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Electric Insect Killers Products Online in Pakistan

Many people are searching for options to natural mosquito repellents. So, some people may find that natural mosquito repellents are powerful in shielding from mosquito bites. WBM online natural mosquito repellent products are likely to be less toxic to individuals, kids and the environment.

WBM International natural repellents and some essential oils may be effective in keeping mosquitoes away. As they block their sense of smell, making it harder for insects to land on a human to feed.

In this article, you will learn about the best WBM natural mosquito repellents and how they work.

Organic and Natural WBM Mosquito Repellent products online In Pakistan

It may seem that mosquitoes are small in size. In other words, their bite may cause nuisance and diseases. Therefore, everybody needs an organic mosquito repellant. For Instance, chemical free for their family and kids. Therefore, no need to worry about your kids. 

Natural Products

WBM products have a natural way to control mosquito bites. However, you can simply book your order from, our online marketplace.

How to avoid Mosquito bites by natural mosquito repellent products?

You can’t completely eliminate the mosquitoes, but you can control them. Therefore, some people avoid mosquitoes from biting by installing mosquito screens. In addition, some also wear long-sleeved, thick fabric clothes to stay away from mosquito bite. However, few may avoid going out in the evenings or at dusks. But this is not a long term practice. Therefore, when you have to go out, use some natural mosquito repellent to stay safe.

Where to buy Natural Mosquito Repellent Watch online?

So, you can use Mosquito Repellent Watch , WBM mosquito repellent coil and WBM Mosquito repellent patches. However, if you are allergic to smell of coil, you can use our chemical free Electric Mosquito Racket.

WBM Natural Electric Mosquito Racket buy online

WBM home electric Mosquito Racket instantly bugs, and houses fly on contact. It has a built in LED light battery that makes it an ideal product for night use. You can charge it with a USB charger when the battery is low. Electric Mosquito Killer Racket USB with LED Flash Light is easy to use with an on and off button for activation and deactivation. In addition, you can also use it as a torch light.

Buy best organic WBM Mosquito Repellent Coil online on WBM 

WBM Mosquito Repellent Coil in Pakistan is made for repelling mosquitoes. In the same way, it contains 100% natural essential oil. Similarly, it is chemical free and environment friendly. As a result, it covers a large area and gives you protection from flies and perfect sleep at night.


In fact, you are choosing a product that is:
  • Made with 100% natural essential oil.
  • Non-toxic and effective formula.
  • Sandalwood fragrance.
What are Mosquitoes attracted to?

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon-dioxide and consuming alcohol causes your body to emit CO2 .Hence, it increases the bacterial composition of your skin. Furthermore, this, in turn, attracts mosquitoes. So, try to limit your alcohol consumption or avoid it altogether. Therefore, WBM Mosquito repellent products are best for you and your kids. 

Avoid Harmful Mosquito Control (Totka) for your House

Our neighborhoods have the worst conditions today. Moreover, everywhere on roads you can see Garbage piled up. For Mosquitoes, insects, and bugs we use a wide variety of totkas, which have been used since past times. Besides this, a lot of people use smoke, ayurvedic oils, creams, and plant extracts. 

Mosquito nets are harmful

Furthermore, some are using quintessential mosquito nets. These are quite harmful to use. You can use WBM Fly insect repellent set to minimize the effect of mosquito bite. Hence, It is pure organic and has no harmful effects.

Care your little ones from Mosquito Bite buy online

It is very important to care for your little ones by engaging them in different activities. Therefore, in a few circumstances mosquitoes can make your time uncomfortable. As your children safety is your top priority when it leaves for school or anywhere. Consequently, Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Multicolor is the best option when your kid plays or goes outside.

WBM Mosquito Repellent Bracelet buy online, Deet Free, Waterproof Bands

One of WBM best and popular brand is Kids mosquito repellent bracelet .Therefore, it is effective at keeping bugs at bay and drive mosquitoes away. In fact when you are selecting our 100% Natural Kids.


WBM Mosquito Repellent bracelet you’re choosing a product that is:
  • Bands - Individually packaged makes it easy for parents to grab them and GO!
  • Made with pliable, premium plastic for all-day comfort
  • Infused with plant based essential oils proven to drive mosquitoes away
  • Made with pliable, premium plastic for all-day comfort
  • Perfect for kids and adults alike
  • Non Greasy
  • DEET-free, non-toxic and Alcohol Free
  • Pleasant fragrance
How Mosquito Repellent patches are helpful for kids?

Baby mosquito repellent patch is more good and environmental friendly than using sprays. However, most spray are carrying toxic chemical for instance, DEET to kill the insects. Our products are chemical free and infused with plant based essential oils. Above all, you can attach the mosquito repellent patch anywhere on your kid shirt and can drive mosquito away.

WBM Mosquito Repellent watch for kids buy online

Our Kids WBM Repellent watch can be worn on wrist , making them great for kids spending the day outdoors.100% all-natural repellent watch are the perfect traveling companion. In addition to, our Mosquito Repellent Watch Teddy repellent watch travel pack slips easily into a suitcase, glove compartment, or purse to supply protection on demand whenever and wherever parents need it for their children.

WBM Rechargeable 2 In 1 Mosquito Killer Bulb For Indoor & Outdoor

In summers mosquitoes are going out of control. Now you will have a peace of mind when having company over with this WBM rechargeable mosquito bulb.

  • Kills Insects/mosquitoes with no effort, 
  • Chemical Free & Environmental Friendly, 
  • Certified Safe, 360 degrees fly eliminating protection & Cover Large Area
  • Hang on or stand on the table,
  • Easy to clean with a bonus brush and the most important is energy saving. 
  • All you need have been considered. Just relax and see the mosquitoes eliminating.
WBM Mosquito repellent Patch is quick and simple to use

WBM Baby mosquito repellent patch have incredible results. In addition to, It has no side effects and no harmful ingredients. However, Putting Mosquito repellent patch on your baby shirt is quick and very simple. As your kids going out to school and daily activities you don’t need to panic about the insect bite. 


Moreover, mosquito repellent patch is very beneficial because you do not stick the patch on the skin. All you need to do is place this patch on your baby shirt and clothes or their bed. It depends upon where you are trying to protect.

WBM Home Mosquito Repellent Buckle Especially Design for Children

WBM mosquito repellent buckle is a new product that`s highly effective and innovative and keeping mosquitoes away from your kid. Further, natural essential oils, slowly emits a scent that is highly effective for insect repellent. So due to its unique design it is easy to use, lightweight and long-lasting. Hence, available in beautiful shapes. Similarly, its content is completely safe. 


Chemical free and it doesn’t cause any harmful effects for your children.
  • Take out the buckle attach it with your cloth, bags and other items.
  • Non Toxic, Non-Toxic and Effective.
  • Lightweight, Long Lasting and Waterproof
  • Available in different shapes.
Usage of WBM Mosquito Repellent Buckle

The usage of buckle Mosquito Repellent Buckle Fish is very simple and daily use. In fact, you just take out the buckle, attach it to your bags, clothes or other items. In the same way ,you can also keep it in a bag when not in used. Also, buckles remain usable for up to 45 days. By putting 1 pc in your kid school bag, let your kid drive away from mosquitoes anytime anywhere.

For external use only. If irritation occurs, stop use and wash with mild soap and water.

Product details of Home Mosquito Repellent Buckle Deet Free 

WBM Mosquito Repellent Buckle is Deet Free. So, Mosquito repellent buckle is innovative product and repel mosquitoes in an easy and harmless way. The buckle includes natural essential oil and emits scent that effectively repels mosquito and other insects. Therefore, It is suitable for traveling, hiking, outdoors and indoors.

How to Use?

Take out the buckle, attach it to your clothes, bags or other items. 2. Store in the resealable bag when not in use to preserve life of the product. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Safety Warnings
  • If irritation occur, stop use and wash with mild soap and water. If discomfort continues, seek for medical help.
  • Not intended for children under the age of 3.
  • Product contains small part that may be swallowed by children. 
  • Children should use it under the supervision of adult.
Deet free and Chemical free WBM Products

Everyone wants to protect their kids that makes a perfect sense. Therefore, conserving this instinct we don’t want to use any harmful chemicals such as DEET and Alcohol. However, our online shopping place having anti mosquito repellent products which are chemical free. Therefore, we want to protect your kids as much as you do from mosquitoes with our wide range of baby mosquito repellent products in Pakistan


Thus, our Mosquito repellent products are:
  • More effectiveness and Zero side effects
  • Doesn’t use any ingredients harmful for kids.
  • Naturally safe and most effective
  • Organic and natural products
  • competitive market prices
Dedicated Customer Support

Sometimes customer face problems while order their product through the website. Therefore, our 24/7 hour customer support is available to solve your queries. Above all, you can always call on +923000807363 to place your order.

How Can We Pay?

We encourage Cash on delivery. In other words, we can’t pay by debit or credit cards on the website. Therefore, we have 100 % money back guarantee in case you will find a product not in a proper way.

Mosquito Repellent Floral Water Spray-100ml

WBM floral water spray is all natural & skin friendly and Deet-free. Mosquitoes spit may affect human immune system for days. Mosquito bite could be dangerous for human body. WBM mosquito repellent floral water is an effective and safe bug spray. It is contain essential oils, which repels insects that bite &fly around your family, such as mosquitoes, flies, chiggers and more.

Natural Mosquito Repellent spray characteristics

WBM floral water mosquito repellent spray in Pakistan provides long lasting protection from annoying insects without harsh chemicals. It is safe to use on skin and clothing. This product is:
  • Easy to use
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Natural herbal Fragrance
  • Cooling and refreshing formula
  • An effective and safe bug spray+0
Open the lid, spray on skin avoiding eyes, mouth and wound. Or spray in the air or drop in bath water.

  • Dilute with 5 times of water for children under age 3.
  • Children should use under the supervision of adult.
  • Do not get in eyes. 
  • Harmful if swallowed.
  • Use and store away from flame
  • In rare cases it may cause skin reactions.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after any contact with this product.
  • Store in cool and dry place
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