommies. To get complete protection against irritations or rashes, apply the baby powder on your and your baby’s skin. The Natural Baby Powder has a fine texture that absorbs well into the skin. The Baby Powder Puff is made to provide a smooth application on the body. One other tip and trick for the mother is that they can use it as a dry shampoo. Simply pat some powder on your scalp, dust it off and get a nice non-greasy and voluminous hair look.


Babies have the most delicate and soft skin out of all skin types that need continuous care. You must find the best suitable ingredients for your baby to give him/her ultimate comfort and protection. WBM Care Baby Powder is formulated to be extra gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. The Baby Powder has a light texture that absorbs instantly and does not feel heavy. A rich nourishing combination of Aloe, Purslane, and Cornstarch provides relief to dry and cracked baby skin. Continuous application of this Baby Powder perfectly absorbs the moisture, thus providing comfort and calmness. The Natural Baby Powder helps to reduce friction and makes the skin free from irritation and rashes. The natural plant-based cornstarch absorbs the moisture and relives the odor immediately. Not only does it absorbs the moisture, but it also calms the allergies like bug bites or diaper rashes. The Organic Baby Powder is talc-free and contains no harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and SLS. The Cornstarch Baby Powder is certified by the pediatrician to be gentle for your baby’s skin. The Travel Size Baby Powder comes in a 3-in-1 plastic container that includes the powder at the bottom, a sieve for a comfortable outflow of the powder, and a Baby Powder Puff for comfortable application. The Powder in the bottom comes in a zip lock bag so that you can easily control the quantity to be applied and it does not get wasted. The container holds about 4.9 oz or 140 g of Natural Baby Powder.


Q1: Can we use it as a dry shampoo?

Ans: Yes, you can make your hair oil-free by patting the puff slightly on the scalp.

Q2: Can I apply it to my baby’s rashes?

Ans: Yes, the natural ingredients will help to cure the itchiness.

Q3: Does it come with a sponge?

Ans: Yes, the packaging includes the puff too

Q4: Where is this product manufactured?

Ans: The baby powder is manufactured in the USA

Q5: What standards WBM follow?

Ans: Our products comply with the Food and Drug Administration Standards

Q6: Does the powder have a fragrance?

Ans: No, the natural baby powder is free from all types of artificial fragrances.

Q7: Can I use it with cloth diapers?

Ans: Yes, you can use it with a cloth diaper.

Q8: Is it grainy in texture?

Ans: No, the power is fine and has a light consistency.

Q9: Does it contain alcohol?

Ans: No, all the ingredients are natural or organic.

Q10: Is the baby powder cruelty-free?

Ans: Yes, we do not test our products on animals.
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