WBM Home Dish Washing Brush (3-in-1)

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  • DISH BRUSH: Smaller top bristles of the W Home Dish Washing 3-in-1 Brush are ideal for cleaning thin areas and lower stiff bristles for heavy-duty scrubbing
  • EVERYDAY CLEANING: Kitchen Brush Scrubber features hard-wearing bristles for everyday cleaning of kitchenware and safe for non-stick cookware
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Dishwashing Brush with Comfortable Grip is for efficient scrubbing, with stiff bristles that scratch away grease and stains
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Double bristles of the Dishwashing Cleaning Brush are for multiple uses, for kitchenware, and cleans sinks, bathtubs, and tiles
  • BRUSH DIMENSIONS: 3-in-1 Dish Brush comes with a rubber grip of 9.5 inches and a wide-mouthed brush head of 1.5 inches, leaves no scratches behind
  • DISH SCRAPER DIMENSIONS: With a convenient width of 1.5 Inches and length of 9.5 Inches, the Dish Brush removes the food debris with no residues behind
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our quality-conscious customers
Dish Wash Brush

The W Home Dish Brush with Comfortable Grip features hard-wearing, stiff bristles, long comfortable-gripped handle, smaller top scraper bristles, and lower for heavy-duty scrubbing, rust-resistant bristles that keeps the dish scrubber safe for use with its long-term durability. Makes your hands feel comfortable and protected during washing kitchenware. Ergonomic designed kitchen brush is unique with soft handed grip for hard scrubbing with no scratches on your ordinary and expensive crockery.

Dish Wash Brush

Meant for Tough Messes in Home

W Home Dish Cleaning Brush comes with a combination of two types of stiff bristles, one for scratching tight edges around the dishes and the other for heavy-duty scrubbing of dish surfaces. Hard-wearing bristles are ideal for cleaning dishes, removes stains, grease, and tough messes from your home. Soft-handed grip for comfortable holding even when hands are wet. These bristles are rust-resistant and prevent odor generation.


Dish Wash Brush


Dish Wash Brush

Stainless Steel

Dish Wash Brush

Bathtubs and Sinks

W Home Dish Cleaning Brush with hard-wearing bristles protects from odor generation in brush and dishes. Long grip and stiff bristles reach deep pans and pots and keep your hands free from messes. Safe to use on dishes, non-stick cookware, pots, pans, glassware, stainless steel utensils, and clean bathroom sinks and bathtubs. Sweep away grease and dirt from corners and edges and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Dish Wash Brush


Dish Wash Brush is efficient in heavy-duty cleaning of the kitchen. These dense bristles remove stuck-on 24 hours grease and food residues. These bristles do not fall apart or deform even after several uses. Provides long-lasting cleaning of your household chores while giving protection to your hands.

Product Description

Are you tired of grease and food residues that are hard to get off? So, when you do everyday cooking, this W Home Dish Washing 3-in-1 Brush is most suitable for you. Dish scrubber comes with hard-wearing bristles, top for cleaning tiny edges, bottom for thorough cleaning of kitchenware surfaces for removing heavy-duty food residues. Edgy top scraper bristles of the dishwashing brush scrub away the stuck-on grease and residues from the cookware. Stiff bristles of the dishwashing cleaning brush are perfect for everyday cleaning of cookware, dishes, pans and pots, glassware, and safe to use on non-stick cookware. This kitchen scrub brush can even do well in bathroom bathtubs and sinks. Sweep away grease and dirt from corners and edges and hard-to-reach surfaces. This ergonomic design of the kitchen brush is unique with soft handed grip for hard scrubbing with no scratches on your ordinary and expensive crockery. Comfortable grip to hold even with soapy hands, bristles are rust-resistant and prevents odor generation. 3-in-1 Dish Brush comes with a handy 9.5 inches grip, provides comfortable holding and protection to your hands, and a wide-mouthed brush head of 1.5 inches, and leaves no scratches behind. These dishwashing brushes give an additional benefit to the consumer by the convenient hang-up feature. Vertically hang-up drains out all the water and easy storage. Multi-purpose cleaning brush tackles all your household chores, set hands-free by bringing convenience to your daily life.


Q1. Is the brush comfortable to hold?

Ans: Yes, the handle is lightweight and comfortable grip that is easy to hold.

Q2. Can this brush clean the inside of a microwave?

Ans: No. the bristles are stiff with a soft, comfortable grip for cleaning but cannot be used in a microwave.

Q3. Is there a replacement dishwashing brush?

Ans: No, the brush comes with a scrapper edgy design for effective cleaning that is fixed.

Q4. Is the brush useful for removing hair from carpets?

Ans: No. Brush is not suitable for removing hair and dirt from carpets

Q5. Is it safe for stainless-steel pans?

Ans: Yes. Our Dish Washing Brush has heard-wearing bristles that are safe for cleaning stainless-steel pans.

Q6. Can you use to clean cast iron pots?

Ans: The brush is efficient for cleaning cast-iron pots.

Q7. Are these bristles safe? Will they leave scratch the tiles?

Ans: The bristles are stiff for dish washing with no scratches behind.

Q8. Is this brush suitable for scrubbing a bathroom sink?

Ans: The brush is suitable for both kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

Q9. Can the brush be easily hanged?

Ans: Yes, the brush can be easily vertically hanged to drain out water from the brushes.

Q10. How long is the dish wash scrubber?

Ans: 3-in-1 Dish Brush comes with a handy 9.5 inches grip, and a wide-mouthed brush head of 1.5 inches.
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