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  • DECORATIVE LED LIGHTS: Light your entire home with WBM Smart LED Strip Lights. Suitable for decorating your living rooms, bedrooms, ceilings, stairs, kitchen, and walls
  • MULTI-COLOR & DIY: Color-changing LED Lights have RBG colors whose brightness can be adjusted. Colorful Lights are 32.8 ft. long that comes with a 44 keys remote control
  • WATERPROOF: LED Lights are IP65 waterproof having the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions of intense sunlight, snowfall, and heavy rain
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Strip Lights have the strong 3M adhesive tape for their easy installation and you can cut the light strips according to your preferences
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the customers
LED Lamp
LED Lamp


Colorful Lights can make your home exciting and relaxed. Adds colors to your life through the Smart LED Strip Lights. WBM Smart LED Strip Lights are the perfect solution for the indoor and outdoor lighting of homes. LED Strip Lights uniformly distributes light with the 44 keys IR Remote Controller. Strip Lights with LED colors are ideal for home and party decorations like birthdays, weddings, and parties. You can gift these LED Lights as a gesture of love to your family and friends. With the 44 keys Remote Control, you can choose the different RGB colors according to your mood. 32.8 ft. LED Strip lights are easy to install and easy to cut. You can cut the LED Lights tape and install it within seconds according to your need. RGB Color-Changing Strip Lights do not have only 3 primary colors but have different multi-colors to create lighting for yourself. LED Strip Lights are waterproof lights that can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can choose the colors, can dim and brighten the lights and choose the multiple lighting modes for decorations. Strip Lights for Home have an IR wireless remote controller that adopts an advanced micro-control unit that is used to change the LED colors. With the excellent performance of the Strip Lights, you can create a relaxed and vivid atmosphere.

LED Lamp
LED Lamp
LED Lamp

Easy Adjustable Table Lamp, Fits Your Ambiance

Many people buy different kinds of LED Lamps for their work and study. Choose the WBM Smart 10W Qi Wireless Charging LED Lamp that makes people while studying and working. Create the perfect ambiance using the LED Lamp with Wireless Charger in your life. Rotate it as per your need and get the perfect light by turning it into your desired angle. 10W Wireless Charging LED Lamp is designed for reading. The LED bead's light is comfortable and soft for the eyes. This LED Lamp is suitable for long-term studying, reading, and for working on different tasks all day.


Q1: Can I cut the LED Strip Lights according to my need?

Ans: Yes, you can cut the LED Strip lights according to your need.

Q2: What is the total length of the LED Strip Lights?

Ans: WBM Smart LED Strip Lights have a total length of 32.8 ft.

Q3: How can I change the colors of the strip lights?

Ans: The colors of the WBM Smart LED Strip Lights can be changed by using the IR Wireless Remote Control.

Q4: Are these LED Strip Lights waterproof?

Ans: Yes, these Strip Lights are waterproof means they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Q5: Do these strip lights work with Amazon Alexa?

Ans: No, these LED Strip Lights do not work with Amazon Alexa. These lights work with IR remote control.

Q6: Can the colors of these LED Strip Lights be brightened or dimmed?

Ans: Yes, the color of these LED Lights can brighten and dim using the remote.

Q7: Are these strip lights Wi-Fi Equipped?

Ans: No, these strip lights do not work with Wi-Fi.
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