Himalayan Chef Natural Honey Large Glass Jar - 1.39 lbs (630g)

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  • 100% Natural and Pure Honey:Himalayan Chef Honey is 100% Natural and Pure that is directly sourced from hives of honeybees. It is loaded with many essential nutrients that provide several health benefits.
  • Modern Use of Honey:Honey is highly valued in therapeutic medicines due to its antioxidant, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties.
  • Honey for Weight Loss:Researches show that honey is rich in essential nutrients that suppress the appetite. Hence, it can assist in weight loss.
  • Promote Skin Health:Natural honey is abundant in Vitamin E. This Vitamin helps to promote your skin health by locking moisture content and reducing aging signs.
  • Honey Can Boost Immune System:Himalayan Chef Honey has phytonutrients that can fight multiple diseases.
Honey as a Super Food

Honey as a Super Food

Honey is considered a superfood all over the world. It contains a good number of flavonoids that can fight against cancer and other harmful diseases. Moreover, it also assists in minimizing the aging signs. The Himalayan Chef Honey is combined with different foods like Nigella, garlic, yogurt, and some other foods to get maximum health benefits.

Natural Sweetener

It serves best as a Natural Sweetener in substitution for Regular White Sugar.

Making healthy snacks

It can be added in making healthy snacks and dishes such as granola bars and pies etc.

Sweet taste

It can also be added in smoothies to give a rich sweet taste.

Uplifts Digestion

Uplifts Digestion

Honey has naturally bioactive compounds that have the potential to flush out toxins. As a result, your metabolism improves and speeds up your digestive system. In addition, the presence of enzymes in honey works as a catalyst in the digestive process. All this process ultimately improves the digestive system.

Natural Sugar

Natural Sugar

Honey has natural sugar content. Like Glucose and fructose make honey a great choice than regular white sugar, which is a processed ones. Moreover, it is also rich in nutrients like potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium. All these properties make it a great choice to use in multiple cuisines.

Interesting Facts about Honey

Honey is a remarkable food. It contains a pinocembrin bioactive compound that improves brain functions. Due to its anti-fungal properties, this honey is an ideal choice for wound healing properties. Furthermore, it also retains the moisture content of different products that is why mostly used in care products. Moreover, honey is widely used due to its medicinal properties.

Interesting Facts about Honey

Product Description

Himalayan Chef Honey is a widely used product due to its various health benefits. For instance, due to the presence of multi nutrients and vitamins, it is considered a super food all over the world. Being rich in antioxidants makes it the best choice for skin health. In addition, this honey also uplifts your digestive functions. Moreover, the presence of natural sugar fructose is the best choice to add to your diet than regular white sugar. Himalayan Chef Honey is widely appreciated in the market due to its unique features and best packaging.


Q1. How Should Honey is Stored At Home?

Ans.A tightly seized container is the best choice to store honey at home. Since Himalayan Chef packaging already comes in a Jar. Hence, you do not need any other source to preserve it.

Q2. What Is The Source Of Honey?

Ans.This honey is 100% comes from honeybee's hive.

Q3.What Is The Health Benefit Of Honey?

Ans.Honey has many health benefits. It is beneficial for skin, heart, brain, and stomach health.

Q4.Is Honey Good For Diabetes?

Ans.Yes, a diabetic patient can use honey. As per recommendations, 5 to 25 grams of honey is safe for diabetic patients.

Q5.Is Honey Vegan?

Ans.Yes, it comes from bees. Hence, it is not vegan.

Q6.Is Honey Good For Infants?

Ans.You can start giving honey after one year of age.
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