Rashan Package


Ramadan Grocery Package available in Pakistan:

Ramadan Grocery Package is introduced by everyone in this Holy month of Ramadan all around the world. The situation is no different in Pakistan. WBM, an established Online Grocery Store and a multinational player in the consumer goods industry, has introduced its very own Ramadan Grocery Package. WBM, a top-notch Online Grocery Store in Pakistan has come up with 14 different packages and bundles of products for the month of Ramadan.

Affordability of the Ramadan Grocery Package:

WBM’s Ramadan Grocery Package of 2021 was designed in view of the affordability of the masses. The socio-economic conditions of the country due to the pandemic have led to a rise in poverty and inequality. WBM International’s Ramadan Grocery Package in Pakistan was  prepared in view of the situation of both Zakat payers(affluent class) and receivers (poor).Therefore the Ramadan package ranges from Rs 330 to Rs 3,300 only. This was done so that each could pay zakat according to his very own available resources.

Online Gift for NGOs, Poor, and Other Welfare Organizations:

WBM (World Business Management) International offers online delivery of its Ramadan Package 2021 at your desired destination. This can be done by calling on the given contact number or through our website. You just need to choose the bundle and the destination of the delivery, the rest will be done as payment can also be made online. Also, COD (Cash on Delivery) service is also available. Now you can easily deliver the Ramadan Grocery Package to your favorite NGO, poor, or any other welfare organization. This is where WBM stands out from others and is the Best Online Grocery Store in Pakistan offering Premium Quality Grocery Products. 

Variable Products in Ramadan Package 2021:

 WBM International has come up with a Ramadan Package 2021 in Pakistan. We have 14 variable packages and bundles that include Whole Wheat Flour (Chakki Atta), Daal Channa, Pink Salt, Rice, Basen, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Tapal Tea Pouch, Irani Dates, Jam-e-Shirin, Chaat Masala, Biryani Masala, Vermicelli, Tomato Ketchup, Mung Washed, Black Channa, Kabuli Channa, other pulses, and spices. All the above-mentioned products are available together in a single package and also in different combinations of bundles. The products included in the package are so structured keeping in view the daily requirements of every household in the month of Ramadan. WBM is the only online Grocery Store in Pakistan that offers premium quality grocery products, 100% Natural Pulses, and 100% organic Spices.    

Payment of Zakat through Ramadan Package:

Zakat is an important pillar and an obligatory injunction in Islam. The purpose of Zakat is to take care of the poor segments of society by providing them with enough resources to let them Fast amicably in this Holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Grocery Package of WBM can be used to pay our zakat. By buying any of the available packages and bundles through our website for the poor and abject masses of society we can provide them with enough edibles and premium quality grocery products so that they could Fast in this sacred month. 

Holy Ramadan: A month of blessings for Muslim:

Ramadan of all the Islamic months is the most sacred one. Allah himself has said that this month is only for Me and only I will bestow my blessings in this month. Every Muslim around the world performs fast in this most revered month. The Sehris and Aftaris along with prayers (especially tarawih), recitation of Holy Quran, Zakat, Sadqat, and Fitranah are all valuable worship in this month. The purpose of Zakat, Sadqa, and Fitranah is the redistribution of money and resources amongst the poor masses of the society. This is considered important worship in Islam because Fasting in this month is obligatory on every Muslim man and woman. The concept behind the redistribution of resources was to make sure that every single member of the society tends to get enough food to sustain Fasting in this month. 

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