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  • It is the ideal sticky insects trap driving all types of insects away
  • No chemical, no mess, no baiting, no vapors, and no poison
  • Place the trap in an area where insects are present
  • It is scent free and non-poisonous glue trap
  • A Product of USA

Detail Description:

This trap uses no poisons and will work continuously, without spraying. This glue board also works great for spiders, scorpions, or other crawling insects. 100% made from non-toxic material, odor-free, waterproof, long-lasting, and UV resistant, will not dry out. It captures gnats, fruit flies, fungus flies, leaf miners, thrips, midges, mosquitoes, reduces the use of chemical insecticides.

Key Features:

  • It is very suitable for humans to prevent mosquitoes from carrying diseases.
  • The mosquito patches are non-toxic.

How to Usage:

  • Easy-peel release paper protecting each trap.
  • peel the back-release paper and hang the trap just above the planted area using twist ties. Alternatively, mount the trap on a cane by passing through the perforations at either end. Place trap approximately
  • 2-meter intervals.
  • The yellow board is coated with a special adhesive which will begin to deteriorate


Used Approximately 6-8 weeks at temperatures below 25 °C. In better weather replace the trap more often.

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