Pack of 3- Red Crushed Pepper Bag, Garam Masala Bag & Coriander Seeds Bag

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Himalayan Chef

  • tural: All these three products in one packaging are 100% natural and 100% organic. 
  • Craft Packaging: Each product of this pack is of 100 g. Each product is available in Craft Packaging. 
  • Benefits cccccof Pack of 3: Consumers get discounts and get sufficient amounts of items. Which lasts longer. 



wbm offers Himalayan Red Crushed Pepper in 100 g of packaging, The bag of 100 g of packaging is also available of Garam Masala. And Coriander Seeds Bag of 100 g is also combined with other two products. This pack of 3 facilitates consumers. Allows them to have sufficient quantity to fulfill their requirement of spices. Which could last long for a specific period of time. All these products contain numerous health benefits and do not have any kind of contamination. There is not even a tiny amount of chemicals or preservatives added in these products. All these are 100% pure with their maximum health benefits. 

Capsaicin gives a sharp taste:

Capsaicin is an element which is present in Red Crushed Pepper, this specific element is the reason for the pungency.  The presence of capsaicin does not only induce sharp and strong taste but has also been accepted as the cure for osteoarthritis. Our premium quality product has an appealing and vibrant red color and because of this unique speciality in spices this product is also used as coloring agent in different meals. 

Garam Masala Prevents You From Acidity:

When it becomes a mixture of spices, it also becomes a mixture of health benefits. Garam Masala is the one of our finest products. Which is highly admired from our privileged consumers especially those who face the trouble of acidity. Our High Quality product is the best treatment for acidity and improves digestion system. The minerals present in Garam Masala boosts up the metabolism of a human body. 

Coriander Seeds Cures Eye Infection:

The amazing quality of Coriander seeds is that it makes your eyesight more sharp. It is full of fibers and makes you strong to fight against different diseases. There are many other health benefits of Coriander Seeds, it improves digestion system and saves consumers from bloating and diarrhea. 

Quality Packaging Saves the Value of the Products: 

wbm offers all of its products in eco-friendly packaging. In this way, we play our role in keeping the environment clean and secure. All the bags of 100 g of these three products come with a seal. This seal allows consumers to open or close the packaging more easily. This seal also protects the products in a more protective manner. In a way that this seal does not allow the air to pass through the products and that is why items in the Craft Packaging remain safe.


  • Can you deliver groceries at my home?

Yes. We believe in 100% customer’s satisfaction. We try to create as much facility for our esteemed customers as we can. We also offer our customers a Cash on Delivery option. All you have to do is to place the order of your required items just with a click. Your order will reach your door within some time. 

  • Are your products certified?

Our all products are certified from the internationally reputed brands. We are certified from the Halal Foods, Kosher Certified, NFC Vegan Certified, Non GMO Project, Judged # 1 Tasting Salt in the World.

  • Why to choose wbm?

wbm is one of the leading brands in the international markets. We can proudly say that we have been delivering quality food items for more than half a century. We have aimed to serve you the products of the best quality. We always fulfill our promises of delivering quality. We offer our privileged customers 100% money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the quality. We have developed trust by only serving with quality. This trust of our customers on our brand is the most worthy asset of our company.

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