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Soap Dispensers Online in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, people usually get a lot of hygiene issues due to the lack of awareness about how to keep good personal hygiene. When you keep your hygiene clean, you get rid of health-related problems. Hygiene is the most important part of your life but due to our carelessness, we are exposed to various health risks. Globally, major health-related diseases like swine flu and bird flu are due to the lack of good hygiene. If we all work together towards good healthy hygiene, we make this world a better living place for both the present and the future generation. Good hygiene should be given importance and taught to the children at an early age. Hygiene includes keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. Good hygiene includes keeping our body, head, and hands clean to stop the spread of illness and germs. The personal habit of keeping your hygiene clean involves handwashing an important part of your hygiene. When you start from good hygiene, it starts from hands that we use daily, shakes hands with different people, touches different surfaces. It is important to keep our hands clean. Hands are one of the major carriers of germs. For this, you should keep them in your kitchen and bathrooms. This can prevent the risk of germs from entering your body. Take care of yourself and your loved one’s hygiene.


Handwash Dispensers by WBM Smart

One of the best ones that keep your hands clean and tidy without any germs entering your body. Rather than you use hand soaps or the traditional soaps that becomes messy. Use liquid soap in them that keep your kitchen and bathrooms looking smart and good for hygienic purposes. They do not create any mess on the hand basins. These make handwashing easy for the children.

  • Hand wash dispensers feature a motion sensor that detects your hands and automatically dispenses the soap
  • These are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, schools, offices, and restaurants.
  • They are battery-operated and easy to use

Considers these as one of the best liquid dispensers for daily use and makes handwashing an easy way to keep the germs away from children.


WBM Smart Automatic Soap Dispensers Online in Pakistan

  • Automatic Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser

Hand wash Dispensers are suitable to use in bathrooms, workplaces, and other commercial places. They bring convenience and cost-effectiveness together. Using these avoid any kind of contamination that is caused by the typical soap bars. Promote a healthy and clean environment. These reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. This is due to the lack of contact with the wet soap bars. Using a liquid soap dispenser releases soap directly into your hands without even touching it. They also avoid wastage of soap bars that keeps your bathroom and kitchen sink tidy. When you use this touchless operation, you get rid of mess around. You do not need to touch the dispenser, avoiding the action to push the pump to dispense the hand soap. They are a safe and clean way for your hygiene. It is easy to refill them. Open the lid, pour the liquid soap into the bottle for your convenient use.

Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser

Keep your hygiene clean with the convenient use of Liquid Soap Dispensers. They are necessary for your bathroom and kitchen sink due to their various benefits.

  • Hand Wash Dispensers have an infrared sensor control that automatically dispenses soap in an appropriate amount for handwashing
  • It is perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals
  • The waterproof design protects from corrosion and rust
  • Handwash dispensers can also be used as hand sanitizer dispenser
  • It has the capacity of 520 ml to keep your hands free from germs

Liquid hand wash dispensers are a better option than soap bars. There is no need to hold it in your hands like the soap bars. This is a healthier option as compared to soap bars. These are more reliable, safe, and convenient to use. Wash your hands with it to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. When you have a fully functional and more practical that is filled with foaming soap or liquid hand soap, it is important for healthy living.

Automatic Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser

It is always better if you touch a few things in the bathroom to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. Having this is much better than bar soaps that create a lot of mess. The new method of the automatic foaming hand soap dispenser is ideal for maintaining good health. It keeps your hands clean and touch-free. They have a built-in infrared sensor that detects your hands. It dispenses the appropriate amount of foaming hand soap for handwashing. It is user-friendly and is suitable to use in schools, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and restaurants. It is battery-operated and has a capacity of 360 ml that is easy to refill after use.

How does the Soap Dispenser work?

The automatic hand soap dispensers are easy to use. These handwash dispensers have an infrared sensor that detects your hands. When the put your hand under the nozzle, the handwash dispenses out on your hands. You do not need to touch it for liquid soap. These handwash dispensers are battery-operated.

The handwash dispensers ensure that the liquid soap inside is not contaminated by any outside germs or bacteria. They keep the soap inside to preserve it for a longer time. Automatic foaming handwash dispensers have become a necessity due to the various benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can Handwash Dispensers be used for Hand Sanitizers?

Yes. The Handwash dispensers can be used for hand sanitizers.

  1. Can Hand Wash Dispensers be used for mouthwash?

No. These cannot be used for mouthwash.

  1. Are the hand wash dispensers suitable for the bathroom and kitchen sink?

Yes. They are suitable for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

  1. What is the price of the hand wash dispensers?

The price ranges from 1800 to 2000 Rs.

  1. Where to buy the Foaming Hand Wash Dispensers online?

WBM Smart is an American-based company of consumer electronics. It is the daughter brand of WBM. You can buy the percussion guns from the official distributor channel that is Retail Solution. You can also buy them from Airlift, OLX, Carrefour, Metro, and other big retail stores in Pakistan.

  1. Can I put the lotion in the soap dispenser?

No. You cannot put the lotion in it.

  1. What is the capacity of the Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser?

The capacity is 320 ml.

  1. How to use these hand wash dispensers?

The hand wash dispenser has a built-in infrared sensor that detects your hands. Put your hands under the soap dispenser nozzle. The soap dispenses out from the nozzle.

  1. Are the hand wash dispensers reusable?

Yes. It is reusable. You can refill it again and again.

  1. Are the foaming soap dispensers battery-operated?

Yes. They are battery-operated.

  1. Can the handwash dispensers be wall-mounted?

No. They cannot be wall-mounted.

  1. Where to put the foaming soap dispensers?

You can put them in homes, offices, schools, hotels, and restaurants.

  1. Do these dispensers have a waterproof body?

Yes, it prevents corrosion and rust.


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