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  • CLEANING BABY WIPES: WBM Care Baby Wipes are made up of natural wood pulp with a hint of premium-quality ingredients, wipe your baby from head to toe
  • FLUSHABLE: Unlike normal baby wipes, these Wet Wipes have safe flush technology, are easily degraded after flushing, and are safe for sewers systems
  • SUPER GENTLE ON SKIN: The Wipes provide reliable cleaning along with moisturizing your baby’s delicate skin
  • ALCOHOL-FREE WIPES: The Baby Body Wipes are alcohol-free and do not contain any artificial fragrance and harmful chemicals
  • CUSTOMER SETISFACTION: Quality is our passion; thus, a 100% money-back guarantee for our customers
Baby Wipes

Best for Sensitive Skin

The Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. Even minor changes in atmospheric temperature or quality can put visible effects on them. To help mothers overcome their baby’s skin-related problems, WBM came up with its baby care range. We update your kid's comfort, protection, and overall hygiene. The Soft Baby Wipes remove all the dirt effectively in no time. The thick and soft texture of the wet wipe smoothly glides across your baby’s face, hands, or body and cleans them thoroughly. It does not irritate your baby’s rashes but helps to heal them.

Baby Wipes

We Prefer Fewer Chemicals.

With fewer chemicals and dermatologically tested ingredients, WBM Baby Care makes your baby’s daily skincare ritual easy. All the elements added to our baby products are tested many times. We do not add anything to our product that is suspected to have even a negligible effect on your baby. The Moisturizing Baby Wipes have:

  • No Synthetic Colors
  • No Parabens
  • No Alcohol
  • No Fragrance

Maintains Skin’s Natural pH

WBM Baby Care Wet Wipes contain those ingredients which do not affect the normal pH of the skin. It means that they do not cause skin irritation and keep your baby’s skin healthy and moisturized all the time. A minor concentration of hyaluronic acid in the wipes helps to lock the moisture in your baby’s skin for a long time.

Baby Wipes
Baby Wipes

Flushable Baby Wipes.

The baby wipes are made up of natural wood pulp and cellulose fibers that tend to be easily degraded even if you flush them. The material of the paper we choose is CTP Certified. Also, these are septic as well as sewer friendly but keep in mind to not overload the toilets with them. You can flush one or two at a time. The wipes are single ply but thick in texture. The mild moisturizing formula keeps the wet wipes and your baby’s skin soft and gentle.

Detail Description:

Sometimes, less is more. This statement can be directly implied when we are talking about chemicals in a product. WBM makes sure that no mother has to compromise when it comes to her baby’s appropriate care and protection. We know that we have to take proper measures and have to select the best suitable products for our baby’s delicate skin. Nothing can beat the true essence of natural ingredients-based products. Caring for your precious little one’s skin is our ultimate goal. Keeping all these things in mind, we made our WBM Baby Care Wipes. These are made from natural wood pulp and cellulose fiber along with some high-quality ingredients. The Wet Wipes contain no alcohol, harsh chemicals, and artificial fragrances. Other ingredients are clinically tested and safe to use on babies. The Hand and Face Wipes are flushable. These are specially designed for toilets and are tested with plumbers. The fibrous material of the wet towel is biodegradable after flushing, which makes it sewer safe. The wipes are moist but do not have runny liquids in them. Also, we can use these for other outdoor and indoor cleaning purposes. Packaging includes a set of 48 baby wipes with a size of 7.9 x 5.9 inches. The cover on the pack allows easy extraction. Simply, open the cover, remove the sticker halfway, extract the wet wipe and replace the sticker again. It will keep the wipes moist and clean for a long time. Close the cover again in the end.


Q1: Can I use it on my face?

Ans: Yes, these are designed to be used on the hands and face.

Q2: Is it suitable for all skin types?

Ans: Yes, the Moisturizing Baby Wipes work great for all skin types.

Q3: Does it irritate the eyes?

Ans: No, the moisture is not runny and thus does not irritate the skin.

Q4: Where are these wipes manufactured?

Ans: They are manufactured in the USA.

Q5: Does it have a scent?

Ans: No, these are unscented wipes.

Q6: Are these alcohol wipes?

Ans: No, the baby wipes contain 0% alcohol.

Q7: What is the size of a single wipe?

Ans: It is 7.9 x 5.9 in.

Q8: How many wipes do we get per pack?

Ans: Each pack contains 48 wipes.

Q9: Does it contain hyaluronic acid?

Ans: Yes, these wipes have a suitable amount of hyaluronic acid that gives moisture to your baby’s skin.

Q10: Are they double-ply?

Ans: No, the wet towels are single-ply but thick in texture.
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