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  • WBM Home disposable LED Bulb comes with built-in decontamination that makes it easier to use.
  • The disposable LED Bulb can be used to clean the toilet, sink, bath crock, and washroom.
  • Soft surface sponge material, large contact area, and stronger friction ensure that LED Bulb is result-oriented.
  • The stubborn stains are easily removed by the disposable LED Bulb and does not hurt the glaze.
  • This LED Bulb comes with 8 disposable scrubber refills, a two-layered clean structure, extension bar bow handle, convenient storage box, and discard brush heads.
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority. We ensure a 100% money-back guarantee if our customer is not satisfied.
LED Bulb


The LED Light Bulb provides a soft light with no video flash. Our LED Bulb protects your eyes from harm so that you can relax and enjoy the light of life. The WBM Smart’s LED Light Bulb comes with an E27 big screw that can easily adapt to all kinds of lamps in the home, no matter the desk lamp, floor lamp, and dining room chandelier. High efficiency LED chips, constant current LED driver, flame-retardant PC lampshade, and Nickel plated lamp holder are the prime features of LED Light Bulb. This LED Bulb has a cool white color, is Mercury-free, and has 806 lumens with a 6500K CCT. The energy-saving feature of the LED Light Bulb is compared to an incandescent lamp.

LED Bulb
LED Bulb
Parameters Details
Code LB-02
Led lamps LED BULB A60 E27
Input voltage 220˜240Vac 50/60Hz
Luminous flux 806 lumens
Rated current 72mA
Power 9W
CCT 3000K/6500K
CRI 80
Energy Efficiency Index 806/9
Power Capacity Index 0.5
Electric use after 1000h 9kWh/1000h
Warranty time 2 Years
Beam angle 200 degree
Lifetime 25000Hr
Operating temp. 20 Degree Celsius ˜50 Degree Celsius
Size 60*108mm
Lamp base E27


  • Recommended for use in a well-ventilated light fitting to ensure maximum product life.
  • Not suitable for fully enclosed fixtures.
  • The product must not be exposed to water.
  • Risk of electric shock.


Q1: What is the life of this bulb?

Ans: The life of this bulb is 25000Hr.

Q2: Are LED Light Bulbs energy saving?

Ans: Yes, Led Light Bulb is energy saving.

Q3: Is LED Bulb good for eyes?

Ans: No, LED Bulb can damage the retina of the eye. But WBM Smart’s LED Light Bulb has a soft light and is safe for the eyes.
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