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  • MARK BOOK PAGE:Mark Posts are perfect for marking the book pages without folding the page or highlighting it. It can be used as bookmarks for office notes and school cliff notes
  • MULTI-COLOR MARK POST:Small mark posts come in unique and cute smiley faces with different colors to categorize your pages
  • WATER-PROOF SURFACE:Smiley face mark post have a water-proof surface that can be used in wet conditions as well
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MARK POST:Mini mark posts are eco-friendly and can be used safely without causing any damage to the environment
  • IDEAL SIZE:These are available in the packaging size of 3.93 inches x 7.67 inches
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:Quality is our passion, so we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers
Multi-Color Small Mark Post.

Multi-Color Small Mark Post.

Each pack contains small sheets of mark posts. These small packs have different bright colors. It is used to mark the pages of a book instead of folding the paper of the book. It is used as Bookmarks for school cliff notes. It can be used to mark important points of school documents and office documents.

Appropriate Size.

Appropriate Size.

A small mark post is available in the packaging size of 3.93 inches x 7.67 inches. It is portable easy to handle and you can carry it with you anywhere.

Eco-friendly and Water-Resistant.

The small mark post has a water-resistant material coating. Water does not penetrate in it and its adhesiveness is not compromised. It is safe to use in the environment as it has eco-friendly properties and is non-toxic as well.

Eco-friendly and Water-Resistant.

Detailed Description

W World Small Mark Post with the smiley face design is used to mark your page of the book notes or important documents without highlighting your page or folding the page of your book. Small mark post comes in different colors which with a unique design. Different colors help you categorize your pages. It has a water-proof surface that detains its adhesiveness in wet conditions. Some other properties of Small Mark Post are that they are eco-friendly and can be used safely in the environment. They came in a packaging size of 3.93 inches x 7.67 inches.


Q1.Is the W World small mark post durable?

Ans.Yes, these small world mark posts are durable and sturdy enough. You can use them in the office, in schools, and for your favourite books.

Q2.Is the mark post eco-friendly?

Ans.Yes, the small mark post is eco-friendly. It is made with biodegradable material.

Q3.Is this mark post waterproof?

Ans.Yes, these are waterproof. You can use a small mark post in wet conditions as it contains a water-resistant material coating.

Q4.Does the small mark post have different colors?

Ans.Yes, mark post comes in multi-colors, and it has a unique design.

Q5.What is the packaging size of these mini bookmarks?

Ans.These bookmarks are available in the packaging size of 3.93 inches x 7.67 inches. It is portable and easy to carry.
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