Himalayan Chef Coconut Oil 0.88 lbs (400G)

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  • 100% Natural and Pure Coconut oil: Himalayan Chef coconut oil is purely obtained from the fruit of fresh and mature coconut trees. It is a rich source of essential nutrients and medium-chain triglycerides. This coconut oil has several unique health benefits.
  • Best Skin Moisturizer: One of the best oil for skin health promotion is coconut oil. It is a popular skin moisturizer, especially for dry skin. It prevents the loss of water from the skin and hence protects from an external infectious agent.
  • Great Source to Combat Multiple Disease: Himalayan Chef Coconut oil is naturally loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants like flavonoids and tocopherol assist in eliminating the free radicles from your body. These free radicles otherwise cause multiple diseases.
  • Keto-Friendly Oil: Since this coconut oil is rich in MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) that aid in the fat-burning process. Hence, it is considered the best keto-friendly oil.
  • Improve Cholesterol level: Regular consumption of coconut oil can help to boost your overall blood circulation. Hence, decrease the chance of heart diseases like cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart attacks.
  • International Certifications: This cooking coconut oil is Vegan certified and kosher certified. Moreover, the product is Non-GMO and also certified Halal.
Quick Energy Source

Quick Energy Source

One of the main characteristics of coconut oil is the presence of MCT. This medium-chain triglyceride provides you rapid energy source. When this type of fat burns, it releases a great source of potential energy. This energy can be utilized in multiple body functions. Moreover, this source of energy (MCT) is use by body more efficiently than regular fat (saturated fat).

Reduce Belly Fat

Reduce Belly Fat

The natural composition of coconut oil helps to stimulate your metabolism. According to research, 30gram of this oil on daily basis can put a great effect on weight loss. Moreover, it also reduces your appetite. As a result, the body increases thermogenesis that initiates the fat-burning process. It significantly causes effective belly fat reduction.

It is mostly used in savory

It is mostly used in savory, baking items and dessert preparation. Also used as an alternative of butter.

Frying and stir-frying

Frying and stir-frying, sautéing and roasting purpose. It is the main ingredient in keto recipes.

Due to its high smoking point

Due to its high smoking point, it is used in south Asian cuisines.

May Assist In Weight Loss

May Assist In Weight Loss

This coconut oil accelerates the weight loss process that is why extensively used in keto recipes. Moreover, it speeds up your metabolism and reduces your hunger pangs. As a result, improve the parameters that cause weight gain. For instance, the hormonal unbalance like thyroid underactive secretion can cause weight gain. This coconut oil can improve these hormonal unbalances.

Best for Skin and Hair Health

Himalayan Chef coconut oil keeps your skin hydrated by locking moisture content. It also clogs the pores and hence keeps your skin fresh and healthy. Moreover, this coconut oil is also good for promoting shine in your hair. The presence of MCT penetrates hair follicles and hence promotes healthy and shiny hair.

Best for Skin and Hair Health

Product Description

Himalayan Chef coconut oil is the best choice for health promotion. It is a premium quality oil that has a high smoke point. It keeps some natural ingredients that make it an effective choice for skin and shiny hair. Being rich in bioactive components, this coconut oil potentially promotes blood circulation, good energy source, and reduces belly fat. In addition, the presence of essential fats may help to uplift the metabolism process. Moreover, the cooking oil is Halal, Vegan and Kosher certified with beautiful glass shaker packaging.


Q1. What is the source of coconut oil?

Ans.Himalayan Chef coconut oil is 100% natural and pure that is obtained from the original coconut tree.

Q2. Does this cooking oil good for skin health?

Ans.Yes, it is a great source of essential fats that promotes overall skin health.

Q3.Which oil is best for cooking?

Ans.Coconut oil has a high smoking point that makes it an ideal choice for cooking.

Q4.Does coconut oil good for hair?

Ans.Yes, it deeply nourishes through its nutrition to your hair follicles and locks hair moisture content.

Q5.What is the price of this oil?

Ans.The 400mg of coconut oil is available in 391 PKR.

Q6.Why choose Himalayan Chef?

Ans.Due to 100% natural products and premium quality, this Brand gains huge customer trust all over the world. Moreover, premium quality packaging and fastest delivery make this brand superior in different regions.
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