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  • TOP-NOTCH QUALITY: W Home Dishwashing Scouring Pads, made from durable nylon scrubs off grease, stuck-on food, and grime effectively
  • MULTI-PURPOSE PADS: Using Scouring Pads removes stubborn stains and grease, ideal for cleaning cast iron pots, stove burners, garden tools, grills, and other applications
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: While other scourer pads are not durable and rust-resistant, our Non-Scratch Scourer Pads are rust-resistant and long-lasting
  • ABRASIVE: Heavy-Duty Scouring Pads remain fresh and clean with every use. Perfect for abrasive cleaning with the high absorbency
  • HYGIENIC: These Scrubbing Scouring Pads with consistent cleaning power do not traps food residues and does not grow nasty bacteria on them
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our quality-conscious customers
Dishwashing Scouring Pads
Extra Ordinary Cleaning

Extra Ordinary Cleaning

W Home Dishwashing Scouring Pads clean stubborn grease, stains, stuck-on food and bakes messes faster making your clean-up job easy.

  • Heavy duty cleaning
  • Makes household cleaning tasks easy
  • Ideal for cast iron pots, grills, broilers, and garden tools.
  • Cleans tough stains and food residues
  • Durable and Reusable
  • Powerful abrasive
  • High absorbency power

Scratch Free Pad

Make cleaning a habit with the W Home Dishwashing Scouring Pads that are easy to use, odor-free, durable, and long-lasting. These scrubber pads have efficient scouring power for cleaning tasks without any scratches or marks. Their consistent cleaning power and non-scratch scouring pads are dual-sided making all the household tasks easy. Make yourself ready to tackle all the tough grease, grime, spots, and stains cleaning, and rinse the messes away.

Scratch Free Pad
High Quality Material

High Quality Material

We take cleaning and make products that perform better. The W Home Dishwashing Scouring Pads, made with nylon helps to remove grease, and stains with their superior cleaning power. These scrubber pads are durable and long-lasting and inhibits bacterial growth. Washing them with soapy water keeps them clean and fresh after every use. Dual-sided scouring pads clean surfaces, and do not fall apart even after many uses.


The packaging of the Dish Washing Scouring Pad comes in a pack of three. This sort of packaging was introduced to impede our client’s inconvenience of re-ordering. The pack of three ensures that the product could provide durable services to the customer without any sort of unwarranted pause to it.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We here at WBM ensure that our valuable customers stay satisfied both with us and our product. If in any case, our customers are not satisfied enough with our product we provide them with an opportunity to return the product and avail a 100% refund of money paid for it. This is so because “Quality is our Passion”.

Multi Purpose Usage


The abrasive and non-scratch scouring pads provide efficient cleaning of household and do not leave any marks or scratches.


Our heavy-duty scouring pads have high-quality nylon that more durable and long-lasting because they are rust-resistant and inhibit bacterial growth


They have high absorbing power that traps soap, helps to scour off the stick-on food residues, grease, grime, and stains messes efficiently.


Say Goodbye to smelly, rough-textured pads and say Hi to the W Home Scourer Pads that will surely be perfect in the kitchen for cleaning. These durable scouring pads help to keep your household appliances and kitchen utensils sparkling clean after every time you use them. The multi-purpose scouring pads, made from high-quality nylon, remove spots, grease, and stains and are approved for many months of continual use. These are perfect cleaning pads for cleaning grime, grease from dishes, pans, and pots, clean stove burners, broilers, grills, garden tools, titles, windows, cleaning cast iron pots, and even hard surfaces for consistent cleaning. Our Dual-Sided Scourer Pads are more durable, odor-free, and long-lasting than the ordinary scourer pads in the market and are not rust-resistant, do not fall apart easily, and do not allow nasty bacterial growth on them. With the heavy-duty power of the non-scratch pads, they make your household appliances and kitchen clean and shiny. Flexible to access the tight corners of the house and are hard for both commercial and household use. Just need a few drops of the W Home Dish Wash Gel in the water while using these green scouring pads for cleaning saves your time and effort. No need to struggle with chemicals and detergents to wash your scrubber pads. Drop these scourer pads in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes to keep them clean. A pack of 3, 8.2 inch x 5.5 inch multi-purpose scouring pads that remove stubborn grease, grime, stains.


Preventative measures are necessary to keep the product going for a prolonged period. A good option is to clean and rinse the cleaning pad after every use to avoid the accumulation of filth or foul order.

Why choose WBM?

WBM is a well-reputed organization with expertise in delivering the finest quality organic products to its consumers with some outclass green options to enhance your way of life. The reason WBM is prioritized by people is because of its complete dedication towards its customers. The organization puts customer satisfaction over everything. 100% money return guarantee in case of dissatisfaction towards the product.


Q1. Are the scouring pads rust-resistant?

Ans. Yes. W Home Dishwashing Scouring are rust-resistant cleaning all the tough stains, grime and grease.

Q2. Are these reusable?

Ans. Yes, these are reusable. Wash them in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes after every use

Q3. What is the material of the scouring pads?

Ans. These scouring pads are made of high-quality nylon for efficient cleaning.

Q4. What is in the package?

Ans. A pack of 5 non-scratch scouring pads of size 8.2 Inches × 5.5 Inches.

Q5. For what purposes, the scouring pads are used?

Ans. These are used for multi-purpose like dishes, pans, and pots, clean stove burners, broilers, grills, garden tools, titles, windows, cleaning cast iron pots, and even hard surfaces.

Q6. Is the product scented?

Ans. The product is scent and odor-free. Rinse the scourer pad after every use.

Q7. Is the product dual-sided?

Ans. Yes, the product is made of same material on both sides with long durability.

Q8. Can we wash the scouring pad in washing machine?

Ans. Yes, the scourer pad can be washed in washing machine and dip it in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes also keeps it clean.

Q9. Can we use the cleaning scouring pad for other purposes?

Ans. Yes, you can also clean your refrigerator, and hard surfaces like floor.

Q10. Does the scouring pad leaves scratches or marks on your household items?

Ans. No, the product is suitable for cleaning purposes, leaves no marks or scratches.
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