WBM Home Toilet Brush

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  • EFFICIENT TOILET CLEANER: Designed with resistant bristles, this W Home Toilet Brush gets the toilet look new. Make your life easy and clean
  • COMPACT DESIGN: C-shaped Toilet Brush reaches the rim of the toilet bowls that are hard to clean. Cleans the pipe and edges with the dual-sided handy brush
  • EASY USAGE: Durable bristles for deep cleaning, the Toilet Scrubber with soft grip has a built-in hole that allows bristles to air dry, makes easy to clean toilet bowls
  • BRISTLES QUALITY: Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush has sturdy and hard-wearing bristles that do not fall apart or deform, saves time and effort in clean-up
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our quality-conscious customers
Toilet Brush

W Home Toilet Brush - Makes Life Easy and Clean!

Cleaning toilets can be tricky so, we offer you perfect help. Toilet cleaner brush has sturdy, hard-wearing polypropylene bristles that are recyclable. Curved brush head with long comfortable handle reaches the toilet rims and edges and goes to hard corners with ease. With a scratch-free feature, the toilet scrubber does not damage any of the toilet surfaces. Convenient hanging hook in the handle when the brush is not in use.



Durable bristles cleans toilet bowls efficiently. Polypropylene bristles do not fall apart easily or deform even after several times use and does not scratch your toilets.



Comfortable grip features a hanging hook for hanging the brush upside down, air dries quickly, drains water out of the bristles.



Ideal arc-shaped deep cleans the rims, edges, and hard-to-reach corners of the home. Helps to clean bathroom easily.


Hygienic Cleaning Tool

Toilet Scrubber Brush in a unique arc-shaped design, easy to use, and comfortable hanging grip keeps toilet brush bristles clean and quickly air-dries. Bristles are sturdy, do not fall apart or deform easily even after several uses. Effectively cleans the rims and edges of toilet bowls.


Enjoy cleaning tasks while keeping your hands protected from germs and stains with W Home Toilet Brush. A comfortable grip handle is suitable for fast and effective sanitary cleaning. A durable handle with high-quality material does not break after rigorous pressure and lasts longer. Beyond toilet cleaning, the toilet cleaner brush complements your garbage and trash cans, keeps them clean too.

Product description

We make your life easy and clean. W Home Toilet Brush, designed with rust-resistant and durable polypropylene bristles that are completely recyclable. These stiff bristles on dual sides of the brush head are for efficiently cleaning the toilet bowl edges and rims. The curved-shaped toilet scrubber brush is designed for toilet bowl rims to make it a relaxing cleaning activity. Hard to clean these areas, but this plastic toilet brush cleans the toilet bowl without damaging the surface. The bristles clean the toilets without any scratches, do not fall apart or deform easily even after several uses. Toilet bowl cleaner brush has a comfortable grip handle with a built-in hole that allows the bristles to air dry quickly and drains the water out of them. The 18.5 inches toilet brush handle comes with dual-sided bristles for easy cleaning without interrupting your cleaning tasks. Made with hard-wearing bristles keeps your toilets as new as before and prevents the growth of bacteria or molds on the bristles. Dual sides of the toilet cleaner brush give a double cleaning action by the toilet brush. The toilet brush cleans double sides of the toilet bowl with one motion. The long handle prevents germs and stains from getting on your hands, and the wide-mouthed 2-inch head cleans the large surface of the toilet bowl. Try our toilet scrubber to clean your toilets and experience the clean-up power in minutes.


Q1. What is the material of the bristles?

Ans: The bristles are made of polypropylene bristles that are recyclable.

Q2. Is the handle comfortable?

Ans: The toilet brush has a comfortable grip handle for easy clean-up.

Q3. Is the brush head replaceable?

Ans: No, the brush head is not replaceable.

Q4. Is the brush dual-sided?

Ans: Yes, the toilet cleaner brush is dual-sided.

Q5. Are the replaceable brush head available?

Ans: No, replaceable heads are not available. The brush head is fixed.

Q6. How long is the brush handle?

Ans: The brush handle comes in 18.5 inches long comfortable handle.

Q7. How wide is the brush head?

Ans: The brush head is 2 inches wide.

Q8. What is the purpose of the toilet brush?

Ans: The toilet brush cleans the rims and edges of the toilet bowl.

Q9. Is the brush light-weight?

Ans: Yes, the toilet scrubber comes with a lightweight, and a compact design.

Q10. What is the shape of the toilet brush?

Ans: The toilet brush comes in arch-shaped design that easily reaches the pipes and rims of the toilet bowl.
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