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  • Main Feature: WBM Dishwashing Mesh Sponge cleans and disinfects dishes gently
  • Maintenance: The Dishwashing Sponge's cleanliness and durability can be maintained by properly rinsing it with water
  • Benefits: Mesh Scrub aids in the removal of even the toughest stains, such as melted cheese
  • Efficiency: Dishwashing Mesh cleans nonstick pans and glasses effectively
  • Unique Design: The Mesh Sponge's unique design ensures scratch-free washing
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our priority is to meet up your expectations. 100% money-back guarantee for the customers who are not satisfied with the product
Dish Washing Sponge 3pc

Effective and Efficient

W Home Dish Washing Mesh Sponge is constructed of high-quality material that helps to clean utensils and other surfaces effectively. After a meal, the utensils often have scratches and stains that are difficult to handle and remove. This product was created to give effective cleaning while also combating odor, filth, and stains.

Effective and Efficient
Fight and Remove Stains

Fight and Remove Stains

WBM's Mesh Sponge has a specially designed surface that aids in the battle against and removal of difficult stains and dirt marks from dishes and other utensils. The product is designed in such a way that it has a long life span while also performing at its best. There are other common items on the market that tend to break down quickly and do not provide maximum performance.

Scratch Free

The Sponge is an excellent product for cleaning and protecting nonstick pans and glasses. The product is also scratch-resistant, preventing damage to your utensils and other surfaces.

Scratch Free
High Quality Sponge

High Quality Sponge

This Mesh Sponge is manufactured of high-quality materials in accordance with current and recommended methods and requirements. Customer satisfaction is ensured by the production processes we employ.

Packaging Of Mesh Sponge

Packaging Of Mesh Sponge

The Dish Washing Mesh Sponge is packaged in a pleasant and attractive manner. This type of packaging ensures that the Mesh Sponge keeps its shape and does not become destroyed. This is because the Mesh Sponge differs from other WBM sponges in terms of shape and functionalities. The rectangular shape of the Dish Washing Mesh Sponge adds to its utility in cleaning kitchenware of gigantic size with excellent results. It comes in a three-pack, which eliminates the need for reordering and ensures that the products last longer.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

WBM strives to keep our valued clients delighted with both us and our product. If our clients are not completely happy with our product, we offer them the option to return it and receive a complete refund of their purchase price. Because "Quality is our Passion," this is the case.

Multi Purpose Usage


W Home Dishwashing is environmentally friendly, as it does not absorb extra soap and only requires a few drops to remove stains. Sponge mesh dries quickly after usage, which is why it has no odor. It's great for washing all kinds of dishes, as well as surfaces and refrigerators. This multi-tasking mesh sponge is long-lasting and thoroughly cleans the dishes.


Rinse properly before and after each use for long durability.

Why choose WBM?

The WBM organization is an internationally recognized brand. Natural materials are used to make the products. Green products, a green environment, and customer happiness are all priorities for the company. The products are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging and come with a money-back guarantee.


Q1. Does the mesh contain soap?

Ans. No, there's a lot of soap in the mesh. Cleaning the dishes requires only a few drops of soap.

Q2. Is there an extra pouch included for dish soap?

Ans. No, the dish soap is packaged in a plastic bag.

Q3. Is this a perfumed product?

Ans. The product has no fragrance. The mesh may be kept odor-free by cleaning it before and after each usage.

Q4. Is it possible to use this mesh for additional cleaning tasks?

Ans. Yes, you may use this mesh to clean other surfaces including the floor and the refrigerator.

Q5. Is the same material used on both sides of the product?

Ans. Yes, the product is constructed of organic materials, has a long lifespan, and has the same material on both sides.

Q6. Is it possible to wash the mesh in the washing machine?

Ans. Yes, the product is reusable and may be machine washed.
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