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  • CHARGER & POWER IN 1: Power your devices on your desk from a single WBM Smart USB Plug Extension Cord with 3 USB & 3 AC sockets
  • HIGH-SPEED CHARGING: Each USB port of Power Strip powerfully charges & eliminates the use of multiple chargers
  • WIDE USE: Widely used in offices and homes for charging devices. Charge laptops, mobile phones, cameras, tablets, iPods & others without convertors
  • PORTABILITY: This Power Strip is designed as compact-sized for use. Carry the extension cord during traveling into your briefcases & bags
  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION: All the charging ports are surge protectors against over-current, short circuit, overload & high voltage issues
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion, so we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers
USB Smart Cord


WBM Smart’s USB Socket is an aesthetically designed product that is durable and user-friendly. Our product is made of high-quality material that gives it an attractive look. This is why our product is often termed a Fashion Socket. The Power socket comes with 3 USB charging ports and a 750 Degree Celsius flame retardant rating that makes it fire-proof. Each jack has an independent safety door that endorses the product to be shock-proof. The 1.8 m long wire of the product gives it a user-friendliness factor. This USB Power Socket is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, MP3, and Camera.

Product Name USB Socket
Socket Input 10A Max, 250V˜
Rated Power 2500W Max
USB Input 100˜250V 50/60 Hz, 0.5A
USB 1 Output 5V=2.4A
USB 2 Output 5V=2.1A
USB 3 Output 5V=1A
USB Smart Cord
USB Smart Cord
USB Smart Cord
  • The total power of the electrical equipment connected shall not exceed the rated power.
  • Do not use the power cord bundled or unexpanded to avoid abnormal overheating.
  • Poor grounding of the front end or non-standard grounding may cause danger.
  • Cannot be used in a humid environment.
  • Do not disassemble or open the back cover without permission.
  • Do not burn. Keep away from the heat source.
  • Children are not allowed to use this product alone without adult supervision.
  • This product does not have a lighting protection function. It is recommended to shut down the power supply of this product in the lighting environment.


Q1: Do USB outlets waste power?

Ans: Yes, USB outlets waste power. But, WBM Smart’s USB socket comes with an additional power button that thwarts wastage of power.

Q2: Do all USB ports have the same voltage?

Ans: Yes, all USB ports have the same voltage. WBM Smart’s USB Socket comes with 3 USB ports having the same voltage but different amps.

Q3: Is 2.4A for the fast charge?

Ans: Yes, 2.4A is a fast charge extension cord. The WBM Smart’s USB Socket comes with a 2.4A fast-charge USB port.

Q4: How many sockets does the extension cord have?

Ans: The extension cord has 3 AC sockets and 3 USB charging ports.

Q5: Can it be easily plugged into any circuit board?

Ans: Yes. It is easy to plug in the extension cord to the circuit board anywhere in the house.

Q6: Does the flat extension cord provide surge protection?

Ans: Flat Plug Power Strip with the built-in security model protects expensive devices from overloading, over-circuit, voltage fluctuations & short circuit
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