Parboiled (Sella) Basmati Rice - 1121-2 lbs (908g)

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  • PARBOILED RICE:Parboiled Basmati Rice are steamed, soaked, and dried which helps to lock in all the essential nutrients. This rice does not stick to each other and tastes good.
  • 100% ORGANIC:Parboiled Basmati Rice is organic. No chemical additives or preservatives have been used to enhance its quality and flavor.
  • LONG GRAIN RICE:These Rice Grains are extra-long and have a mild spicy nutty flavor and unique aroma that make it fine quality rice.
  • NATURAL TASTE AND FRAGRANCE:Rice is fresh and has a natural taste and fragrance. It contains no gluten and cholesterol. Moreover, it is rich in amino acids and minerals.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:Quality is our passion. We ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our customers.
Sourced from the Himalayas

Sourced from the Himalayas

Himalayan Chef Parboiled Basmati Rice comes from the Himalayas. This rice has a fine, unique quality with extra-long grains, good taste, and aroma. The parboiling process helps the grain to be strong and stays separate when cooked. Moreover, less water is absorbed during cooking. Hence, this quality makes rice less sticky and more nutritious.



Cook on the stovetop, electric rice cooker, or in the microwave. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until the water is absorbed, allow cooling for 5 minutes, and then serve.


Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice provides nutrients and promotes health. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals like fiber, carbohydrates, thiamin, etc.

Extra-Long Grains

Extra-Long Grains

This parboiled Basmati Rice is 2x greater in length when cooked and remains separated and fluffy after cooking.

Naturally Aromatic

Naturally Aromatic

Parboiled Basmati Rice has a natural aroma due to the presence of natural essential oils in its composition.

Premium Aged

Premium Aged

The premium quality parboiled rice has aged more than 1 year with exquisite fragrance and long slender grains.



Basmati Rice is a staple food in many countries. It is an important ingredient in many cultural dishes. Easy to make and microwaveable, great replacement for any other ordinary rice. This parboiled rice is used while making biryani, pulao, kheer, khichri, etc.

Detailed Description

Himalayan Chef Parboiled Basmati Rice is harvested from the Himalayan region and is known worldwide for its taste and aroma. Rice is produced in an organic environment. These are free from preservatives, harmful ingredients, and fertilizers. Parboiled Basmati Rice is steamed, soaked, and dried. It makes them less sticky and transparent. It removes the starch coating on each of the rice grains. It has extra-long grains, a little spicy nutty flavor. They do not stick to each other while cooking and absorb less water. Rice is aged for over 3 years, which gives it a unique taste and enhances its quality. These are rich in fiber that helps to improve digestion and many health conditions. Moreover, these parboiled rice are nutritious than regular white rice because it contains all the essential nutrients and has a lower glycemic index. This Parboiled Basmati Rice can be used in a variety of cultural dishes as it is easy to make. It has International Certifications such as vegan and kosher which ensures that no animal product has been added to it to enhance its flavor or quality. Moreover, it is Non-GMO, free from preservatives and additives, and certified as Halal.


  • Store in a Cool and Dry place, at room temperature.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • This Parboiled Rice comes in Recycling Packaging.


Q1. Is Basmati Parboiled Rice nutritious?

Ans.Yes! Parboiled Rice contains all the essential nutrients.

Q2.Is this Rice Non-GMO?

Ans.Yes! Rice is non-GMO and free from fertilizers.

Q3.Is this rice Organic?

Ans.Yes! Rice is 100% organic.

Q4. Does this rice have an aroma?

Ans.Yes! Rice has a floral aroma.

Q5.How long is this rice aged for?

Ans.Basmati rice is aged for almost 3 years.

Q6.Is this long grain rice?

Ans.Yes! Himalayan Basmati Rice has extra-long grains.

Q7.Is this Rice grown with pesticides?

Ans.Parboiled are grown 100% naturally and do not contain any pesticides.

Q8.Is this golden or White Rice?

Ans. Basmati Rice has a golden yellow color.

Q9.Is this Rice bleached?

Ans.No! This Rice is not bleached.

Q10.Is it possible to reseal the bag?

Ans.Himalayan Parboiled Basmati Rice has a zipper seal that you can open and close.
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