W Beauty Four Blades Women Razor

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  • WOMEN RAZOR: Experience skin that feels extra smooth and silky with the use of W Beauty Women Razor
  • DISPOSABLE RAZOR: The four blade pivoting head provides loser shave with zero redness or irritation on the skin
  • W BEAUTY RAZOR: W Beauty Shaver has a soft grip rubber handle for great, comfortable, and easy control
  • HAIR REMOVAL RAZOR: the women razor has a lubricating strip that gently clean hair and make skin smooth
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We ensure a 100% money-back guarantee if our customer is not satisfied
W Beauty Women Razor
4 Blade Easy Rinse Razor

4 Blade Easy Rinse Razor

The Women's Razor of W Beauty is an easy rinse 4 blade razor that provides you with a great shaving experience. Shaving legs, arms, and armpits have never been easy as they require time and extra care to avoid injury. The single-blade razors available in the market tend to cause injury and cuts on the skin. The 4 blades of this razor are so structured that they ensure ease in shaving without causing any sort of cuts or injury to your skin.

Soft Grip Rubberized Handle

Soft Grip Rubberized Handle

The grip of the razor is of prime importance. It is the grip of the razor on which the quality of a shave depends. The better the grip, the closer would be the shave. This Four Blade Women Razor has a soft grip rubberized handle that gives you a great, soft, and comfortable control of the razor. The rubberized material used in the manufacturing of the handle makes it a slip-resistant razor.

Surrounded Lubrication Strip

The W Beauty Four Blade Women Razor has a surrounded lubrication strip. The lubrication strip contains vitamin E and aloe that soothes and moisturizes your skin. This strip also assists in providing you with a smooth and comfortable shave that protects your skin from any sort of blade-associated harshness.

Surrounded Lubrication Strip
Pivoting Head Razor

Pivoting Head Razor

There are few razors in the market for women that come with a pivoting head. This Women's Razor of WBM has a pivoting head that provides a closer shave without causing any sort of redness to the skin. The head of the razor pivots with the change of angle of the razor while doing the shave. It reaches every area and part of the body with equal efficiency.


W Beauty Four Blades Women Razor has a pivoting head with a strong grip rubber handle that makes shaving easy and convenient. It has a lubricating strip that provides extra smooth and silky skin. The shaving razor has an open-back easy rinse formula to avoid any irritation or rash due to the excessive use of a single blade.


Q1.Are These Recyclable?

Ans.Yes, the Women Razors are recyclable.

Q2.What is the best razor for a close shave?

Ans.WBM Four Blade Women Razor is the best razor to be used for a close shave with its thin and fine blades.

Q3.How many blades does it have?

Ans.WBM women's razor is a 4-razor blade for a moisturizing shave.

Q4.Does this razor require any shaving foam to use while shaving?

Ans.No, this Razor comes with a surrounded lubrication strip that helps in a smooth shave.

Q5.How many razors does this pack of WBM Women Razor contain?

Ans.This pack contains 2 razors having four blades each.
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