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  • ULTRA-CONCENTRATED: W Home Dish Wash Gel Refill has 20% ultra-concentrated formula using certified ingredients that enhance the cleaning power
  • HIGH SUDSING: This Dishwashing Liquid Soap with a few drops, less than a handful has fast rinsing suds with blood orange that acts as a cleaning agent
  • CUTS GREASE: Liquid Dish Detergent Refill is tough on stains and grease, acts as a surfactant to quickly cut through grease, and leaves dishes sparkling clean
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL: The Dishwashing Liquid Refill comes with a sturdy degreasing action to wash away 99.99% of the germs from hands
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: Concentrated Liquid Washing Liquid is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our quality-conscious customers


You and your family deserve a dishwashing liquid that is safe and provides powerful and effective cleaning. This ultra-concentrated formula has fast rinsing suds with the refreshing scent of Aloe & Jasmine. The combined power of natural and certified ingredients keeps your hands extra soft, leaving your dishes sparkling clean and scents fresh naturally.



Stuck-on food is not a problem! The Naturally Concentrated Dish Wash Liquid with the robust degreasing power removes away all the stuck-on food residues and stains.



Perfect Dish Wash to save your time. A kitchen hero with an effective cleaning performance that is gentle on hands and tough on grease and spots. A few drops of the dish soap are enough to wash all the single-time utensils.



Life easier with the W Home Natural Dish Wash Soap, manufactured with certified ingredients that are powerful grease dissolvers, and leaves your dishes sparkling clean. The fast rinsing suds remove food residues, stains, and grime from your utensils.



At WBM, we believe in true transparency. We promise that our dish wash gels are made without any harsh chemicals, toxins, or synthetic compounds, and solvents.



We take the opportunity to use environment-friendly packaging as all the dish wash gel packing is made with thermoplastic that is recyclable. Our products are dermatologically tested and cruelty-free.

Product description

When plates pile up, then get your hands on the W Home Dish Wash Gel (Blood Orange) that has a sufficient reserve of 20% ultra-concentrated dish soap with robust degreasing power. Now, the Liquid Dish Soap comes in a handy refill pouch more convenient for daily dishwashing. The Dish Cleaning Soap is a powerful grease dissolver that soaks encrusted grease from pots and pans, giving an effective result in a few minutes of dishwashing. Besides effective dishwashing, it also has versatile usage. A few drops of the Dish Wash Detergent on the sponge or mixed with water can wash all your single-time pots, glasses, and dishes, leaving them sparkling clean. Gentle on hands, the Anti-bacterial Dish Wash Soap is tough on grease and stains making your dishes clean and spot-free. The fast rinsing suds of the Concentrated Liquid Washing Liquid works efficiently on expensive and ordinary crockery with a light scent of blood orange and leaves no food residues behind. This Dish Washing Degreaser washes away 99.99% of the bacteria and germs and protects the hand-washer. This Liquid Dish Wash Gel is free from harsh chemicals and other toxic compounds that do not harm the health and the environment and are hypoallergenic for those people with sensitive skin. The Dish Wash Detergent efficiently washes the utensils to give a presentable look to your dining table to be embraced by others. The handy refill pouch of the Dish Wash Gel saves time, energy, and money making it environment-friendly.


Q1. Will the product harm the patterns of crockery?

Ans: No, all the W Home Dish Wash Gels do not harm the patterns of the expensive and ordinary crockery.

Q2. Is the dish wash gel suitable for hard water?

Ans: Yes, the dish wash gels are suitable for both hard and soft water. The quality of the water does not affect the efficiency of the product.

Q3. Are the products dermatologically tested?

Ans: Yes, all the products are dermatologically tested and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives/additives.

Q4. Can we use this product for trim?

Ans: Yes, the product is also suitable for washing trims.

Q5. Is the dish wash gel suitable for sensitive skin?

Ans: Yes, all the W Home Dish Wash Gels are hypoallergenic and made with natural ingredients for sensitive skin.

Q6. How efficient is the W H Dish Wash Gel?

Ans: Yes, the dishwashing liquid are very effective in washing utensils with a few drops of the dish wash cleans the single-time dishes.

Q7. Is the dish wash compatible with dishwashing machines?

Ans: Yes, the natural dish wash are suitable for both hand washing and dishwashers.

Q8. Can we use them in milk-storage utensils?

Ans: Yes, the natural dish wash is suitable for all types of crockeries and leaves no grease or oil residues on them.

Q9. Is the product anti-bacterial?

Ans: Yes, this anti-bacterial dish wash destroys 99.99% of the germs and bacteria.

Q10. Is the product phosphate-free?

Ans: Yes, the product is free from sulfates and phosphates.
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