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  • MAIN FEATURE: WBM Stainless Steel Scourer is a kitchen hero when it comes to cleaning the hard and tough surfaces/dishes
  • HIGH QUALITY: Kitchen Scourers exhibit Top-Quality Stainless Steel, manufactured by following the strict quality guidelines
  • ATTRIBUTES: Long-Lasting and durable cleaning scourer, assurance of not falling apart or corrode, soft and gentle on hands, odor-free
  • SUPERIOR CLEANING: Metal Scourers have high permeability along with strong scrubbing capacity, performs various functions
  • SCRATCH-FREE: Non-Scratch Scourers, tightly coiled, leaves utensils and other cleaning areas with no marks or scrapes
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion; thus, we assure a 100% money-back guarantee to the unsatisfied customers
  • PACKAGING: Our Product is highly cost-efficient, comes in a batch of three 
  • SOURCE: This Stainless-Steel Scrubber is a USA based product
Long Lasting and Durable

Long Lasting and Durable

Stainless Steel Scourer is a long-lasting and durable product that does not corrode away and gives the utmost performance. The product is structured in a manner that gives it a long life and performs utmost at the same time. There are other ordinary products available in the market that tends to get damaged very soon without providing optimal performance.


The Scourer of WBM is scratch-free that does not leaves mark on your utensils and other surfaces. The product along with that provides efficient cleaning. Nowadays, there are similar products in the market that cause damage to our utensils because of the material used in their manufacturing. This product is made of high-quality material and is at the same time prepared in a manner that does not cause any sort of damage to your valuable utensils

High Quality Product

High Quality Product

The valuable product of Metal Scourer is a highly recommended one to be used at home or for commercial purposes because of its multi-oriented features. The design of the product ensures that the product efficaciously helps a dish and other utensil washing in a way that gives durability and shines to your precious utensils.

Asthetically Design

Asthetically Design

The dishwashing scourer comes in an aesthetically designed packing that contains three scourers in it. This package can be used for a longer period of time depending upon your usage, whether it's home-based or commercial. This pack of three scourers ensures that one does not need to buy the product again and again if one has a lot of usages.

Valuable Customers

Customer Satisfication

We here at WBM ensure that our valuable customers stay satisfied both with us and our product. If in any case, our customers are not satisfied enough with our product we provide them with an opportunity to return the product and avail a 100% refund of money paid for it. This is so because “Quality is our Passion”.

For All Purpose

Detailed Description

Scrubbing is sometimes the most challenging part of the cleaning process if no proper scrubbing agent is selected. To get the best results, get your hands on our super-efficient WBM Stainless Steel Scourers. These dishwashing scrubbers exhibit Finest-Quality stainless steel, tightly coiled to perform the best cleaning purpose without falling apart. Not only for kitchens, but these stainless scrubbers are also perfect grime removers for other areas like tiles, trims, showers, basins, or counters. The lifespan is quite long as these are reusable.


Always a good option to clean and rinse the scourer after every use to avoid the accumulation of filth or foul odor.

Why choose WBM?

WBM is a well-reputed organization with expertise in delivering the finest quality organic products to its consumers with some outclass green options to enhance your way of life. The reason WBM is prioritized by people is because of its complete dedication towards its customers. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important asset a brand can have; thus, we provide 100% money-back assurance to unsatisfied customers.


Q 1. Is this product suitable for hard water?

Ans.Yes. WBM Dish Wash is suitable for both soft and hard water. The quality of water does not affect the efficiency of the product.

Q 2. Is this dish wash compatible with dishwasher machines?

Yes. Our product is suitable for both dishwashers and hand washing of the utensils.

Q 3. Are WBM products dermatologically tested?

Ans.Yes. All our products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically verified, gives protection against skin allergies.

Q 4. Will this product harm the patterns of crockery?

Ans.No. All the WBM Dish Washes do not harm the designs and patterns of the utensils.

Q 5. How efficient is this product?

Ans.Only a few drops of this Dish Wash are enough to clean an entire load.

Q 6. Can we use it for the Milk-Storage Utensils also?

Ans.Yes. WBM Dishwashing Liquid is suitable for all types of crockeries and leaves no oil/grease residues.

Q 7.Can we use it on Copper-based or Stainless-Steel Utensils?

Ans.Of course, you can. WBM dish wash is compatible with all types of utensil material

Q 8. Can we use this product on trim?

Ans.Yes. We can use this product for washing trims as well.
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