Grocery Pulses Package - Pack of 3

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  • White Chana Small-907G
  • Black Chana-907G
  • Daal Chana-907G
  • SOURCE: Himalayan Chef products are derived from the fertile regions of Punjab, Pakistan
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC: Himalayan chef brought a 100% natural and organic products for every kitchen. These products are free from all preservatives and any kind of containments
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Our premium quality products are vegan and kosher certified and 100% Halal
  • RICH IN MINERALS: Contain many essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary for healthy living

Long Description

"Himalayan Chef brought a healthy pulses bundle Pack of 3 that included (Kabuli chana small, Black Chana, Daal Chana. We give you a 100% pure, natural, and premium quality products which are packed in an eco-friendly packaging that reduce environmental pollution. Our products are free from any artificial flavor, preservatives, and colors. We assure you that these products are organically sourced and its purity is guaranteed. These products contain carbohydrates, protein, and fats in it, and also provides a rich source of vitamin B. Our products have international certifications like Vegan and Kosher. This assures that the product is widely available as an organically sourced one. High-fiber aspect of our premium quality products is their main feature that makes them stand-out from others. Pulses are essential for every kitchen. Used Himalayan chef pulses to make different variety of dishes for your loved ones. Our fresh healthy grains make your every dish more delicious and healthy.

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