Pack of 2- Himalayan Pink Salt Bag with Refillable Large Grinder

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  • Himalayan Pink Salt: Extracted from the mines of Jhelum by the hands of our skilled workers
  • Originality: Obtained from 100% natural resources and it is 100% organic. No artificial fertilizers or pesticides are added
  • Pack of 2: A bad of 4 LBS Craft resealable bad is combined with a small glass shaker of 120 G
  • Advantage of Packaging: Eco-Friendly packaging keeps the environment clean and safe and maintains the quality of the product
  • Health Benefits: Inhaling of Pink Salt is good for asthma patients, helps them to breathe easier
  • Uses: Pink salt can be consumed with your every favorite dish, our High-Quality Product enhances the flavor of your sauces


WBM offers premium quality Pink salt, which possesses more than 84 minerals. Salt obtained from Khewra mines is believed as the purest salt in the whole world. It contains plenty of benefits and one of the amazing advantages of the purest form of salt is that it helps in reducing weight. It is the best product for people who suffer from sleeping disorders. The minerals present in Himalayan Salt cause calmness in the human body and helps in getting a comfortable longer sleep.

Advantages of Pack of 2:

  • Saves Budget. 
  • Consumers have it in large amounts.
  • It always comes in handy when you need it most.

Keeps Energetic:

The people who love sports, them our Premium Quality product is the best source of revitalizing energy. Add some pinches of Himalayan Pink Fine Salt in water, A sip of it will boost up your energy level and all exhaustion and frustration would be finished. 

Minerals Present in Pink Salt:

Pink Salt fulfills the requirement of all important trace minerals which are essential for the human body. The percentage of Sodium Chloride in our high-quality product is more than 98% and it also has an appropriate amount of Potassium, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium.

Purities Our Product Contain:

Wbm delivers quality products with complete responsibility. The health of our esteemed customers is the most precious. Our all products are free from any kind of chemicals and preservatives.

Online Availability:

We create the maximum of the facility for our customers. You can place your order online just by giving a click to your required products. 

How to Cook?

Add Himalayan Pink Fine Salt to whatever you cook. In addition, what sauce you make our premium quality salt plays an integral part in enhancing its taste.

Specifications of Small Glass Shaker:

Small glass shaker has holes of three different sizes, one is of small size, one is large and one is extra-large which creates a facility for consumers in opening the shaker. Shakers come with an airtight cap on them which does not let the air pass through them. In this way, the quality of the product does not ruin.


  • How Magnesium is a vital element of Pink Salt?

Many of the Biochemical Reactions happen in the human body because of Magnesium. The amount of Magnesium present in pink salt lifts you up from depression. The qualities which the Pink Salt possesses, magnesium play a very important role in all those properties of salt. Magnesium is one of the reasons because of which Pink Salt energizes the human body.

  •  Why shall Pink salt be preferred over sea salt?

There is more sodium and other minerals present in Pink Salt. It is also more delicious, tasty, and healthy than sea salt.

  • What certifications do your products have? 

Our products are certified by the most reputed institutions. We have certifications of Halal Foods, Kosher Certified, NFC Vegan Certified, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World, Non-GMO Project.

  • Why us?

We are the most reputed brand in the salt industry. For decades we have been serving our customers with our complete responsibility with the best of our quality products. Delivering quality is our passion. We offer our customers a 100% money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with our quality products. We value your trust in our brand, your trust is the most precious asset of our company.

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