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  • SINGLE HANDED SMOOTHIE BLENDER: Thanks to this easy to operate design, WBM Smart Blender Juicer makes your daily smoothies & juices for a healthy life
  • SMALL BUT POWERFUL BLENDER: USB Wireless Rechargeable Battery (1200mAh), with 22,000 rpm. You get your desired drink in just 40 seconds!
  • SIMPLE WORKING & MAINTENANCE: Easy operation of Portable Juicer with On & Off button, simple maintenance with a potential self-cleaning option
  • DURABLE& SAFE DESIGN: Comes with ABS+PC Plastic Cup Body with an anti-heating and leak-proof design, ergonomic layout with a safe manufacturing
  • GOES EVERYWHERE WITH YOU: This USB Juicer is ideal to carry along when going out, has a good capacity of 300ml enough to fulfill your one-time drinking needs
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our quality-conscious customers
Portable Juicer
Portable Juicer


WBM Smart Portable Juicer Blender is an ideal alternative to those heavy-duty blending machines in your kitchen. The lightweight and easy-to-carry juicer bottle make it stand out in terms of convenience and comfort. With this technological advancement and fun features, this Smart Portable Juicer holds ultimate functions to make your everyday routine a little bit easy. The 1200mAh USB Rechargeable Battery goes for a long-time when you are traveling out. You do not have to wait for minutes to blend your ingredients too! The fast-moving blades rotate at 22,000 rpm means you will get your juice, smoothie, or shake in just 40 seconds. Isn’t it intriguing? Along with the easy handling with a double click On & Off button, the maintenance is also very cool. Simply add a little bit of water to the juicer once you are done making your juice and press the automatic self-cleaning button. Besides all the working exceptions, the portable juicer is made completely safe. The ergonomic design prevents it from heating up or leaking the stuff. The ABS and PC Plastic Cup Body of the Blender is durable enough to keep with you all the time. When not in use, the 300 ml mini juicer easily adjusts anywhere. Since always, WBM Smart adheres to the core value “Quality is our passion”, thus a 100% money-back guarantee is assured in case of any dissatisfaction with the product.


Q1: Should I fully charge it before I first use it?

Ans: Yes, it is good to charge the blender fully before using it for 1st time.

Q2: What is the charging time for the juicer?

Ans: The charging time of a portable blender is 4-6 hours. Seasonal variations many impact the timings.

Q3: Why isn’t my wireless blender working?

Ans: There can be a common reason that you didn’t properly close it. The built-in security device does not let it work until the cap is properly tightened.

Q4: Can I use hard fruits and veggies in it?

Ans: Yes, you can add hard fruits and vegetables as well. just keep in mind to estimate the weight to be not more than 50g.

Q5: Is there any limitation to the temperature?

Ans: Yes, the temperature of the water or any other liquid being used must not be more than 40ºC.

Q6: How can I know that the juicer is fully charged?

Ans: You can determine the battery by the color of the button indicator. The blue light indicates that the battery is fully charged.

Q7: Is this rechargeable blender BPA-free?

Ans: Yes, the wireless juicer is BPA-free. It is made only with ABS and PC material.

Q8: How much time does it take to blend well?

Ans: The speed is high. You get your desired consistency within 40 seconds.

Q9: Can I add ice to it?

Ans: Yes, you can add ice to the mini juicer as well. the super powder blades easily crush the ices and blend them well in your drink.

Q10: What is the best way to use this smart mini blender?

Ans: Having an inclination angle of 45º helps ingredients to blend well together.
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