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How does dishwashing liquid work?

WBM Dish Washing liquid has the most supreme cleaning and grease cutting formula. Therefore, It strips off the toughest grease. WBM dish wash lemon and green tea gel cleans a heap of utensils with only 1 spoonful of gel and it gives a pleasant lime fragrance. So,It does not leave any residue, like dish wash bars. Hence, the neutral pH doesn’t allow any damage to your hands and the surface of cookware as well.

Whether you wash just a few items or a sink full of dishes, you will love to use WBM dishwashing liquid. As, It has an effective cleaning ingredients, which ensure to clean your dishes properly. Therefore, WBM dish washing gel removes grease, cut off bad smell and food stain effectively in one wash and  leave your dishes fresh and clean.


  • Leaves dishes clean and sparkling.
  • Powerful degreasing action.
  • Gentle on hands but tough on grease.
  • Eco friendly formula. .
  • A product of USA.

Is it better to wash dishes with a sponge or dishcloth?

If you are searching for the best kitchen sponge to clean your kitchen sink. Then you are on a right page. So, WBM online market place brings best kitchen sponges for you. As, Dishcloths are not least hygienic than sponges, bacteria will easily grow on anything. So, Dish Washing Sponge  is the best choice for your kitchen. If you want to be the kitchen queen of your home than you should consider this product. Kitchen is incomplete without a sponge and scourer. If you want to clean the kitchen area or washing the dish, Dish Washing Pads   is the major requirement.

There are wide range of best kitchen products available to choose only at WBM online. WBM home offers the best kitchen products made up of top quality. WBM Home ensures that each product comes with top quality thread that cleans up the utensils completely and eliminates germs from your kitchen.


  • Made with high quality stainless steel.
  • High absorbency with strong cleaning capacity.
  • Can effectively clean toughest dishes, pots and pans.
  • Quickly cuts the grease from utensils.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Soft without hurting hands.
  • High quality, durable and long lasting.
  • Delicate care for your nonstick pans with extra gentle cleaning formula.
  • A product of USA.

Buy Home Décor and kitchen products online in Pakistan

WBM home brand has created eco-friendly tools for home and kitchen. All the products of WBM brand are certified, innovative and credible. WBM Online Marketplace have variety of sustainable products, which are available at affordable price for everyday living. Our Cleaning, stationary and Lamps products for your home and office are the best choice. We want to help Make Your Home a natural and classic.

WBM home is providing you with economical and socially responsible products that are made with environmentally friendly ingredients. From detergents to stationary and cleaning tools, our products are creating a balanced lifestyle for all homes and personal living.

How to pick a Best Baby Detergent?

When it comes to babies, one of the first thing you think of how soft and smooth their skin is. As parents, there’s nothing want to do more than protect baby sensitive skin. Sometimes, parents overlooked while choosing laundry detergent. As you see, A lot of people around advice you to wash your kids’ clothes in a certain way, but which method is best? Well, it depends on what kind of laundry detergent you need. Here’s our best laundry detergents for babies, from all-natural baby detergents to brand-name baby detergents.

Do babies really need special laundry detergent?

WBM Baby Laundry detergent definitely a best product for babies than a regular detergent, and it cleans just as well. The smell is actually pretty pleasant and still remains after a normal wash. It’s all-natural and free from harsh cleaning agents.

WBM Baby detergent has got a lovely, light scent that comes from all-natural oils and botanical extracts. But it is free from artificial fragrances. WBM Baby detergent is also free from dyes and artificial clothing brighteners. So it is quit beneficial from a regular detergent. So the question is how does it work? Well, it is nontoxic and it uses plant enzymes to help break down the food and dirt that stain your clothing.

 As, Parents know that babies often spit up, and spill every single meal. And we all know that it bought stain. So WBM Baby Care Laundry Detergent is designed to tackle this all. So, spit up and baby food residue is not a big deal now. Just pour in the WBM Baby Care Laundry Detergent, give it 2 rinses, and rest assured that baby’s clothes got clean and your clothes didn’t have to suffer the mess.


  • Full of concentrated cleaning power.
  • Gentle for your baby`s natural skin.
  • It is powerful cleanser and it free from fluorescent.
  • Don’t cause rashes or allergic skin reaction.
  • It is safe to use in any washing machine with any temperature.
  • We provide a 100% refund in 30 days in case of an issue.
  • A Product of USA

How to buy CLEANING TOOLS & BRUSHES for your home?

As everyone needs cleaning tools for their home. So, In order to maintain your house certain cleaning tools are required to get the job done properly. As cleanliness is half of the faith. So, cleaning your living space is a necessary task, because not cleaning your house doesn’t just create mess, but it also invites insects and pests. Also, it seriously compromise your quality of living. Therefore, it is essential to clean your on daily basis. As, there are variety of fancy tools to clean your place. WBM Home have listed the most essential cleaning tools that you can use for cleaning your home. WBM House cleaning tools and brushes will certainly make your cleaning routine easy.

How to clean your house in an efficient way?

Thorough dusting is must for every house. Dusting also includes to clean your home ceilings and fan wings, and these surfaces are hard to rach sometimes. So, No need to worry about,to make this manageable,  you can get Cleaning Broom Brush . You can also consider Microfiber Duster with Extension  an extension dusting kit which will relieve you from having to drag a stool around to reach cupboard tops and hanging lights and fans. This kit has usually make cleaning easier. Also, be sure to shake the dust off these extensions outdoors, to avoid transferring the dust to a clean area. Dish Washing Brush  is also essential among all your house cleaning tools. These allow you to wipe off standing dust inside your bottles and babies’ utensils.

What are best cleaning tools you need to have in your home today?

One of the necessary cleaning tool every home should have is Dust Pan And Brush. It takes a huge load off your hands, as brushes are effective in removing dirt. It is one of the most important tools for cleaning house. These are practically incomparable cleaning tools for home. Broom Brush Set help you collect dust from floors and underneath furniture, while a dustpan is what you need to collect it in to toss it away.

As for Floor Cleaning Brush  these are essential house cleaning tools as dusting alone doesn’t finish the job. If you can get more floor cleaning tools, invest in Bottle Cleaning Brush  as that kills a lot of germs, something parents of crawling toddlers are quite concerned about. It would be one of the top cleaning equipment your home could get.

Are microfiber cloths good for cleaning?

A perfect material for cleaning you home is Microfiber duster.Therefore, It can easily pick up dust or any liquid, dirt, grease, and bacteria. Last but not least, have some Microfiber Duster with Extension  among your cleaning tools at home. So, These help you with daily cleaning that won’t need any water to wipe off kitchen worktops and tabletops sometimes. These dusters are softer compared to abrasive sponges which leave scratches on your item that needs to be cleaned. It is one of the best cleaning tools you would want to invest in. You can also use Dish Washing Brush   made from superior quality and a perfect for your daily use.

  • Superior quality house hold duster for daily use.
  • Sweeps the dust from the surface of objects.
  • Electrostatic absorption and make it easy to clean corners.
  • Detachable extension bar that helps sweep dust from hard to reach areas.
  • A Product of USA.

So make your own cleaning kit by using WBM Home and kitchen products. And, Go and get our best online household cleaning tools and make your home sparkling.

Buy Stationery and office supplies online at WBM

We are living in a digital age, engaged with our tablets and phones throughout the day. Despite all this the loving office stationery products, pens, colors, seems greater than ever.

And the best thing is, you don’t have to go out from your home to buy it, So you can buy stationary products near you. Wbminternational.pk is an online Marketplace that will provide you with great sources of stunning stationery shop products online. Therefore, WBM has selected the best ones here, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for: stationery and Grocery Products.

How can I find the best stationary products online at a reasonable price?

WBM believes that Stationary makes you more productive and creative. Staples, sticky notes, whiteboard eraser, Ball points, pencils, etc. are the multiple products that you could find out at wbminternational.pk. Not only these products, but you will find WBM Skin Care ProductsTissue Paper Range and mosquito repellent products as well. But if you’re feeling a bit uninspired by your work, W- World believes that by purchasing some new stationery  for yourself you can lift you up in no time at all. 

Super penetrating power, more effective for office and school use.

Strong staples for stapling up to 20 sheets of 80gsm paper.

Compatible with most standard staplers.

Developed for trouble-free and accurate stapling.

Made with high quality Durable material.

How to get the best Alkaline batteries online?

In this blog you will find a variety of WBM stationary products for your daily office and kid’s school use at economical price. From Alkaline Batteries to Colored Paper Clips you will surely be inspired by every product. Therefore, our product is superior than other due to:

  • Last longer Vs. Ordinary Zinc Carbon AA Batteries.
  • Multipurpose uses, suitable to use with a variety of devices.
  • Extra Heavy-duty multipurpose Carbon Zinc AA batteries.
  • Suitable for Alarm clocks, radios, and remotes, etc. 
  • High quality, long lasting and safe.
  • A Product of USA.

How can Stationary that make you more productive

It is important to know that writing can lower your stress and improve productivity. As everyone is creative and has a creative side. Whether it is using colors to highlight important information in a document or notebook or use Sticky Notes Office to make sticky notes. Therefore, it will be done only by your productivity. 

In fact, many companies encourage their employees to use colorful pens and pencils to make them productive. 

How to get your small stationery in order?

If your office stationery items  like pencils, pens and  markers, rubbers, highlighters, etc  seem to get lost frequently. So it’s time to get a solution by WBM online Stationery shop. So get yourself an Office Desk Metal Pencil Cup desk pot. There is also a Student Stationery Organizer  for all kinds of stationary storage products for students. If you are looking for something cheaper and more environmentally friendly, why not go for W-World stationery products? Hence, Our sharpener with eraser set have:

  • Easy to disassemble and clean the debris box at any time.
  • Single whole design, suitable for pencil with diameter of 8 mm. The surface of the steel blade is smooth and easy to cut.
  • Available in beautiful color.
  • Specially made up of Durable material
  • Strong Pure Metal
  • Well-designed Pencil Holder
  • Unique in Black color
  • Stylish Square Shape

How to organize your loose paper?

Important documents and loose paper are lost quite easily whether you are at home or in office. So, Purchasing a Binder Clip Mix  would easily solve this problem in seconds. It will keep all your important documents together, so nothing can go flying around the office and puzzle you.

Another important need to carry your business cards along with you is an essential part. But unfortunately these are quite small and can easily be misplaced when you go out. Therefore purchasing a Badge Holder Set  for a business card holder can easily solve your problem. You can also use Black Badge Holder for your kids I.D card in school.

  • A complete batch holder set
  • Dust & water proof Transparent cover
  • Suitable for all types of IDs
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • A product of the USA.

How to keep your essential paper together?

Stapler is a tool which may look insignificant on your desk, but it is the most essential tool to keep your paper together. So , When one has to keep important papers together like reports, bills, memos, and receipts a stapler becomes a vital office accessory. Therefore,WBM World heavy duty stapler Combine 3 in1 can also be used as a handy tool for removing staple pins.

 While you’re doing a lot of stapling, you’ll be doing a lot of staple removing. There was once a time when scissors and other objects were used to remove staple pins, but now it’s very simple to do by WBM pin remover. So, there is a kit available that can staple paper as well as remove staples however we have a favorite. Hence, Meet the Stapler Set  looks a little bit like an angry shark, and definitely does the trick.

How to give your stationary a summer makeover?

Whether you’re taking notes for a meeting or just need somewhere to jot down your daily to-do list, a WBM World Small mark will definitely come in handy. So, there are a huge variety of sticky notes in the market, but we recommend you a WBM World Sticky note . As, traditional stapled or glued spines leave deep creases along the bound edge of a notebook. Over time, this can cause the papers to tear and fall apart.

Even though most offices today use technology to keep staff updated with official events like meetings, seminars, and presentations, it has not eliminated the use of paper items like notebooks, sticky notes and notepads. Therefore, WBM World Sticky note and WBM World Pet sticky  , which style is better will depend on how you would prefer to use it for.

How to find the perfect pen match?

Everyone has a specific or unique preference for pen and pencils for writing. Therefore, some people like to write with gel pens, while others with ballpoint and some people like to go with signature or pointers. So, W-World stationery products have Retractable BallPoint  which is convenient to use. So everyone has a different choice. You can also use WBM World Signature pen for meetings and interviews. Also WBM World Gel pen is a smooth writing pen which makes you feel creative. Hence, You will be surprised to know how productive you can be with the correct pen.

For everyday use, we recommend using retractable ballpoint pens. They’re quick and easy to use – simply click and you’re ready to use it. So, unlike pull cap pens, you don’t need to worry about losing or finding the cap. In addition, losing the cap can cause the pen ink to either dry out or leak, which can be a hassle to deal with. 

  • Plastic body and Stainless Steel Tip.
  • Available in Black color. 
  • Super Smooth and long lasting writing.
  • Comfortable Grip.
  • A Product of the USA.

How to organize meetings to help Improve Work Efficiency?

Home offices need to be kept tidy, so our range of fun and functional folders are perfect for keeping your documents in order. As most offices have small and large envelopes and folders with the official logo, name, and address printed on them for official correspondence. Therefore, regular office correspondence always keeps a stack of WBM World Clear Bag or Draw Pole Clean Clip  as an essential part of office supplies for meetings.

Instead of these you can also use folders WBM World Draw Pole .As, it depends on requirements within the office for essential activities like business meetings and presentations. Therefore, its office supplies should include open folders and those with fasteners to hold loose papers.

Struggling to find the right stationery for your needs? WBM has done it for you.

Instead of tearing envelopes and removing sheets from notepads with bare hands which makes the torn papers look messy, keep Utility Knife | Sharp Carbon Steel Blade  paper cutters on every work-desk. WBM Stationary also includes Scissors Large to cut your papers or anything else.

Desktop Stationery For Everyday Use

Colored paper clips and Mix-Color Binder Clips  is one of the most essential and basic desktop stationery items for your office use. And they are available in several colors and are very inexpensive. Therefore, they can be easily removed as compared to staple pins and the same clip can also be used multiple times. So, you can also find out Colored Pencil Caps With Erasers and Mix Colored Rubber Band Check out at www.wbminternational.pk/

Glue tape

Another essential office stationery is a good adhesive like the Liquid Glue. Save yourself the hassle, and invest in a glue tape. So, another important stationary and office product is Correction Tape. As, they are easily mistaken as correction tape due to its similar application but this is a genius tool that will help make your job easier. 

How do you maintain a white board?

Using a cloth moistened with a whiteboard cleaner is not the best way to keep a board clean if used every week. Therefore, Use Whiteboard Eraser for best whiteboard cleaning. So, be sure to stay away from wax-based cleaners as they leave a pesky film on the whiteboard. Hence, WBM stationary products stand out with other market products, because we don’t compromise on quality and made environment friendly products.

  • W World whiteboard eraser have good quality and long lasting.
  • Environment friendly
  • Perfect for cleaning dry erase boards.
  • Handy, Durable and long lasting
  • A Product of the USA.

Reasons why you need stationery?

If you are a self-confessed stationery addict, so you obviously need a great deal of stationery in your life.

Social skills  

Stationery could actually improve your social skills. So, Purchasing pens, Stainless Steel Ruler pencils and Whiteboard Eraser may encourage you to work more in a creative way. Therefore, Receiving a personal letter through the post with a beautiful  Retractable Gel Pen makes the activity even more satisfying. 

A form of expression

Just like our individual clothes choices or hairstyle, stationery also expresses who we are as a person. Therefore, choosing a perfect stationary also shows off our personal taste, and even our status. There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a lecture, at your desk or in a meeting and arranging your documents and assignments in Clear Book A4 Holder . Therefore, you can choose to go bold and colorful by choosing Small Mark Post.

Perfect when wrapping gifts

Do you appreciate it when friends use colored pens and stickers when giving you a gift? As, Stationery can express how you truly care for someone through such a simple tactic. Therefore, even adequate gifts can be transformed through the power of stationery. Use Scissors Large to create fancy cuts and Stainless Steel Ruler out embellishments on a gift tag or wrap. Also, Steel Measuring Tape also help you in measurements.WBM products have following pros,

  • A beautiful key ring design that you can hang anywhere.
  • Plastic material in a van shape.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Measure Length: 1m
  • Small mark post for a book page. Can be used for bookmarks in school and for cliff notes. Available in the best color combinations of your choice. 
  • Available in the best color combinations.
  • Cute small mark with a unique design.

Keeping organized

If you are a busy bee, ensuring you have enough stationery around you can turn into an obsession. So, Keeping a spare pen and Small Mark Post in your handbag could be a lifesaver. Likewise, if you are an artist, designer, writer or songwriter, ideas can pop into your head at any moment.

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