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  • MAIN FEATURE: W Home Dish Wand fits the palm of your hand, ergonomic design to make the cleaning process easy
  • ATTRIBUTES: Dish Scrubber Wand effortlessly cleans the food residues, leaves a luminous effect on the surface, keep the hands clean and dry
  • TIME-SAVING: The Dish Wand Sponge comes with a comfortable grip, easy utilization, fastens the cleaning process
  • STRUCTURE: Slim and handy arrangement of Sponge Wand, is a two-layered structure, upper rough and lower soft-absorbent sponge
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: A slight push of the button releases the liquid soap through the sponge of this Dishwashing Wand
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Our Dish Soap Wand is ideal for a range of applications such as cleaning cookware, countertops, toilets, or walls
  • REFILLABLE: Unscrew the liquid holder of the Dish Wand and add liquid soap to it, release the liquid as per need
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion; thus, we assure a 100% money-back guarantee to the unsatisfied customers
Home Dish Wand

Great Washing Experience

W Home Dish Wand Multi-purpose is an ergonomically designed product that best fits in your hand while washing utensils and provides a great washing experience. The product is so designed that tends to give gleamy cleanliness to our utensils. The utensils, after a meal, tend to contain marks and stains that are hard to handle and remove.

Great Washing Experience
Gel Container

Gel Container

Dish Wand Multi-purpose comes with a dish wash gel container on the top, from where we can eject the gel with a single push of the button. We do not need to separately pour dish gel on the utensils while cleaning.

Multi Oriented

The product comes with a tough fiber on one side that helps in removing stringent stains, dirt, and melted cheese from dishes while on the other hand is a soft absorbent sponge. This assures that the product is multi-oriented. We must keep in mind that at the bottom of the Wand we can replace the sponge scourer with a brush whenever required.

Multi Oriented
Customer Satisfaction

Gleamy Cleanliness

This Dish Washing Wand is made up of high-quality material keeping in view the latest and necessary practices along with guidelines. Customer satisfaction is ensured with the kind of manufacturing practices that we take.

High Quality Plastic

High Quality Plastic

The multi-purpose wand is made up of top-quality recyclable plastic that is environmentally friendly. The high-quality plastic is not easily breakable thus ensuring durability and efficiency at the same time.

Refund Of Money


If in any case, our customers are not satisfied enough with our product we provide them with an opportunity to return the product and avail a 100% refund of money paid for it. This is so because “Quality is our Passion”.

Multi Purpose Usage


Want a super-efficient as well as an elegant tool for your kitchen? WBM Home Dish Wand, with the comfortable grip and convenient utilization, fastens the cleaning process. The Kitchen Sponge Wand holder has a non-slip grip. The structure is slim and fits the size of your palm easily, giving the best comfortable washing experience. The arrangement of the DIsh Wand is a two-layered structure, upper rough and lower soft-absorbent sponge. Just with a slight push, the liquid will release through the sponge. The Dish Scrubber Wand is safe to use on non-stick crockery.

Why choose WBM?

WBM is a well-reputed organization with expertise in delivering the finest quality organic products to its consumers with some outclass green options to enhance your way of life. The reason WBM is prioritized by people is because of its complete dedication towards its customers. The organization puts customer satisfaction over everything. 100% money return guarantee in case of dissatisfaction towards the product.


Q1.Does the soap leak out of the tool?

Ans.No. The liquid holder does not leak the soap as it comes in a protected linear casing.

Q2.Can this Scrubbing Wand be used on stainless steel?

Ans.Yes, Dish Soap Wand has a rough woven surface that makes it extra easy to clean stainless steel.

Q3.Can we use a Sponge Wand to clean the microwave?

Ans.No, we do not recommend doing that. We cannot clean the microwave with this wand. Only the microwave glass plate is secure to use this product.

Q4.Can we use it in the laundry?

Yes.No. It is better not to use it on clothes as the rough cleansing surface may damage the clothes.

Q5.Can we use this Wand for cleaning the vegetables?

Ans.Yes, the Sponge Wand can be used for washing the fruits and vegetables but use it without soap.

Q6.How to refill it?

Ans.Unscrew the wand from the bottom, add the soap in it and again screw it back. Slightly push the button and start the cleaning process.

Q7.Do they put scratches on glass cutlery?

Ans.Not at all. The anti-scratching technology of the product retains the quality and structure of all types of cutlery.

Q8.Is this Dish Wand Durable?

Ans.Yes. The Scrubbing Dish Wand is quite durable. To increase the lifespan, take good care of it by rinsing the sponge before and after every use.
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