Rechargeable Mosquito Racket with LED Flash Light | WBM Home

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  • Mosquito bat
  • Kills Bugs instantly
  • Highly efficient and widely used
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in LED light
  • A product of USA

Detail Description:

WBM home Electric Mosquito Swatter instantly kills bugs on contact. Having a large surface area, tennis racket design, it has the ability to help you get rid of all types of insects. It has a built-in LED light battery that makes it an ideal product for night use. You can charge it with a USB charger when the battery is low. Mosquito swatter is easy to use with on and off button for activation and deactivation. Simply waves off this tennis rocket and kill all the bugs away around you.

How to Use:

During charge, the Recharging Indicator light will be red. After charging is finished, the indicator light will turn green. Unplug it from socket after charging.

To kill Insects:

Press the Control Button to activate. At this time the Working Indicator light will be on. Hold the bat, keep the Control Button on, touch the insect with the metal surface in the net. Larger insects may require multiple touches. The power will vary due to different battery status. If the bat is not working, recharge again.


This is not a toy. Keep Away From Children and Pets. Do not beat it like a sports Racket. Use For Insects Only. Hazardous Voltage. Contact with energized components will cause electric shock. Do not touch the metal net while this product is activated. Do not insert any object into the openings on the net. Do not clean this product with water, spray or any other liquid. This product should not get wet, or be used in rain or while in water. Remove dirt with dry paper or dry brush.

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