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  • WINDOW CLEANER TOOL: W Home Window Squeegee comes with a flat TPR material and a light-weight handle grip that allows quick cleaning action
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Window Cleaning Squeegee has wide use in the home and commercial cleaning of windows, glass doors, mirrors, and car windshields
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: Designed for indoor/outdoor cleaning, this professional window cleaning squeegee all works well for hard surfaces without any scratches
  • EASY STORAGE: Multi-Purpose Window Squeegee features a fitted hole in the comfortable grip for easy storage in cabinets and provides resistance-free sweeping
  • SQUEEGEE DIMENSIONS: With an ergonomic design, the width of the All-purpose Squeegee is 9.9 Inches, and the length of the handle is 10 Inches
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our quality-conscious customers
Window Squeegee


W Home aims to provide you with Window Squeegee to keep your windows, glass doors, mirrors, and smooth surfaces sparkling clean. This durable squeegee removes water spots and dust effectively. The flexible head is for easy access with durable TPR material. This non-slip and lightweight squeegee is easy to hang on hooks in cabinets.

Window Squeegee
Window Squeegee


Window Squeegee

Professional multi-purpose window squeegee is suitable for cleaning glass, fogged mirrors, windows, car windshields, glass doors, and mirrors. Removes all dust particles, stains, and soap scums from the marble or granite tiles in bathroom or kitchen clean instantly.

Window Squeegee

Efficiently cleans mirrors with no spots or marks. Make yourself look good every time you see the mirror. Appropriate dimensions for cleaning the car windshields by sweeping few times. No more worries about your car cleaning.

Window Squeegee


The ergonomic design of the cleaning squeegee makes it comfortable to hold and is rust-resistant. Convenient cleaning of windows leaves no marks or spots behind. Using this cleaning squeegee saves time and effort. Features an incorporated hole for easy storage. You can easily hang hooks in the bathroom or cabinets.


Are you still tired of cleaning your glass doors or mirrors? All you need is W Home Professional Window Squeegee. The blade, made of high-quality TPR material that saves time and effort to erase tough stains. This window washing squeegee works efficiently in cleaning car windshields, glass doors, mirrors, windows and removes tough stains without any spots or scratches on them. The glass cleaning squeegee features an ergonomic design suitable for heavy-duty cleaning. The comfortable handle grip makes it super easy for you to finish your home cleaning tasks faster. The easy and flexible cleaning squeegee makes it sturdy and reusable to wash away the dirt, stains, dust making your windows look the same as new glass. Removes all water drops and soap scums by adding a small quantity of water to a cleaning detergent that gives a pristine shiny look with no streaks behind. Perfect for outdoor and indoor cleaning of glass surfaces, the window cleaning squeegee is used multiple times as a cleaning tool for car windshields. The flexible design of the window squeegee bends easily to clean the glass surfaces. The all-purpose squeegee features an incorporated hole in the handle for easy hanging on walls and in cabinets. The width of the Glass Cleaner Tool is 9.9 Inches with 10 Inches length of the handle. As a frequently used cleaning tool, this multi-use cleaning squeegee is lightweight to keep you away from being fatigued, easily operated for a better cleaning experience.


Q1. Is the squeegee handle extendable?

Ans: No, the squeegee handle is not extendable, comes in a fixed length.

Q2. What is the material of the washing head of squeegee?

Ans: The squeegee head is made of high-quality TPR material.

Q3. Is the squeegee handle flexible?

Ans: Yes, the window squeegee handle is flexible for easy use.

Q4. Do I need to assemble the window squeegee myself?

Ans: No, the window squeegee comes assembled in a craft packaging.

Q5. Will the squeegee remove pet hair from carpets??

Ans: Will the squeegee remove pet hair from carpets?

Q6. Is the window squeegee rust-resistant?

Ans: Yes, the window squeegee is rust-resistant.

Q7. On what surfaces, the window cleaner tool works?

Ans: The multi-purpose window squeegee works well on glass doors, car windshields, showers, mirrors, and on bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Q8. Can we easily hang the window squeegee in cabinets?

Ans: Incorporated hole in the glass cleaning squeegee makes it easy to hang on hooks and in cabinets.

Q9. Is the rubber blade washable and reusable?

Ans: Yes, the flat rubber blade is reusable and washable.

Q10. Will this work on indoor windows or it is too messy?

Ans: The squeegee works well on indoor and outdoor cleaning windows and is not messy at all.
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