WBM Home Lint Roller - 60 Sheets

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  • LINT ROLLER: W Home Lint Roller is multifunctional, can clean pet hair and dust, and keeps the home neat and tidy
  • FUNCTIONING: Lint Roller has simple functioning and saves our time. Children can easily use it
  • ROTATION: Sticky Roller can rotate up to 360º angle, lightweight comes within a portable size 
  • TOTAL SHEETS: Sticky Roller is highly cost-effective, each pack contains 60 sheets
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion, ensuring a 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers 
Lint Roller

Remove Dirt From Surface

W Home Lint Roller is a product that can be used to collect dirt and other dirt particulate material anywhere around the world. The product is easy to carry and store having 60 sticky sheets that can be rolled on any surface to remove dirt or other messy things.

Remove Dirt From Surface
Used By Anyone

Used By Anyone

The Lint Roller is a must-have product keeping in view the tough and busy routine that people have nowadays. The roller ensures that your home and office stay clean as the product can even be used by children.

Collection Of Small Pieces Of Glass

Collection Of Small Pieces Of Glass

Glass breakage at home or office is a big problem. The Link Roller makes the collection of small pieces of broken glass safe and easy. It ensures that we stay injury-free and safe. The product can also clean carpet, furniture, and clothes anywhere around the world.

Remove Dirt From Clothes

Remove Dirt From Clothes

The Lint Roller is an ideal product to clean and effectively remove dirt and other residues from your clothes. Cleaning small residue particles from your clothes can be a mess. The lint roller makes that herculean task an easy one.

Collect Pet Hairs

Collect Pet Hairs

Pet hairs and other related residue are not easy to clean and collect. Lint roller is an ideal cleaning tool to help you collect all the staggering pet hairs around. This is the most convenient and easy way to clean the mess.

Customer Satisfaction

TBuying cleaning tools in the market is not a straightforward task. There are cases when we end up buying low-quality products. This issue has been resolved by WBM. Quality is our Passion. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers.

Customer Satisfaction
Multi Purpose Usage


Lint Free Roller is portable in size, the appropriate design fits in hands quickly, and we can place it in our cars and office. Sticky Roller Refill cleans carpets, furniture, and fuzz from clothes. Its design is ergonomic and easy for sheet removal. WBM Lint Roller provides us a fast way to clear the mess in today's life. It requires no electricity and another source for proper working.




Keep away from direct sunlight. Put it out from the reach of children.

Why choose WBM?

WBM organization is a well-established international brand. Quality is our passion. Products produced with natural and organic material. The organization prefers green products, and customer satisfaction is our priority. Products packed in eco-friendly packaging with a money-back guarantee in any case.


Q1.Can we reuse the handle?

Ans.Yes, we can reuse the handle as well. The handle is suitable to be used for a new roller too.

Q2.How can we replace the handle for the new roller?

Ans.From the bottom, push the roller downward to replace it with a new roller.

Q3.Is this product eco-friendly?

Ans.Yes, this product is eco-friendly. It is made up of paper and has long durability.

Q4.Does Lint Roller Refill has any chemical smell?

Ans.Lint Roller Refill smells good and has a pleasant fragrance. It does not smell bad.

Q5.Is this product smooth in use?

Ans.Yes, this product is smooth in use. It does not lose its stickiness after some use.
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