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  • MAIN FEATURE: WBM Dishwashing Mesh Sponge is gentle in washing and disinfecting
  • MAINTENANCE: The cleanliness and durability of the Dishwashing Sponge can be maintained by thoroughly rinsing it with water
  • BENEFITS: Mesh Scrub helps to wash out the toughest stains like melted cheese
  • EFFICIENCY: Dishwashing Mesh is efficient in cleaning non-stick pans and glassware
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Unique design of the Mesh Sponge gives scratch-free washing
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our priority is to meet up your expectations. 100% money-back guarantee for the customers who are not satisfied with the product
Dish Washing Sponge 3pc

Effective and Efficient

W Home Dish Washing Mesh Sponge is made up of high-quality material that altogether helps in the effective cleaning of utensils and other surfaces. The utensils, after a meal, tend to contain marks and stains that are hard to handle and remove. This product is specially designed to provide you with efficient cleaning and fight against odor, dirt, and stains.

Effective and Efficient
Fight and Remove Stains

Fight and Remove Stains

The Mesh Sponge of WBM has a specially designed surface that helps to fight and remove tough stains and dirt marks from the dishes and other utensils. The product is structured in a manner that gives it a long life and performs utmost at the same time. There are other ordinary products available in the market that tends to get damaged very soon without providing optimal performance.

Scratch Free

The Sponge is a highly recommended product to clean and protect non-stick pan and glassware products. The product is also scratch-free that protects your utensils and other surfaces from any undue damage.

Scratch Free
High Quality Sponge

High Quality Sponge

This Mesh Sponge is made up of high-quality material keeping in view the latest and necessary practices along with guidelines. Customer satisfaction is ensured with the kind of manufacturing practices that we take.

Packaging Of Mesh Sponge

Packaging Of Mesh Sponge

The packaging of the Dish Washing Mesh Sponge comes in soft and beautiful packing. This sort of packaging ensures that the shape of the Mesh Sponge maintains itself and does not get damaged. This is so because the Mesh Sponge is different from other sponges of WBM because of its shape and functions associated with it. The rectangular shape of Dish Washing Mesh Sponge gives it an added value to clean utensils of huge and enormous size with great results. It comes in a pack of three so there is no inconvenience of re-ordering and the products perform for a longer period of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We here at WBM ensure that our valuable customers stay satisfied both with us and our product. If in any case, our customers are not satisfied enough with our product we provide them with an opportunity to return the product and avail a 100% refund of money paid for it. This is so because “Quality is our Passion”.

Multi Purpose Usage


W Home Dishwashing Mesh is environment-friendly, does not absorbs extra soap, just a few drops are enough to wash the stains. Dry quickly after use and it’s the reason sponge mesh is free of odor. Effective for washing all types of dishes, and also best for washing surfaces and refrigerators. This multitasked mesh sponge is long-lasting, cleans the dishes efficiently.


Rinse properly before and after each use for long durability.

Why choose WBM?

WBM organization is a well-established international brand. Products are produced by natural material. The organization prefers green products, the green environment, and customer satisfaction is our priority. Products are packed in eco-friendly packaging with a money-back guarantee in any case.


Q1.Is there soap inside the mesh?

Ans. No, there is so much soap inside the mesh. Just a few drops of soap are enough to clean the dishes.

Q2.Does it come with an extra pouch for placing dish soap?

Ans. No, the product comes in a plastic bag for the dish soap.

Q3.Is this product scented?

Ans.The product is scent-free. Regular rinsing of the mesh before and after use, keep it odor-free.

Q4.Can we use this mesh for other cleaning purposes?

Ans.Yes, this mesh can be used for cleaning other surfaces like the floor and refrigerator.

Q5.Does the product contain the same stuff on both sides?

Ans.Yes, the product has the same material on both sides, is made up of organic stuff, and has long durability.

Q6.Can we wash the mesh in the machine?

Ans.Yes, the product is reusable, and we can wash it in the machine.
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