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WBM Mosquito Repellent (Bear)

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  • Mild and non-irritating : The plant ingredients are extracted, and the properties are mild and easy to absorb, not irritating.
  • Significant effect : It can realize an effective anti-mosquito ring in a large range, and the product is durable.
  • Green and environmental protection : the product is composed of natural plant essential oil cross-formulations, which has been scientifically tested to prevent mosquitoes from the roots.
  • Adjustable wrist strap : a wrist strap with adjustable length, comfortable to wear.
  • Plant extract essential oil protection, 30 days outdoor use.
  • The inner light type plant essential oil bracelet is not afraid of bites outdoors in summer. 360 personal protection.
  • Beautiful Shape.
  • Highly effective nontoxic formula.
  • Light weight, Easy to Use and Long Lasting.
  • Wear it on Wrist or Ankle.
  • A Product of USA.

Mosquito Repellent Watch is processed with natural essential oil and emits scent that effectively repels mosquitoes and other insects. It is suitable for traveling, hiking, indoors and outdoors.

How To Use

    Take out the watch, wear it on children's wrist.Store in the resealable bag when not in use to preserve life of the watch.
    For external use only. Should irritation occur, stop use and wash with mild soap and water. If discomfort continues, seek for medical help.Not intended for children under the age of 3. Children should use it under the supervision of adult.
Active Ingredients
Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus Oil.
Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.
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