Himalayan Chef Irani Date (Khajoor) Bag-0.44 lbs (200g)

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  • 100% NATURAL:Himalayan Chef Irani Khajoor is a fruit that is grown in the tropical region of Pakistan. It is 100% natural with rich nutritive value
  • LONG SHELF LIFE:Himalayan Chef Irani Dates are semi-dry dates that we can keep at room temperature. The shelf life of Rabbi Dates is about 12 months
  • ENORMOUS NUTRITIVE VALUE:Our Irani Dates are rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and carbohydrates
  • CERTIFIED PRODUCT:Himalayan chef Irani Dates are certified from Halal Foods, Non-GMO Project, NFC Vegan and Kosher Certified
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:Quality is our passion. We provide a 100% assurance of money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction
Best Dates producing Regions

Best Dates producing Regions

Irani dates are originated from the regions where the best dates are cultivated. The dates are grown organically without any fertilizer and are free from pesticides. Pesticides are very common nowadays and sprayed on almost every crop. We give assurance of no use of any fertilizers or pesticides. The product is 100% organic. It is obtained and then packed in craft packaging with re-sealable quality; it retains its taste, texture, and aroma.

Incredible Health Benefits

Incredible Health Benefits

Irani dates are rich in nutrients and provide several health benefits. It is rich in anti-oxidant that helps prevent diseases like cancer. It can prevent any diseases related to the digestive system. It is high in fiber which can deal with any digestive issues. It is beneficial in relieving nervous tension. Its health benefits include reducing or managing weight.

best Snack

Irani Dates are the best Snack!You can carry them along and eat these whenever you want.

Sweet Dishes

Irani Dates are best to be added as a garnish on Sweet Dishes.

nutritional value

Irani Dates can also be added in smoothies to add the perfect sweet taste and enhance its nutritional value.

Nutritionally Rich

Nutritionally Rich

The Irani dates of Himalayan Chef are obtained naturally and are full of nutrients. It contains carbohydrates, protein, and little amount of fats. Dates contain higher nutrients including calcium, magnesium, iron, and many others. It is a good source of iron that proves to be best for preventing anemia.

International Certifications

International Certifications

This product is certified by international certifications from all around the world. It is certified VEGAN which means it does not contain animal or animal-based products in its manufacturing. It is certified by kosher. It is also certified Non-GMO which means that this product is not genetically modified. Moreover, this product is certified Halal.

Best Quality and Flavor

Irani dates come with the top-end quality as these are from the best dates producing regions. Best dates are collected by the professionals and are packed in craft packaging. They are rich in flavor because of their organic nature and are packed with several nutrients.

Best Quality and Flavor

Product Description

Himalayan Chef Irani Dates are known to be the best around the world because they are the best in quality and taste. It gives health benefits which include regulating blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It also prevents diseases like cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, and anemia. They are fresh and are finest in taste. They come in craft packaging which has re-sealable quality. This craft packaging increases the life of the dates and keeps them fresh. It also retains the taste, aroma, texture of the dates.


Q1.What are the benefits of Irani dates?

Ans.Irani dates give many health benefits. It helps in preventing diseases like cancer and other digestive issues. It also improves gastrointestinal functioning and helps in relieving nervous tension. It is rich in iron which is also helpful in treating anemia.

Q2.Can diabetics eat dates?

Ans.Yes, diabetics can have dates, because dates have a low GI which means these do not disturb sugar levels. The Date helps in managing the sugar levels.

Q3.Is it good to eat dates at night?

Ans.Yes, it is healthy to eat dates a night. Dates are rich in fibers which usually take a longer time to digest. It will help to stay full for a whole night. It is the best bedtime snack to stay full for a whole night.

Q4.How many dates a person should eat per day?

Ans.A person should eat dates in moderation because an increase in date consumption can cause problems. One should eat a handful of dates daily that are almost 4-5 dates per day. A handful of dates is best to get proper nutrients.

Q5.Are dates good for cholesterol?

Ans.Yes, dates are good for cholesterol. Dates are rich in soluble fiber which can help in lowering cholesterol and maintain its optimum level.

Q6.Are Irani dates good for anemia?

Ans.Yes, Irani dates are good for anemia. Anemia is also referred to as a low hemoglobin level. Iron in dates helps in maintaining the level of hemoglobin and can help in anemia.

Q7.Do dates prevent a heart attack?

Ans.The main cause of heart attack is arteriosclerosis. Eating 4-5 dates daily can protect against arteriosclerosis. Dates decrease the blood triglyceride levels without increasing the sugar levels.

Q8.Is it okay to eat dates daily?

Ans.Yes, it is okay to eat dates every day. Dates give many nutrients which are necessary for healthy growth and overall health. A person can eat dates at any time in a day but with moderation. Eating too many dates may cause health issues. 4-5 dates per day are best to get the most benefits.

Q9.What is the best time to eat dates?

Ans.The best time to have dates is before bedtime. Dates are high in fiber which takes longer to digest. It will help to stay full for a whole night and there will be no hunger pangs.
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