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  • UV LAMP: WBM Smart UV Sterilization Light is an efficient product for sterilization, disinfection & deodorization
  • EFFECTIVE KILLING: UV Sterilizer kills 99.99 % of the airborne bacteria, viruses, mold spores & harmful contaminants in air
  • HUMAN SAFETY: The body detection system detects the presence of people or animals around & will suspend work with a beeping sound
  • WORKING OPERATION: Use the Germicidal Lamp in your home, offices & workplace. operated remotely through doors, walls & cabinets
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We assure a 100% money-back guarantee to our customers
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority. We ensure a 100% money-back guarantee if our customer is not satisfied.


The LED Light Bulb provides a soft light with no video flash. Our Sterilizer protects your eyes from harm so that you can relax and enjoy the light of life. The WBM Smart’s LED Light Bulb comes with an E27 big screw that can easily adapt to all kinds of lamps in the home, no matter the desk lamp, floor lamp, and dining room chandelier. High efficiency LED chips, constant current LED driver, flame-retardant PC lampshade, and Nickel plated lamp holder are the prime features of LED Light Bulb. This Sterilizer has a cool white color, is Mercury-free, and has 1050 lumens with a 6500K CCT. The energy-saving feature of the LED Light Bulb is compared to an incandescent lamp.

Sterilizer Sterilizer

When using UV products

Humans must keep themselves, animals, and plants away from UV radiation! Avoid looking straight at the source of the UV light! When the room has been sterilized by a UV sterilization light, the room must be ventilated for more than 30 minutes!

Safety Precautions

The eyes and skin of the human body can be damaged by UV rays. Therefore, you should use the lamp under strict safety principles. Please do not observe UV radiations without protective glasses. Any part of your body that may be exposed to radiation must be covered.


You can use our product in your office, home, workplace, or any other area.

Parameters Details
Power 40W
Input Voltage 220v
Tube Type U-Plug Tube
Shell Material Flame retardant ABS
Product size 7.1*5.9*16.5 inch
Ballast Integrated built-in electronic ballast
Power factor 0.7-0.8
Insulation class Class II
Protection class IP20
Ozone release content 0.24g/(kW-h)
Timing mode 15/ 30/ 60 min


Q1: How long does it take to sterilize something with UV Sterilization Light?

Ans: It takes 30 minutes to sterilize something with UV sterilization light.

Q2: How do you sterilize a room with a UV light?

Ans: The UV sterilization lamp is useful to kill bacteria, germs, and viruses in a room not exceeding an area of 40 square meters.

Q3: What will happen if exposed to UV light?

Ans: Exposure to UV light can cause skin cancer and other health problems.
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