WBM Care Party Paper (50 Sheet) - 2Ply

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  • PARTY PAPER: Best for rinse, soft, and gentle on face and hands 
  • ABSORBANCE: Commercial Party Paper has good absorbent power and reusable
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Recyclable, can be used multiple times, 3Ply Party Paper will not tear apart
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Tissue Paper is designed for bathroom, car, kitchen, office, living room
  • FLEXIBILITY: Long reliability of Tissue Paper Party Decoration has good strength and flexibility
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion, ensuring a 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers
Party Paper
Wooden Pulp

Wooden Pulp

The best quality of wooden pulp is used to manufacture this tissue. Wood pulp is the most common ingredient in any party tissue paper. There are many different qualities of wood pulp used in various tissues but very few manufacturers use the top-quality wood pulp. WBM assures that the ingredients used in the manufacturing of various products are of high quality.

Absorbent and Hygienic

The most important feature of this party tissue is that it is super-absorbent, hygienic, and anti-bacterial. These features ensure that this tissue can be used anywhere and everywhere. The absorbing capacity makes it ideal to use while sweating or after washing hands or face. We also use it on sensitive parts of the body because it being anti-bacterial.

Absorbent and Hygienic
Bleach Free Tissue Paper

Bleach Free Tissue Paper

There is no bleach added to these tissues making them gentle and soft on the skin. Human skin is a sensitive organ of the body. It can be erred by harsh paper tissues if used on the skin. In that case, we must keep in mind to use bleach-free tissue paper that is human-friendly.

Multi Purpose

Multi Purpose

Using tissue paper is a common practice nowadays. It can be used for multi-purposes like skin, kitchen, car, and traveling. This tissue paper is specially designed to be used in parties, family events, and other social gatherings.

Enviormental Friendly

Enviormental Friendly

WBM Care Tissue paper is re-useable, eco-friendly, packed efficiently, does not break easily, and is free of artificial color. All these features make it an environmental friendly and all-natural tissue paper.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Shopping online or in the market has never been easy in terms of product selection based on insufficient information. The adverse selection of the product could lead to buying a wrong or low-quality product. For WBM, Quality is our Passion. We ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


WBM Care Party Tissue is made with the best quality wooden pulp, antibacterial and septic safe. Efficiently wipe off the dirt from hands and face. Tissue Paper Party Decoration is free of bleach, gentle, and soft on the skin. Party Paper has good absorbent power can be widely used for multi-purposes like skin, kitchen, car, and traveling. It is great for events, parties protect skin against rashes, and contains no harmful additives. Tissue Paper is reusable, eco-friendly, packed efficiently, and free of artificial color.


100% wood pulp

Why choose WBM?

WBM organization is a well-established international brand. Quality is our passion. Products produced by natural and organic material. The organization prefers green products, and customer satisfaction is our priority. Products packed in eco-friendly packaging with a money-back guarantee in any case.


Q1.Are tissue paper scented?

Ans.Tissue papers are free from artificial color and fragrance.

Q2.Does these tissues have lotion?

Ans.No, tissues do not have lotion. They contain biodegradable material.

Q3.Can we use these tissues for makeup removal?

Ans.Yes, we can use these tissues for makeup removal. Tissue papers are septic-free and gentle on the skin.

Q4.How many sheets are present in one pack?

Ans.10 sheets are present in one pack.

Q5.Can we use these tissues during flu?

Ans.Yes, we can use these tissues during flu, and it is not scratchy for the nose at all.

Q6.Are these tissues flushable?

Ans.Yes, these tissues are flushable and biodegradable.
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