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Strip Lights in Pakistan

Different types of lighting systems are available in the market. These lights are of the best quality. These are versatile and new forms of lighting that are beneficial for various purposes. When you have appropriate lighting in your homes or offices, this reduces headache and eye fatigue. A variety of lightings like color-changing strip lights, table lamps, galaxy or moonlight lamps, and insect torch killers. These lights are the best-manufactured lights that are easy to set up and are waterproof. These lights are ideal for the decoration of living rooms, walls, staircases, and TV. These color-changing lights have a remote control for their easy operation. Galaxy lamps or moonlight lamps are best for reading and writing time. 

Types of WBM Smart Strip Lights in Pakistan

LED Lights are available in a variety of types which include: 

Strip Lights Online in Pakistan

Different Color-changing Lights are available in the market. These lights have RGB colors to light up the living rooms, bedrooms, staircases, tables, and are used as decorative lights in Pakistan. Some of these are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and some of the lights work with remote control. They are waterproof and withstand severe weather conditions. There are different types of LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights have RGB colors to light up living rooms, staircases, bedrooms, tables, and decorative lights. These decorative lights are also used to decorate Christmas trees and TV. These lights are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These lights are IP65 waterproof. They can survive harsh weather conditions like sunlight, heavy rain, and snowfall. Some of them are also music synchronized. 

They have a strong tape that makes them easy to stick on surfaces and easy to cut. They have a 44 key remote control for operation. The brightness and the color are adjustable according to your needs. 

  • TV Backlights

TV Backlights Lights bring a balance between the colors while you watch TV. These TV Lights are USB-powered. You can turn on and off the lights through Alexa. These Lights are used for computer backlighting, TV backlighting, and various purposes and are easy to install. They are 9.85 ft. long to lighten the TV background.

Download the APP. Install the lights in a specific position and connect them with a power adapter and remote controller. Pair the RGB lights and turn them on.

  • Plant-Growing Lights

These LED Strip lights are the perfect ones for growing different vegetable plants. These LED lights are 32.8 ft. long in red and blue with a ratio of 4:1. Plant-growing lights have a long life that efficiently illuminates the target plant area for their growth. 

Table Lamp for Reading & Writing in Pakistan

Table lamps in Pakistan are one of the recent additions to lighting systems. These desk lamps have advanced LEDs that lightens up the space without any strain on your eyes. Besides the lighting purpose, this desk lamp also has a wireless charging port. This wireless charging port is compatible with Samsung, Apple, Nokia, SONY, LG, Huawei, and other Qi-enabled devices. 

You can use both the charging ports of the desk lamp at the same time. These charging ports of the desk lamp easily charge your tablets, laptops, and electronic devices. 

Galaxy & Moonlight Lamps Online in Pakistan 

Moonlight lamps and galaxy lamps are a different variety of lighting from the ordinary lights in Pakistan. This Galaxy Lamp in Pakistan is one of the best for lighting purposes. When you turn on the galaxy lamp, it seems to present a colorful galaxy in the home ceiling. This galaxy night light is both touch and remote control. The Moon Lamp has a built-in rechargeable battery that is easy to carry. The moon's night light can be used for decorative light, and night light. This lamp is also a perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Insect Torch Killer Online in Pakistan 

Insect Torch Killers are solar-powered with no flame or messy oil refills. This solar insect killer has a purple light that kills insects and mosquitoes. Solar-Powered Insect Killer is suitable for gardens, lawns, backyards, and patio. You can also carry this torch killer for insects during your camping trips. These solar killer lights are easy to install. Install the solar insect killer into the ground with any wiring. These torch lights are weatherproof. This insect killer uses sunlight energy to zap the insects, and mosquitoes with powerful volts. 

These varieties of lighting systems are the best ones for your home. These strip lights, galaxy lamp, table lamp, and insect killer torch are available in online and offline stores in Pakistan. You can also get these lights from Carrefour, Metro, CSD, and other stores. 

  • What are LED Strip Lights? 

RGB LED Lights are used for lighting backyards, patio, staircases, and are also used as decorative lights in your homes and offices. 

  • What is a Galaxy Lamp? 

Galaxy lamps are used as a night light in your home. The galaxy lamps create a peaceful night environment to make your kids fall asleep. 

  • What is an Insect Torch Killer? 

An Insect Torch Killer works on solar energy that is sustainable and environment-friendly. It is used to kill flying insects and mosquitoes. 

  • Can the RGB Lights be cut easily? 

LED Lights are available in 2 different lights, 32.8 ft, and 16.2 ft. You can cut the LED lights according to your needs. 

  • Where are these lights available in Pakistan? 

WBM Smart is an American-based company of consumer electronics. It is the daughter brand of WBM. You can buy the strip lights, galaxy lamp, table lamp, and insect killer torch from the official distributor channel that is Retail Solution. You can also buy them from Airlift, OLX, Carrefour, Metro, and other big retail stores in Pakistan. 

  • Are these lights reusable? 

RGB LED Lights are easy to use. These can be reusable again and again. 

  • Can the RGB Lights cause a fire?

These RGB lights are safe to use in your homes and offices. These lights do not cause a fire. 

  • How to install the LED Strip Lights? 

Download the WBM Smart APP. Install the lights in a specific position and connect them with a power adapter and remote controller. Pair the lights and turn them on.

  • Which Lights are the best? 

These are some of the best RGB lights available online in Pakistan. These lights are of high quality and are used for decorative purposes. 

  • Are the RGB Lights used in the ceiling for lighting? 

These LED Lights are used for decorative and lighting purposes. You can use the lights indoors. But these lights are not suitable for lighting the ceiling. 

  • Do these RGB lights have a motion sensor?

These lights do not have any motion sensors. These lights are operated through remote control and voice controls. 

  • What is the price range of the lights and galaxy lamps? 

The prices range from 1,599 to 4,159 Rs. 

  • Do the lights work with a remote control? 

LED Lights have a 44-key remote control for their easy operation. 

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